Panels from flowers in interior design

Wall panels, besides created with your own hands, can transform the interior beyond recognition. There are a great many varieties of this kind of products, for example: wooden, made of wine plugs, from cold porcelain, from dried colors and branches, in a decoupage technique, quilling and many other options.


Wall panels are used if various styles are connected during the interior decor, if you need to focus on some details in design, zoning the room, hide defects on the wall surface, well, or just for the room to become a homely cozy.

Homemade things give a special flavor to the interior, however, you do not need to remake with their number, otherwise the room will turn into a panel of an old woman.

Need to consider the interior of what style do you plan to decorate with a panel. Also important Color range of rooms. If the blue tone is dominated in the interior, and panels are withstanding in yellow, you need to have a big artistic taste that the result looks like it is necessary. But the blue-white products, for example, will look great in the interior, solved in the marine style.

If your choice is a panel of flowers, this means that you are aiming not only to decorate your housing, but also make it as an eco-friendly way. Flowers can be as natural (most likely, in a dry form, although fresh) and made of paper, drawn, created by appliqué, embroidery, in collage technique, decoupage, or in any other stylist that is close to you.

To date, a large number of ideas for creating a panel can be learned from catalogs and logs of floristic orientation, as well as on the Internet.

You can also find Many master classes, how to make a panel in a particular technique yourself. And if you follow the advice of experienced masters, then even a complicated product may turn out.

The advantage of products manufactured by the personally, is that they contain the energy of the one who created them, they are unique and have no analogues, because even when working on the same workshop, different people have different results.

Before the start of the paper should be solved, With what colors you will work. These may be alive or artificial flowers, dried flowers, flowers from ribbons or paper, as well as related or made of natural material. This list is far from complete, because experienced skewers can go to the move: from cotton disks and plastic dishes to salt dough, kinetic clay, cropping material and much more.

It is no less important to solve, Which background you will work. It must be harmonized in color with the rest of the room decor (and especially with the walls) and at the same time shade the composition that you will create on it.

Ideas of creation

The simplest solution is to use artificial flowers to create panels. This option is advised to all beginners. First you need to choose the idea for the future product, then start working. From colors you can create as the most obvious (bouquet or bush) and significantly more complex compositions (lay out the flowers of some animal, landscape or abstract picture).

Whatever you choose, It is very important that all the components harmonize with each other, folding out in one common system. In addition to colors, the basis needs, that is, the future background of the product. It can be a sheet of plywood or dense cardboard, watman or even a cloth. And, of course, the background needs to be consolidated on something so that the composition keeps the original form may need a frame to give your panel view of the present artwork. Consumables, such as glue or adhesive gun, pins, pencils and much more, are also needed. As for the question, whether to put the result of their works under the glass, everyone answers it independently.

Under the glass, the composition will be more preserved, but without glass, its life will be quite long.

If you choose natural flowers for your panel, it can get a very tender composition, but its beauty will be short. To extend the life of the panel, you can use the following reception: take a small container and attach it to the background. Then you can pour water into it and change colors bouquets.

Fern – excellent material for creating a “jungle” or “rainforest” on the panel. Very summer and fresh option – score wildflowers and make composition composition. If you need to think about the mount and make it simple, then the flowers can be changed as you withering and put fresh instead.

You can use and indoor flowers to create a panel, but you need to decide how their feeding will occur – Capacity (pallet, pot, bowl) with the ground will be excellent way out. Working with such a gentle and fragile material, like live flowers, you need to constantly keep the water, spraying them, and show care. Decorate ready-made panels can be beads, sequins, sequins and many others.

The more accurate you will handle the colors, the better the composition will look like.

Paper flowers – Another way to create a real masterpiece, and now it will definitely not be short-lived. Work in the program Quilling will require a large number of time and strength, as well as thoroughness and attention to detail, because there are a lot of paper strips twisted in the helix. You can also make bulk flowers from corrugated paper, this flower panel will be large, bright, attracting attention.

For those craftsmen who perfectly own crochet and knitting needles, will not work to create work from knitted elements, including colors. It seems to look at the products from carefully selected to each other pieces of fabric – it can be like Technique “Patchwork” and Applique.

Very spectacular work performed On wooden boards. It can be a picture, applique, burning, as well as a combination of the total listed.

Products made by this last way look more interesting than the others.

How to post?

Before drilling a hole in the wall to hang your product, you need to make sure it will look good there. The method of fastening depends on two factors: how heavy and volumetric decorative panels, and the material from which the wall is made. If the wall and weight of the panel allow you to fix it on several pieces of bilateral construction scotch. If it is impossible, you will have to come up with a fastening of the product to the wall so that it does not collapse at the most inopportune moment. It is best to gently drive one or two nails, and to the frame Panno reliably attach a hook or loop in order to hang work on the wall.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • Punk from volumetric peonies looks great on the neutral painted wall.

  • A panel of wood looks very stylish and original.
  • To create this panels used a healthy material, however it looks very good and can decorate any interior.

  • Panel made of colored paper suitable for interior in sea or ecostel.

The video below shows the master class on the manufacture of a panel of artificial colors.

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