Overview of Xiaomi projectors

Xiaomi is a popular brand producing high-quality and functional techniques of different price categories. In the assortment of the manufacturer, you can find many excellent models of projectors that are very popular. In this article we will get closer with these devices from Xiaomi.


Xiaomi is a popular Chinese company that produces high-quality equipment in the widest assortment. On store shelves you can find a huge number of different devices issued by this popular brand. Xiaomi products are characterized by high functionality and practicality. This also applies to brand projectors who are among the most popular currently. Xiaomi projectors are not in vain en sufficient demand. Brand technique has a lot of distinctive features that actively attract buyer.

  1. The main feature of the branded projectors Xiaomi is the highest quality. The technique is designed for a long service life and is not susceptible to breakdowns, if it is correct to use it and relate to it.
  2. Brand projectors of the Chinese manufacturer give a very good picture. True, in some cases it is necessary to look at it only from afar, because near the image “scatters” to individual points. Modern LCD model projectors from such problems do not suffer.
  3. High-quality Xiaomi projectors can reproduce high-quality 4K high quality pictures. This is great news for kinomans preferring to watch video files and films in this popular format.
  4. Most models of brand projectors demonstrate excellent brightness and contrast. As a result, they transmit a pleasant and clear picture, from which the viewers do not hurt or head.
  5. Especially popular devices supporting the modern Android operating system. These are multifunctional and very convenient models, the operation of which delivers one pleasure.
  6. Projectors that release Xiaomi can boast elementary control. Disassemble how such a technique works is not difficult. Even if the user has some questions, it can at any time refer to the instruction manual, which usually comes in a set with appliances.
  7. Xiaomi devices are distinguished by attractive, careless design. Such technique will easily fit into almost any interiors and will not contribute to the disharmony.
  8. Modern Xiaomi projectors can read a huge amount of current video file formats. Many devices are equipped with high-quality speakers.

Thanks to Big set of functions and excellent quality transmitted image, Modern models of the Chinese brand projectors have become one of the most popular and demand.

Many users prefer precisely Xiaomi products, since it is presented in a wide range, and many of the presented models have a completely democratic value.

Modern models of Xiaomi projectors can boast an excellent set of configurations and functions that are useful when viewing any video files. We will get acquainted with some of the most popular copies from the Chinese manufacturer.

Mijia Laser Projection Lite

This is the popular DPL-projector model based on the Android operating system. Optical resolution of this device is represented by such values ​​- 1920×1080 (Full HD). Technique can support 4K format. The brightness of the model is 500 ANSI Lumens. The popular projector model under consideration can boast the presence of automatic focus and support 3D. Reads many modern video formats. The design provides 2 high-quality built-in type dynamics (Dolby ATMOS and DTS). The projection distance is 1-4 m, and the size of the projection screen is from 40 to 200 inches. HDMI ports, 3.5 mm, SPEAKER JACK, POWER JACK, USB.

Mijia Laser Projection Lite from Xiaomi has an attractive design design and can easily find his place in almost any interior. The front projector is equipped with woven facing, the optical component of the equipment is based here.

It must be borne in mind that the latter, unfortunately, does not have a protective curtain. All interfaces for various connections are rear.

Laser Projection TV

If you want to purchase High-quality film projector showing a high-resolution picture, It is worth seeing to this model from Xiaomi. The device provides a DPL matrix. Projector Lamp Type – Laser-Laser LED. The device can play 3D image. The design provides 4 high-quality speakers. There are all the necessary connectors that are currently necessary in each device of this type.

The device weighs only 7 kg. Included with this high-quality projector there is a remote control. There is a built-in Wi-Fi. The laser model will cost expensive, but it costs its money because it demonstrates the high quality image and an excellent sound.

Xiaomi Inovel Yi Luowei ME2

Popular model of high-quality laser projector Xiaomi. Can broadcast a diagonal image from 40 to 300 inches. Thanks to such parameters with a similar device, you can equip a full home cinema. Broadcast Pictures is carried out in Full HD format. This high-quality device is designed to support most modern video file formats. Image resolution Standard for devices such – 1920×1080 p. Design Xiaomi Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 is implemented in the best traditions of the Chinese manufacturer – The model looks neat and stylish, withstand in a minimalist vein.

Provided function Automatic trapezium. Another device to connect to this projector will be using a Bluetooth wireless network. The speakers in this device are designed thoughtfully so that users can organize a great home theater in their home.

In this projector there is a quality AMLOGIC T968 processor with an integrated accelerator. The model runs on the basis of the MIUI operating system. It is worth noting the long service life of this popular projector model from Xiaomi. According to the Chinese manufacturer’s statements, the presence of LED-LEDs of the new generation (JSRAM OSTAR RGB) has a beneficial effect on the service life of technology.

Xiaomi Inovel Yi Luowei ME2 is designed for about 30,000 hours, which is a very good indicator for such devices.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector M055MGN

Popular compact projector model from Chinese manufacturer. Plays an image in standard 1920×1080 format. There is a built-in Wi-Fi. The projector is widescreen, can support HDMI. Technique is controlled by remote control, which comes in a set.

Type of matrix of this compact model – DMD, and lamp type – LED. Provide 1 MINI JACK output and 2 USB Type A output. Power consumption Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector M055MGN is 19 W. There are quite good built-in speakers, the power of which is 5 W. Total product weight – 1.3 kg.

The model will smoothly fit into almost any interiors, since it has an attractive, but not catchy design, made in the style of modern minimalism.

Xgimi CC 3D

Portable model of the projector Xiaomi, which can show a picture with a resolution of 1280×720 (HD). Screen Scale – 16: 9. The product has a very low weight – only 1.5 kg. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless networks. The model can play video files in popular options for resolution 2K and 4K. There is an HDMI connector.

In the device are present All necessary contemporary techniques connectors, namely USB and 3.5 mm SPEAKER JACK. This projector from the Chinese manufacturer has very small sizes. It is convenient to carry it with you because it is equipped with a small handle in the top of the case.

This technique is controlled by the remote control that goes in the set.

Mijia Projector Tyy01ZM DLP

Excellent model of a modern video projector from Xiaomi. Refers to DPL type. This device provides the MIUI TV operating system (Android 6.0). The amount of RAM of this projector is 2 GB, and the volume of the built-in memory is 16 GB. There is a built-in Wi-Fi Wireless Module.

This model of the Chinese projector Can demonstrate contrast 500: 1. The device refers to the portable class is widescreen. Can support 3D. In addition to the Wi-Fi network, Mijia Projector Tyy01ZM DLP can communicate with other devices via Bluetooth. Device resolution is standard. Mijia Projector Tyy01ZM DLP can support popular 2K and 4K formats.

Tips for choosing

Modern models of brand projectors from Xiaomi won the love of many consumers who prefer to watch the movies in high quality and in large format. The technique of the Chinese manufacturer may choose anyone, even the most demanding consumer, seeking the ideal model for arrangement of high-quality home theater. Consider what to pay attention to, picking up similar home equipment.

The buyer must initially Decide what exactly he is waiting for the planned purchase. It is necessary to calculate I the amount you can spend on such a device. I know exactly what the video projector model wants to see in his house, you can choose the best option much faster, without spending time looking for the right product.

The consumer who wants to buy the original Xiaomi projector, must pay attention not only to its appearance, but also specifications. Perhaps this is the most important thing that you need to consider in the search for “your” model. It is worth paying attention to Resolution pictures, which gives a device, functional equipment (connectors, formats that technique can read). It is advisable to buy equipment with built-in speakers and wireless networks – use such devices is much more convenient and more pleasant.

The buyer should pay attention to the parameters Brightness and contrast pictures. These and all of the above indicators are always reflected in the technical documentation accompanying brand products. It is advisable to request these documents to make sure the declared parameters of the device.

It is not recommended to blindly trust advertising stories of sellers of consultants, because very often they artificially overestimate the available parameters so that the buyer shifts to buy greater interest.

If you want to purchase a Xiaomi projector, which can reproduce a high-quality picture in 4K format, then you need to prepare for large spending. In most shops, such models are quite expensive. Do not forget about the design of the chosen equipment of the Chinese manufacturer. Xiaomi releases not only functional, but also a very attractive technique that can easily become a decoration of many atmosphere.

Try to pick up such a copy that will harmoniously fit into the room in which you planned to post it.

Choosing a specific model of the corporate projector, do not rush to run to the cashier to pay. First Do not be lazy carefully inspect the device. Neither on the housing, nor on the woven components should not be damaged: scuffs, chips, scratches, assigned sections and other defects. Check the condition of the available connectors. If you find any shortcomings and defects in the selected device, you should refuse from purchase, even if you are offered a good discount.

Check out integrity of the configuration of the selected projector. Usually, Xiaomi technique comes complete with remote control, all the necessary cables, instruction manual. Make sure that all components are present.

If you can, check serviceability of equipment in the store. Today, in rare outlets, you can check in place. Usually the buyer is given time on Home Testing Purchased Technology. Having come home, be sure to check whether Xiaomi projector works correctly. Test all functions and options, check the operation of all wireless networks and existing connectors.

Technique should work without complaints. In vain you should not lose time – usually only a few days is given on the home check (2 weeks). Before starting testing, it is recommended Get acquainted with the instruction manual Techniques of a specific model, even if it seems to you that you can easily cope without this procedure. It should be borne in mind that all the nuances and the features of using such devices that you may not know are always covered in the instructions. In order not to waste time in vain and do not encounter extra questions, be sure to read the manual.

For the purchase of Brand Technology Xiaomi should be sent to specialized stores. It can be a monobrand “boutique” of the Chinese manufacturer or a large network shop located in your accommodation (for example, Eldorado or M-video). Only in such places you can check the technique and buy it accompanied by a warranty coupon. In case of marriage detection or breakdowns, the projector will change you.

It makes no sense to look for such devices in cheap stores with incomprehensible names. In such vending points, you risk stumble upon low-quality fakes with which you just won’t give warranty coupon. Long this technique will not last, and you can be changed to change it.

The following video presents a detailed overview of the budget projector Mijia Projector Youth Edition.

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