Panasonic TV repair features

Panasonic TV repair always begins With careful diagnosis of their faults – It is she who helps accurately and correctly determine the character, localization of the problem. Not all nodes of modern technology are subject to independent repair, however, it is quite possible to recognize the source of trouble, without contacting the workshop. When the plasma TV does not turn on, there is no sound, and the indicator flashes on the case, there are other breakdowns – it’s time to study in more detail what exactly goes wrong.

Frequent causes of faults

Panasonic – Dear brand, which is highly appreciated by radio amateurs, and ordinary users. Modern plasma manufactured by them in their class are not inferior to products of other market leaders. Moreover, in some parameters, they remain one of the best and even after removing models from production do not lose their relevance. But the plasma TV is always breaking unexpectedly, and it is difficult to figure it out for independently. Most often, the “culprits” the following problems become.

  • Short circuit. The hose voltage jump is still the main source of problems. It may be associated with malfunctions in the power supply system or excess of the permissible load level. For example, if in 1 outlet to stick several devices through the “tee”, it may simply not withstand.

  • External factors. Breakthrough pipes, bay from neighbors – moisture from entering the body is still included in the list of danger sources for modern TVs. In addition, with incorrect installation, the careless circulation of the plasma may fall, having received explicit or hidden mechanical damage.

  • Faulty power adapter. A block through which the device connects to the network may fail due to short circuit, wiring break, poor contact or socket malfunction.

  • Burning fuse. Usually it protects the technique from voltage jumps. If this element has worked, the TV will not turn on it to turn it on.

  • Damaged power cord. It can be overlooked furnished or break in another way.

  • Faulty screen backlight. In this case, the signal will pass, but the image does not appear.

  • Software errors. “Flexing” firmware – one of the frequent reasons for the appeal of plasma TV owners to service centers. It is worth considering that this factor cannot be called quite typical – there are different breakage, but it is not recommended to eliminate them in any case. Reconnected software must match the brand and model of technology, the year of its release.

This is only a small part of what Panasonic TV owners are treated in the repair shop. Fortunately, the quality of the work of this brand rarely causes complaints, it cannot be attributed to frequently breaking.

Diagnosis of problems and their elimination

If the TV broke, does not respond to the remote and the command buttons, you need to explore all possible sources of problems. Diagnostics usually consists in checking nodes that can affect TV technology.

TV does not turn on

When, when you turn on the network on the TV case, indicators will not light up, you must definitely establish a source of problems. The procedure will be the following.

  • Check for power supply indoors, in the whole house or apartment. If it is not, clarified whether “automata” did not work in the shield.
  • Check the electrical outlet, connecting another electrical appliance to it. If the reason for this is to replace the element failed.
  • Check power adapter. If there is an indicator on it, it should burn after connecting the device to the network. If there is no indication, you can clarify the presence of the network voltage using a multimeter.
  • Visually examine the cord. The presence of damage and breaks may indicate the cause of the problem.
  • If the TV does not turn on, you should not panic. Maybe the device is simply not connected to the network.

    Sometimes the reason that the TV does not turn on is the remote. In the presence of power, the indicator on the device itself will burn. On the signals of the remote control does not react. The cause of problems in the first turning on may be incorrect installation of batteries. You need to check the location of the batteries on contacts, if necessary, fix it. Sometimes the batteries need to be replaced – waiting for the sale of TV or during operation, they lose charge.

    The console may not work on objective reasons. For example, if the point in which its signal is directed is in a place where a bright source of natural or artificial light is directed.

    In addition, the PD has a limited range – not more than 7 m.

    The indicator flashes red

    In Panasonic TVs, the indicator flashing is part of the equipment of the equipment self-diagnosis. When identifying a malfunction of the technique independently starts the search for errors. This happens at the time of receiving the command to include. If the system deems that the TV is broken, she will report it. You only need to correctly decrypt signals of indicators – usually listed in the attached instruction, you only need to calculate the number of repetitions.

    In addition, when careing sleeping when connecting to a PC in the monitor mode, after turning on the TV, short signals will also be supplied by setting the connection. This is normal, is not a malfunction. You only need to withdraw equipment from Stand By.

    There is no sound, but no images

    If the picture on the screen is absent in part, with sound saving, it can be associated with the malfunction of the matrix (it is not subject to repair) or backlight. If it is LED, it is enough to replace the elements failed. Change the matrix is ​​not much cheaper than buying a new TV. Favorability and the ability to repair better appreciate the service center specialist.

    Does not see USB

    Possible USB-drive format Not compatible with port parameters. In addition, not all TVs support work with specific file systems. Usually the problem is solved by reformatting, allowing you to adapt a flash drive to work with the TV. It is worth considering I Possible breakdown of the external carrier itself. If the USB drive fails to open and on the PC, the case is not at all on the TV.


    Among the common breakdowns can also be called the following.

    • Dropped fuses. To detect them, it is enough to open the rear TV panel. It is worth considering that the independent violation of the installed seals leads to the termination of the warranty obligations by the manufacturer. Before the expiration of the installed date, it is better to handle breakdowns in a service center.
    • Digging condenser. When you turn on the network, with such a breakdown, the TV inside will publish a crash or a squeak. “Treats” a malfunction to the part of the part.
    • The screen turns off spontaneously. When turned on it lights up, but almost immediately goes out. The cause of problems is the backlight in the form of lamps, after it is replaced, everything will come to normal.
    • Outsided sounds in the speakers. Sound is interrupted. The source of problems can be audio codec or audio amplifier.
    • Half the screen highlights, the second part remains dark. If the malfunction is horizontally, the reason is backlit. With a vertical position, the band can talk about problems with the matrix.
    • TV does not see HDMI connector. Need to check the health of the nest itself and the connecting cable. Perhaps the bandwidth of the wire does not correspond to the data transfer rate.
    • YouTube does not open. Reasons for the occurrence of the problem may be many. For example, a specific TV model is recognized as obsolete and no longer complies with the requirements of the service to. Also, violations may be associated with a system error or technical failure by 1 out of the parties.
    • TV goes into emergency mode, does not respond to commands. Malfunction Cause – Stabilizer Transistor. After it is replaced, you can use the plasma again in the usual format.
    • Settings are not saved, operator commands are ignored. Usually this happens if the technique has failed software. It must be reinstalled, to do it better by the hands of the service center specialists.

      This list of possible faults is not exhausted. With more complex or rare breakdowns, it will be better to seek help from the service center specialists.

      Repair tips

      Some breakdowns of plasma TVs Panasonic can be eliminated with your own hands. Of course, not every home master will decide to repair the backlight or replace the matrix. But with the replacement of batteries or cleaning contacts, even unprofessional will cope.

      When disappearing the airtal TV signal

      With this breakdown, in most cases you can cope without assistance. It is enough to make sure that the provider does not work, and on TV channels there is no prevention regimeand. If only some of the broadcast television products disappear, this may be due to the complete termination of broadcasting. With the absence of a signal, it is worth checking out whether the input cable is in place. If it is enabled in the socket, you should turn off for 30 seconds, and then turn on the TV again.

      When breakdown power supply

      This item is most often produced in the form of a separate element, but in some models of technology it turns out to be built into the TV device body. Repair of the power supply should be performed independently only in the presence of basic knowledge and skills, otherwise the risk to aggravate the breakdown, increase its scale. The procedure for action in most cases will be the following.

      • Disable equipment from the network.
      • Run the discharge of a high-voltage capacitor, compliance with the rules of electrical safety.
      • Remove the power supply board for visual and practical diagnostics.
      • Perform inspection. When cracking, chips, faults, defective sites – to establish their localization.
      • Using a multimeter to carry out tool diagnostics.
      • When identifying a faulty resistor, the voltage on it will be equal to 0 or indicated as an infinite. Broken capacitor will be swollen – it is easy to identify visually. All the details have failed are replaced by similar.

      When breakdown, lamps

      On LCD TVs with LED tube backlight, the brave of elements responsible for the brightness of the screen glow is quite frequent. Usually, if the lamp went out, the rest continue to shine. But the inverter will be forcibly disconnected to compensate for low quality image. The color spectrum will shift towards the red tones, the picture on the screen will become fuzzy, dim.

      Independent replacement of non-working LED lamps requires a certain accuracy. The LCD module will have to remove from the TV housing, after turning off all the loops and the rear panel with the controller.

      Next, the LCD module disassembles the components, the matrix is ​​necessarily removed in gloves.

      After dismantling all unnecessary parts, access to the panel with filaments and filters will be opened. Furnaced elements are usually easy to recognize the color change, in a nagar. They need to be removed, replaced with good.

      About repair of TVs Panasonic TC-21FG20TSV See More.

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