Perping microphones: features, varieties and tips for choosing

The microphone is a popular technical accessory, without which not to do with representatives of many professions. Special demand is used compact in size and convenient to use microphone-petrolets. If you want to learn about the features of such equipment, its classification, as well as the rules for selecting devices, continue to read our material.

What it is?

The microphone-petition (or “loop”) in its functional characteristics copies standard microphones, however, is characterized by several unique features. The main task of the petrolery microphone is the elimination of extraneous noise in the process of recording sound. Equipment is called because it has a peculiar shape and attached to clothes (At the same time, the comfort of using the microphone increases).

Microphone Perekkka is a popular and popular device to which a large number of users are resorted to assistance (for example, journalists in the process of receiving an interview, video blocks, shooting videos on YouTube and T. D.).

The microphone works regardless of human participation, does not create additional inconvenience when used and allows you to move freely.

In this case, there are certain disadvantages of using such a device. For example, interference can create rustle clothes, as well as chest oscillations. In addition, the functions of microphone-petals are limited, which is a significant obstacle to the use of the device. In order to eliminate existing shortcomings, manufacturers are constantly working to improve technology. So, Some companies are embedded in microphones filters that contribute to the elimination of background noise.

The principle of operation of most petrolery type microphones is based on the characteristics of an electrical capacitor (only dynamic models are exception). So, the sound waves that receive the microphone cause the membrane oscillations, which is elastic in its parameters. In this regard, the capacity of the capacitor changes, an electrical charge appears.


There are a large number of types of petrogek microphones. They are divided into a variety of features and properties.

Today in our material we will look at several popular species of petrolek.

  • Wired. Wired petition used in cases where there is no need for constant movement.

  • Radio transfer. These devices have a special structural element – a radio transmitter. Due to this part, there is no need for wired equipment connection.

If we talk about the design of the radio transmitter itself, it should be noted that in appearance it is a small box, which is usually attached on the back at the belt level.

  • Double. Double paste microphone is a device that combines 2 microphones in itself and 1 output. Thus, you can use the device with DSLR and video cameras, external audio recorder, computers and laptops.

First of all, this type is intended for writing an interview.

  • USB. USB microphones are easy and simply connected to various electronic devices. The main thing is that it possesses the appropriate connector.

Where are used?

Perping microphones are popular and demanded devices that Used in various fields of human life.

  • Microphone Perekkka is An integral accessory of the journalist, without which no interview or report is recorded.
  • Due to the fact that the recording and shooting of movies is a long, time-consuming and expensive process, Directors use spare (or “Insurers” devices). Percene microphones are performed by their role.
  • Thanks to Perekkkamkam You can increase the volume of the sound of singers.
  • Compact modern devices often Used to broadcast votes live.
  • With the help of petrolek different models You can record video, podcasts and other audio content.

Thus, the representatives of most creative professions will not be able to do without Perekolek.

Rating models

Different petrol microphones are designed to perform various tasks (for example, devices with a transmitter or with an XLR cable). Accordingly, depending on which devices you plan to connect the petakers, you should choose one or another model.

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Consider top models for different situations.

For camcorders

Generally speaking, petition microphones were originally produced for joint functioning with video equipment. When choosing a petitioner for a camcorder, it is important to pay attention to the ports for the connection, the possibility of installing the microphone to the mount on the chamber housing.

Consider several models that are perfectly combined with video cameras.

  • Boya BY-M1. This is a high-quality and professional petrol microphone. It is equipped with a special condenser capsule that provides sound recording without using additional wireless systems. In addition, it refers to the category of budget devices. The model is omnidirectional, respectively, the sound is perceived from different sides. For fixing the microphone, a special clothespin is used. The positive characteristics of the device include a large length of the cord, the presence of a special signal preamp, the possibility of universal pairing, 2 ports, a strong metal case. At the same time, there are also negative sides of the microphone: for example, the lack of light indication that determines the charge.

Boya By-M1 is perfect for bloggers and subcaster.

  • Audio-Technica ATR3350. This model belongs to the average price category. Before use, you do not need to exercise additional setting. The frequency range is perceived by the microphone – 50 Hz to 18 kHz. The mass of the model is small and is only 6 grams, it is easy enough to exploit. In order to power the AUDIO-TECHNICA ATR3350, the LR44 battery will be required. The model is quite universal and has an impressive length of the wire. After completing the recording, automatic recording processing occurs.

The focus is universal, also a petition is very sensitive. At the same time, it should be noted that the volume of the record is not high enough.

  • JJC SGM-38 II. This model provides for acoustic girth of 360 degrees. To connect to other devices, there is a stereo mini jack connector. The set includes a cord, the length of which is 7 meters, as well as a plug with gilded contacts. For the convenience of using the model, the presence of a special system of protection against wind and other extraneous noise. Users model highlights the positive sides of the microphone as recording without failures, as well as good compatibility with almost any video cameras.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the recording occurs on a low volume, the microphone captures and extraneous noises.

For smartphones and tablets

In addition to petrolek for camcorders, the microphone models are popular with popularity, which are intended for collaboration with smartphones and tablets. In this case, wireless models are very popular.

  • Shure MVL. This device can function in conjunction with the most different operating systems, including iOS and Android. At the same time, the synchronization of equipment with a smartphone or tablet occurs without installing additional drivers, you will need to download only a special application. The device refers to condenser type. Mounting microphone is carried out by clothespins. The kit also includes a wind protection system and case. By itself, the outer corps of the microphone is made of reliable and durable material – zinc alloy. Shared MVL Radius is about 2 meters. There is noise reduction system. It should also be borne in mind that the model is expensive.
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  • Ulanzi ARIMIC LAVALIER MICROPHONE. This microphone is one of the best for working with mobile devices. First of all, users allocate almost the perfect price and quality ratios. The kit includes not only the microphone itself, but also a few additional elements, including – a storage case made from genuine leather, 3 windscreensystems, adapters and attachment clothespins. The model perceives a wide range of sound waves – from 20Hz to 20 kHz. Wire length is 150 cm.

Microphone can be synchronized with DSRL cameras through a special TRS cable.

  • CommLite CVM-V01SP / CVM-V01GP. This compact microphone refers to the category of condenser. It is perfect for recording speech (for example, conferences, lectures, interviews, seminars, etc. D.). The model differs from its competitors with low tactile noise. In order to match the petakers with other devices, the manufacturer has provided a plug and cord in the standard set. Commlite CVM-V01SP / CVM-V01GP is well combined with the most different devices and has a system of high-quality wind protection. At the same time, the user will have to change the batteries.

For computer

Consider several microphones models that function in conjunction with computers.

  • Saramonic Lavmicro U1A. This device is designed to work with Apple equipment. It differs from the other models fairly simple and intuitive management. The kit when buying includes not only the Perekkka itself, but also a TRS adapter cable with a 3.5 mm connector.

The presence in the design of the equipment of the omnidirectional pickup ensures the recording of smooth and natural sound.

  • Panasonic RP-VC201E-S. The device in all characteristics (price and quality) can be attributed to the middle category. With this model, you can record on the voice recorder or mini-disks. The hull is made of plastic material. Perekkki mass is 14 grams. Wire that enters the standard set has 1 meter long. For Panasonic RP-VC201E-S Available frequency range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz.
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  • MIPRO MU-53L. This is a Chinese-made model that occupies a leading position in the current market of audio equipment. The microphone can be used for performances (for example, large-scale lectures or seminars). The design of the device is minimalistic and modern, so it will not attract too much attention. Petakers weight is 19 grams. As for sound waves, the range available for this model is from 50 Hz to 18 kHz. Cable length – 150 cm. Perhaps the presence of one of 2 types of connectors: either TA4F, or XLR.

How to choose?

The choice of microphone-petitions is a rather difficult task, to the solution of which should be approached with full responsibility. Today, a large variety of microphone models are represented in the audio equipment market. All of them differ among themselves according to the indicators as the amplitude of the audio signal, the tone balance and T. NS. If during the operation of the microphone, you plan to connect it to the camcorder, a camera, phone, computer, or other electronic devices, then it is important to make sure that the perekkka itself is equipped specially intended for this connector (usually this port is called “3.5 mm input “).

Due to the fact that different microphones are intended for different purposes, you should define in advance how you will use the device. If you do not have an accurate answer to this question, then give preference to universal microphone categories. Such equipment will work with the most different devices without additional adapters or accessories.

Carefully study the standard microphone kit, as it can include a variety of additional elements: for example, a protective case, fastening clamp, cords and t. D. Choose equipment with the maximum complete set.

When buying a wired device, pay attention to the length of the cord. This indicator should be chosen depending on your individual needs and preferences. There are a wide variety of frequency ranges that can perceive microphones-petakers. Than these ranges are wider, the more functional will be the device.

Another important factor on which you should definitely pay attention when purchasing is microphone dimensions. Perektochka should be as easy and compact. If you will be guided by the described principles when choosing and buying a device, you will acquire a microphone that will meet your expectations, and will also serve as a long amount of time.

How to use?

After you have acquired the device with all your needs and desires, it must be connected to a phone or computer. After that, Perektochka is put on clothes (Equipment is attached using a special clothespin, which is usually included in the standard set). Next can be recorded. It should be borne in mind that for the full use of the microphone, the microphone itself is not enough, you will also need additional technical accessories:

  • transmitter;
  • receiver;
  • recorder;
  • earphone.

In the aggregate, all the above devices are a full-fledged radio system.

In the next video, you are waiting for a review of popular petrolery microphones for smartphone and cameras.

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