Panel in marine style

Someone dreams of the sea, someone returned from there. To save memories of the holiday held or present yourself on the beach on the seashore, you can make a panel in the marine style.


Panel on nautical themes can be made of seashells brought from recreation, starfish, various natural materials. And you can use the materials remaining after the repair, which, for sure, will be in every home.

Make such a panel will be easy even to a child under the guidance of an adult, such an occupation may pass through and the whole family.

Panel can be both miniature and quite large.

Interesting ideas

Consider some of the ideas how to make a panel on the topic “Sea”.

  • Panel will be created on a frequency frame. Visually divide the surface of the frame into several parts and prepare as many plaster masses so that it covers one such part. For this gypsum should be dissolved with water to consistency thick sour cream and add pva glue. Apply the resulting mass per part of the surface of the frame. Construction workshop or any kind of girlfriend to make a relief, slightly indenting the cooked decor: pebbles, sinks, beads and t. D. The same to do with each part. The resulting product can be covered with paint from the can, then several times varnished. Now the panel can be hanging on the wall.

  • Another version of the product – panel, the background in which will be sand or any small croup. If you need to portray sand, then manna or small corn cereals will suit if the panel should be a pebble coast, then you can take a barrier barbecue, buckwheat, lentils. The basis (it can be plywood, cardboard, photo frame) thoroughly wrapped in plow glue. Sprinkle with sand or cereal, give dry, then surplus sand (cereals) shake.

With the help of a hot gun, glue seashells, pebbles, starfish and other decor elements, imitating the seashore. Cover the finished work with varnish. Make it need several times, as the varnish will be absorbed into the sand.

  • You can create an unusual panel decoupage with your own hands. To do this, it is necessary to choose a decoupament card or a napkin on marine themes or find on the Internet and print a picture, such as a marine virgin, mermaid, landscape or ship. Using glue PVA gently glue the drawing to the base. Separate parts of the picture (for example, a dress near the marine maiden, sand in the picture with a landscape, the tail of the mermaid, deck and sails of the ship) decorate the elements of the seafood in the marine style (shells, pearls, quartz sand, small pebbles).
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Very beautiful will get panels on burlap. To do this, you need to take a square piece of burlap, to ride the edges so that they are smooth.

Take four smooth sprigs such that their length is slightly more sided square burlap. Chopsticks to cover with varnish and hot glue glue their flashes, forming a square in size a little more burlap. Then with the help of thin twine and duct needle to sew a burlap big, but neat stitches, whining a branch. The fabric will be stretched on four chopsticks.

Take the parchment paper and cut out the figure of the wrong shape so that it fit into burlap, it will be the base of the panel. Parchment figure stick to burlap.

Share on it the planned pattern with small pebbles, shells, starfish, pearls and other decor. Lacquer.


Before making panels, you should prepare for this. Draw a sketch of future work on a sheet and think about where and what items will be located. You should also prepare all the tools and materials that will be needed. Do not hurry and you need to give time to each layer and dry items before proceeding to the following components.

Need to take into account the overall interior of the room. Panel will look more harmonious if it will fit into the overall design. For example, such a panel will be very relevant in the room decorated in maritime or Scandinavian styles.

How to make a panel in the marine style, look in the video.

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