Pioneer vinyl players: model range and selection tips

Not so long ago, people listened to music only on vinyl players. It was fashionable in many countries. Since that time, much has changed, but it does not mean that the vinyl players have ever ever. Today, many musical machinery manufacturers continue to produce such devices, they look almost the same as their predecessors, but in general they are more modern.

We will further read more in more detail with the vinyl players of the popular Japanese brand Pioneer, consider popular models and recommendations for choosing.


Many, seeing a vinyl player for the first time, absolutely do not realize that it legally relates to modern musical equipment. It is worth dispelment one myth: not all vinyl players – vintage.

As for the players of the Japanese brand Pioneer, it is worth noting that the manufacturer tried to maximize the features of old players, which were actively produced in the 70s and 80s of the last century at the peak of their popularity. At the same time, the brand added a lot of modern “chips” to its equipment.

Vinyl “turntables” from the brand is a classic location of the control buttons, low weight, built-in phonocorrector and light straight straight Tonarm.

Depending on the model, the characteristics may change. The Pioneer assortment today shows both budget players and expensive. Modern vinyl options Choose even professional DJs.

The appropriate equipment Pioneer DJ is recommended to buy only at official points of sale of musical equipment.

According to the brand Pioneer, nothing can compare with vinyl classics. That is why, in addition to modern musical equipment, in the range of brands you can find unique vinyl players in kind.

Read the most relevant models.

  • Player for plates PL-990. This unit is a high-tech stereo system with a built-in equalizer. “The turntable” is fully automated, has electronic switching and accurate DC servo. This player can be easily connected to any mini-system entry or amplifier from the brand. Price – about 13 thousand rubles.

  • Vinyl Player PLX-1000. Professional sound quality of this “turntable” will delight the most real connoisseurs of music. The player of this model is equipped with a direct drive, fast start and switching of a Pitch range. Designed for professional DJs, taking into account half-century experience in the production of this kind of musical products. Key features of the model include: rotation stability, reliable anti-vibration design and S-shaped Tonarm with rubber inserts. The average price is about 60 thousand rubles.

  • PLX-500 player. This model is very similar to the above described above and also applies to professional. She has a familiar location control and analog sound, like the model PLX-1000. Tonarm universal, has an s-form. On this “Vinyl” you can start playing or just listen to music on disks. Start time – no more than one second. This player is sold immediately with all the necessary accessories, which is very convenient for beginners. Price – an average of 27 to 29 thousand rubles.

How to choose?

From the range of “Vinyl” of the Japanese brand beginners and those who just want to plunge into the old days, we recommend purchasing the PL-990 player. It issues acceptable sound indicators, and he has a very attractive price.

This technique is also recommended for those who want to continue to go to a new level, for example, to acquire professional equipment.

As for professional models of “turntables”, here much depends on the personal preferences of the music lover. Usually, expensive samples of this type are taken to carry out serious musical events, for simple home use in them there is no need.

Choose a player stands at the official points of brand sales, where you can directly listen to the sound of the model you like, familiarize yourself with its technical characteristics and appearance.

Preferably for domestic listening to choose “turntables” with a built-in phonological director. In the set with the player must be columns and amplifier.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to the Tonarm, which will often use. Tonarma are swivel and tangential. The first are the most common, there are straight lever and S-shaped. The second type of lever will always move perpendicular to the radius of the plate. Select between species follows from personal preferences and convenience of inclusion of vinyl discs.

Tangential Tonarm players tend to have a more complex design to which you have to get used to.

Detailed video review of Pioneer vinyl player – see below.

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