Panel of wood in the interior

Wood has always been present in the human dwelling: since ancient times and to our technological days. Houses, furniture, dishes and decor – everything was made of wood. Based on the thousand-year experience of our ancestors, modern wizards can create a panel from any part of the plant using all sorts of equipment and tools.

Advantages and disadvantages

The appearance of a wooden panel is unusual and attractive, such a decor will not leave anyone indifferent. His advantages is a lot:

  • Environmentally friendly and harmless material;
  • easily processed;
  • economical, as the panel can be made literally from everything: sleep, bars, boards and even chips;
  • products are obtained diverse – the sculptural volume is easily created, a thread or burning is used;
  • With proper care, such a decor is durable and can please several generations;
  • Wooden products are beautiful and peculiar, they are hard to repeat twice.

Unfortunately, the tree has the disadvantages of which should be known before hanging the wall decor:

  • Wood used in the work should be dry, and the finished product should be treated with special compositions from fungus, mold and insects, otherwise panel will be short-lived;
  • It is difficult to care for the wooden decor, it does not like water and household chemicals, and dust, scoring into a relief drawing, hard to clean;
  • Panel from natural material is not suitable for each interior.

What makes?

Millions of trees grow on the planet, and each has their own shade, drawing, texture, density. Wood with the highest density, saturated color and expressive drawing can be found in wet rainforest. These breeds are called valuable, and they are very expensive. Even a small mosaic panel made of black pieces of the Grenadile, reddish fragments of the ebony, pink intelligence, purple amaranth costs can be compared with jewelry. Incredible aroma comes from decoration made of sandalwood or agar (Aloyometa). The rosewood is estimated at 15 thousand dollars per kilogram, Sandal – 20 thousand, Broke – 33 thousand.

Wood moderate latitudes are not so expressive in color and drawing, does not have an iron density, its shades range is not too large. But she has a reasonable value, and it is easily processed. The softer the material, the easier it is to work with it, the exquest. From domestic breeds to mild and inexpensive varieties include coniferous plants, pine is especially popular. Easily succumb to Alder, Iva, Poplar, Lipa. Solid wood is more expensive, tight varieties include larch, oak, rhine, white acacia, Karelian birch, ash.

Beautiful active drawing have oak cuts, maple, plane, they are often used for the manufacture of panels. Beech, Olha are endowed with a lowered texture and are suitable for creating a pattern background.


Wall panel can be made in different ways: it is cut out of a solid log cabin, creating a bulk embossed composition, laid out of sleeps, are made of branches. The work is often placed in the frame, equipped with backlight and hang on the wall. Panno can also decorate furniture facades: cabinets, tumboats, headboard bed.


Tree carving – Decorative manual creativity, popular all over the world and go back to the distant past. For a long historical period of time, the art of the thread has developed a lot of techniques.

  • Sculpture. The most complicated and realistic type of thread, creating a 3D image of people, animals, items. The drawing is obtained volumetric, maximum removed from the background. Panel made by sculptural thread looks incredibly effectively.

  • Relief. The relief in the thread creates a kind of half sculptures protruding over the basis.

  • Flatterene. Unlike embossed threads, the background remains on the surface, and the drawing deepens into the tree layer.

  • Correne. This type of thread contains clear geometry of lines and forms used in creating an ornament.

  • Slit (or openwork). The most extravagant type of thread. Performing a pattern, the master cuts through the canvas through, creating a sophisticated lace ornament. Panels are obtained light, air, but also more fragile, if you compare them with products any other technique.

Carved work may have a combined character. For example, a panel carved by a relief method may well have an opening edge.

From Bruckov

Bruks are used in construction and furniture industry. They look like small logs, cropped and processed from all sides. Panno is performed from cropping of this material, which, in fact, do not stand. Get them easy to pail. To create paintings, fragments of bars can be covered with varnish, but sometimes they are painted by adding varieties in brown wood tonality.

  • Paco made in the style of patchwork from bars of different sizes, shades and varieties of trees.

  • The bulk product is made up of painted fragments, each of which has an oblique slice.

From sleep (cuts)

If you remove the bark from the logs and cut into smooth plates, it turns out. To achieve a more natural effect, the spella are produced with the bark. Master itself decides which type of cuts to apply for your product. Some trees have a surprisingly beautiful drawing, texture and color of sleep. Panel composed of them are very attractive, they bring the atmosphere of natural heat in the interior and coziness.

  • Combined panels from sleeps enclosed in frame.

  • Image of a cat from cuts of a variety of trees.

From the board

In the hands of the present master, the usual board becomes a work of art. The material is inexpensive, and the works are tremendous. You only need to choose a dry smooth board, without knots and cracks. Such work will be suitable for any direction of country and detects.

  • Pay attention to how the color of the product is worked. The master achieved contrasting shades, keeping the natural structure and drawing of the boards.

  • Simple and original work, imitating a fingerprint on a rough board surface. Good gift to friend Criminist.

From the rivers of different lengths

Reiki is a cut lumber, processed narrow boards. Masters paint them with different shades or leave such as nature conceived them. All sorts of drawings and patterns are performed from the rivers of different lengths.

  • Panel for headboard bed, made under the order from the rails of different breeds of trees.

  • Air Abstract Decor Decor Over Bed. One of the walls and the ceiling in the interior is also made of rail.


Compositions carry a semantic character and resemble real paintings produced from wood materials.

  • A typical composition of Joshua Abarbalene is made on the topic of floristics. It is made of a variety of elements (various shapes and colors) layered on each other. Panel looks in bulk and at the same time elegant.

  • The composition is composed of different types of natural material, including moss and wood boards, chips, branches. Bark bark chosen as a background. Picture Theme – Rural House in a picturesque corner of nature.


Wood universal, it combines with any kind of materials and suits almost all styles. The choice of the topic is more dependent on the location of the picture. For example, In the summer house, the wall can decorate the Wolf Wolf on the Moon or a cute plot on the topic of fishing; Food topics suitable for the kitchen: fruits, tea set and other. Consider examples performed for decorating different rooms.

Living room

Selection of panels in the living room depends on the style of the room. The novelty interior will require an openwork product, and the American Country – Panel from Brucks or Spilov.

  • “World Map”, made on a rough board, will suit the Loft direction.

  • Inscriptions on wooden signs made in the form of panels can be ordered for any room.

  • Openwork product on the pedestal decorates the hall performed in oriental style.


The topic of the decor of the bedroom should not only coincide with the style of the room, but also positively influence the sleep of the owner.

  • Panel at the head of the bed, made in the form of a forest, immerses in the world of nature, rushes peace and pacification. The forest seems thick, but not heavy due to reception through thread.

  • Abstract panel with backlit in style minimalism decorates bedroom. Uniform wood of dark tones has peace and equilibrium.


Kitchen Theme is rich in plots: Food pictures, sets, still lifes, drinks and ordinary lamps, symbolizing homemade hearth.

  • Tea set built into the vertical line.

  • Beautiful sculptural thread in three-dimensional performance.


An interesting solution for the hallway – a wooden panel in combination with a hanger.

How to choose?

The selection of a panel of wood depends on many factors:

  • Personal taste of the owner who prefers a certain type of plant;
  • Belief in the horoscope of Druids and the choice of wood according to the month of birth;
  • The location of the panel – in the hall, bedroom, children’s room you can use carved options; In the country or in the bath – compositions from bars, boards, sleeps;
  • Interior Style Requirement – Gothic or Imperial Direction will suit openwork thread, Loft styles, High-tech will need more rude decor.

Choosing a panel, you should pay attention to the quality of the goods. The product may have chips, dents, scratches, because made of militant material.

Decor made of raw wood, with time deformed. The product is capable of cracking.

How to care?

Wooden panel should not be placed in the bathroom or in the kitchen at the stove and washing. Fat stains launder will be difficult. The main action in caring for the panel is the timely cleaning of dust. To do this, you will need a soft brush (sweeper). It should be not allowed that the dust is going to and layered in carved corners and slots that make up openwork threads. Over time, the work will have to restore, clean the spoiled elements and re-covering.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The beauty of wooden panels is natural and unique, in this you can make sure, considering examples of unique products:

  • St. Seraphim Sarovsky on stone;

  • based on fairy tales a. WITH. Pushkin;

  • laser cut;

  • city ​​in Loft style;

  • Panel, symbolizing the sun, made of branches.

Wood products carry positive energy, they are endowed with natural unusual beauty.

How to make a wall panel from a tree with your own hands, look in the following video.

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