Ozonizers “Thunderstorm”: features and instructions for use

Ozonator “Thunderstorm” is a household device that helps maintain cleanliness in the apartment and maintain the health of its owners. It should be noted that natural ozone is a powerful and aggressive gas, but if used in a small concentration, it is able to bring significant benefit. On the main characteristics of ozonizers, their impact and proper operation, let’s talk in our article.

Principle of operation

First of all, it should be understood that it represents this device. With the help of it, it appears to artificially get ozone, the amount of which will depend on the power. Household ozonizers work on the principle of thunderstorms, receiving gas from electrical discharges created artificially. It is attached to molecules polluting water or air, and changes them.

The components of the device look like this:

  • power supply, which provides high voltage;
  • generator creating discharges;
  • Fan, taking air and feeding ozone himself;
  • Control unit controlling the operation of the device.

Other functions may be present, for example, the air humidifier often goes.

The principle of operation is quite simple. After starting the device, high voltage is supplied, which forms the discharge of electricity. He forms ozone. Located inside the gas using the fan is thrown into the room, and a new air comes into the device.

What is useful?

If you correctly use the “thunderstorm” ozonizer, he will become an indispensable assistant in everyday life. In general, it can be said that the device is able to become an excellent equivalent of quartzing. It allows you to disinfect not only air, but also water, food and clothing.

It should be noted that gas is the best antiseptic. When using it, it is possible to efficiently get rid of unpleasant odors.

Reviews doctors say that the use of ozonizer is good for ill people. It helps to get rid of bacteria. However, despite this, the methodology for treating medicine, the use of the device does not recognize. At the same time, consumers note that there is a significant benefit in the treatment of various diseases, such as skin lesions and inflammation, acne, cellulite, swelling.

Use the device well when there is no possibility often to air the room. Application for water allows you to even change its taste, consumers say that water becomes similar to the spring.

This device is useful to apply in smoked rooms, as well as to eliminate unpleasant odors after repair. With it, it disinfect water in the aquarium, handle pet wool.

Instructions for use

Operation of this device does not cause any difficulties. The algorithm of action will be such.

  • Before it is turned on it is necessary to ventilate the room. Due to this, excellent conditions for air exchange will be created. After the visual inspection of the device to make sure it does not have damage, it should be included in the outlet. The appearance on the display of two zeros indicates that the standby mode is running.
  • Using the PLUS button, the time of operation is exhibited, one press corresponds to one minute. The maximum period of the ozonator is 30 minutes. If there was a very large period of time, it can be reduced using the “minus” button.
  • Ozone generation begins immediately after clicking on the “Enable” button. Work time is displayed on the display as soon as it ends, the device does not automatically turn on. The appearance of two zeros means that the ozonator again moved to standby mode.
  • Make the most secure ozone concentration in the room allows special mode. When the designation “-9” appears on the display, the operation of the instrument ends. 10 minutes after that, all its buttons are blocked. After this time, a triple signal will sound, which reports that the device is ready to work again.

For disinfection of clothes and shoes, as well as the refrigerator, it is recommended to use a special tube. Diffuse stone is used for water ozonization.

Ozonator “Thunderstorm” has a large number of nozzles, which makes it work with it as convenient and comfortable.

More information about this ozonitor, see the following video.

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