Outdoor conditioners: principle of operation, types, selection and operation

When it comes to air conditioning, we usually remember devices placed on the wall and well noticeable from afar. But there is another option – the device installed on the floor. He has its own features and nuances that must be known.

Device and principle of operation

Outdoor air conditioner works on the same approximately scheme as its wall or ceiling analogs. Usually it is a monoblock. Freon circulation occurs continuously, because the cooling action is also not interrupted. In the evaporator, the cooling agent changes its aggregate state, passing the heat in contact with air tubes.

In the condensing node, the opposite occurs: burning, the freon mass throws heat outwardly, and then it is already given naturally. So that the air circulate is more active, you have to use a centrifugal fan. Air tightening from outside usually occurs through a carefully thought-out system of slots. Usually a steam of fans is used: one provides removal of the preheated mass into the air duct running to the street, and the other helps to distribute the cooled air in the room.

At the bottom of the case there is a pallet where condensate flows.

Liquid from this pallet will have to merge yourself.

Some devices can operate in the heater mode, but they have a limit – the heating intensity is less than in full-format devices. However, in any case, modern climatic equipment works on the commands of electronic control nodes. In the rest of the special complexity, the device floor conditioner does not represent.

Pros and cons

The undoubted advantage of outdoor climatic equipment is its relative mobility. If the room moves the chair or sofa in the room, you can quickly rearrange the device to a new place. Some preparatory steps will be needed, but there are less than when using other types of air conditioners. There is no need to stretch complex air ducts and other sophisticated communications. Because the complexity of the installation is smaller, and the likelihood of equipment output below.

Approval of floor conditioner installation is not required. But such a solution has certain disadvantages. The placement of the compressor and pipelines for freon inside the case means that noise when working is almost inevitable. Let it be quite weak, but still eliminate the sound can not. In addition, mechanical components will inevitably highlight heat, which contradicts the very idea of ​​air conditioning.

Difficulties can create a lack of condensate output. It will be necessary to spend time on hand drained and put up with loss of efficiency, if it is impossible to do. Despite all the efforts, on all isolation, the extensive air outward the hose must overheat. Because the air conditioning area will be subjected to greenhouse effect. Air fence for cooling from the same room where it circulates can significantly worsen its quality.

Comparison with wall instruments

Installation systems installed on the floor are uniquely closer to the ideal of portable equipment. They can be installed in the place in which the consumer will wish (if only this place is safe). Installation is very simple and convenient, there is no need to help professionals. Therefore, the installation is cheaper and faster than usual.

Almost all modifications of floor vehicles are equipped:

  • timers;

  • remote control;

  • the ionization option;

  • Filters deep cleaning.

But this does not mean that the device installed on the floor is definitely good. Such devices have a capacity limit – rarely there are more powerful products 4000 W. True, at the same time they fully fully fulfill their tasks, especially if the air-conditioned area is Mala.

As already mentioned, the outdoor technique is relatively noisy. In turn, wall split systems won due to:

  • quiet work;

  • relatively high power (the usual apparatus may have a thermal power of 7 kW);

  • Fitness to work on an area of ​​80-100 kV. m;

  • wide variety of internal blocks;

  • wide range.


Air conditioners installed on the floor, we note, too, are quite varied. A fairly attractive choice can be a stationary unit with an air duct. Outside it reminds small sizes bedside table, rolling wheels. Therefore, install the device will work almost everywhere. You can pour it freely – the main thing is to have enough duct length.

It is very important when cleaning and guidance. Under the air conditioning you can wash the floor, and then return it back.

However, it is worth considering that any outdoor apparatus absorbs useful space in the room. Therefore, it is usually necessary to carefully choose the installation points and think about possible consequences.

But, Unlike the split system, it will not be necessary to dismantle the capital walls or partition.

But homemade air conditioners with an air duct with all its advantages are unlikely to be called compact devices. The closest to the ideal mini is purely monoblock models without an air duct.

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At the same time, the reduction in the size pays off with a decrease in performance and overall efficiency. Little of, “Clean” monoblock too much noise so that it can be calmly used in the bedroom or in the children’s room.

A bright example of a small household air conditioner in outdoor execution is Ballu BPAC-07 CE_Y17.

This Chinese apparatus has a cooling capacity of 2 kW. It is guaranteed to ensure optimal air parameters on the area of ​​20 kV. M. In the cooling mode, 785 W current per hour. The volume of sound during operation varies from 45 to 51 dB.

Another small apparatus – LORIOT LAC-07HP.

In terms of power and serviced area, it does not differ from the preceding model. Current consumption is also identical. In addition, a stable noise level is guaranteed – no higher than 45 dB. No difficult preparation for using the device is not required.

Very promising is the inverter type of air conditioners.

Such a name is used in trade practice, and it denotes the devices capable of changing the intensity of the compressor motor. The adjustment of this indicator is achieved due to manipulations with the power type. As a result, performance is significantly improved, and energy is consumed much more economically than usual. An additional advantage is the ability to operate in a wider range of temperatures and flexibly adapt to the emerging situation.

What is not less important, Adjustment is performed smoothly, in the form of several steps. Because the compressor motor works exactly as it should be in accordance with the thermal load. To speed up the achievement of the necessary indicators, the use of a special option in the operation of the controller is required. It sets the forced mode supported until the desired temperature is detected. Therefore, the need disappears constantly launching and stopping the compressor, thereby reducing its resource.

The advantages of the inverter scheme can be considered:

  • Accelerated output to the required mode;

  • Comparative silence during operation;

  • Current savings;

  • the ability to heat the home even at a relatively low temperature;

  • Reducing the load on home wiring and minimizing start current.

However, the unlimited use of converter devices is hampered by their increased cost (even with other identical characteristics). Additional block increases envelope and product mass. Electronics will not be able to turn on the compressor when the air on the street is heated above the allowable value. It can create small inconvenience, but will allow you to maintain valuable technique in good condition.

In Russian conditions, a very valuable version of the air conditioner will be heated models. Usually, this mode is operated in split-systems, but it is possible to realize it in the floor models. More common option – Models with air humidifier. It is worth saying that air conditioning without moisture is not entirely full. Compensation of air cutting, occurring simultaneously with its air conditioning, is extremely important for the health and preservation of some things in the room.

Water condensing, going and returns to the room again. Therefore, the moisture is normal. There is a uniform humidification of air, and the moisture is not stuck in the upper layers of the home atmosphere. Disappears the need to constantly add new portions of water.

For comparison: to do this in the case of conventional models it falls every 10-14 hours.

Moisturizing usually helps to achieve air purification.

Among mobile floor air conditioners stand out Neoclima NPAC-09CG.

Modest sizes significantly simplify the use of the device in small apartments and private houses. The volume is relatively small. Condensate removal is organized as follows. Set up the device for optimal microclimate is not difficult.

It can be diagnosed in automatic mode, switch to sleep mode and turn off the automatic command at all. Fan has 4 standard speeds. Provided a timer. You can give the team to dry the air, not ventilating the room.

A good supplement is a small, but thoroughly thought out liquid crystal screen.

However, it must be borne in mind that this device is relatively small.

As an alternative to consider Ballu BPAC-09 CM.

Already one thing is that the supplier is the leading company in the field of climate techniques, inspires confidence. New 2019 will delight consumers and a number of advanced technological advances.

So, an improved control system appeared. Developers paid considerable attention to ensuring reliability and uninterrupted functioning of their products. It is thought out how to ensure protection against condensate flow and excessive moisturizing. The manufacturer declares that the device corresponds to the category of energy efficiency A. What is important, the Freon used is completely safe in environmental terms. Another advantages of the product can be considered an elegant design and an optimal price. However, the compressor creates a strong noise.

On durability during operation is beneficial Zanussi ZACM-12 MS / N1.

This mobile type air conditioner also uses Freon-Safe Environment. In this case, the working volume of the device does not exceed 50 dB. Provided a timer. The screen is enough for a full-fledged control. Air conditioning from Zanussi spending no more than 90 W per hour. Designers took care of the choice of 3 speeds of rotation. Despite compactness, the mass of the device exceeds 24 kg; it is not possible to put it everywhere.

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ELECTROLUX EACM-08CL / N3 Differs in the budget price and at the same time practicality. But also about attractive design, the developers did not forget.

The optimal entry of the device to any room is guaranteed. Sound volume does not exceed 44 dB. Air conditioning capacity is enough to improve air quality in a standard two-room apartment; Only the hardness of the output pipe spoils all.

A very attractive solution can be Ballu BPAC-16CE. Its thermal capacity reaches 1600 W. Because the device can improve air quality on 43 kV area. M. Delivery set includes a remote control, designed by all the rules. There is a timer for 24 hours, a function of protection against excessive moisturizing and from leakage is thought out; No significant drawbacks are found.

But many people are trying to choose a combined (outdoor ceiling) air conditioning. Such systems will help provide the desired microclimate even on a fairly large area. A good example can be considered TIMBERK AC TIM 24LC CF5.

This model implements a high-level automatic system, fully exempt from manual air jet control. Provided and reliable protection against negative factors, including all the same leaks; Cooling capacity reaches 11700 W.

To maximize the extension of operation of operation, used, in particular, reliable anti-corrosion coating. The timer is significantly improved compared to other models. Provided night quiet mode of operation. Energy consumption is relatively small. However, there is a serious drawback – a bad appearance.

If you need a premium category air conditioning, you should pay attention to Royal Clima CO-F60HN.

He has a “clean” ventilation and the self-diagnosis option. 30 cubic air jet. m per minute will improve the microclimate even in a large cottage. Cooled power is 17000 W, and heating reaches 18,500 W. Noticeable weakness is only the absence of a supply ventilation mode.

But the excuse will be here:

  • excellent drainage;

  • convenience management;

  • thoughtful remote;

  • Reliable protection from icing internal channels;

  • Memory of settings;

  • Use Fine Cleaning Filters.

How to choose?

It would be possible to talk about the specifics of individual models for a long time, but it is much more important to know the other – how to make a choice to make the floor air conditioner not disappointed. Monoblocks without an air duct need to choose if it is required not only to cool the air, but also moisturize it.

However, such a device is suitable only when it is possible to constantly change water.

To some extent, this deficiency is compensated by the available price. If you want to select a device for large rooms by 50, 60 kV. m and so on, then there will be a mobile outdoor split system.

Of course, it will have to give serious money for her. But on large areas, only the effectiveness of such equipment and helps people into severe heat. Evaluating the number of hoses, their length and method of fastening, it will be possible to understand how mobile air conditioning is and how exactly it must be installed. Accordingly, it is easy to find out if this device will suit at all (sometimes because of the error when you select it is not possible to install the conditioning system). When choosing, you need to pay attention to the fact that condensate is removed.

For busy models of the model with the evaporator much better than the calculated on the collection and draining of the liquid. If it is planned to provide for home or for an apartment perfect microclimate, you need to watch a variety of climatic functions. “Too much” they do not happen in this case. But for the cottage, the air conditioner is selected according to another circumstance: it should be resistant to power supply and the instability of current parameters. Choosing a device into a sleeping room, it is unwanted to give preference to very powerful devices – they are often unnecessarily noisy.

The presence of a special night regime only to some extent solves this problem. After all, sometimes you want to rest in the afternoon, but constantly incorpor special settings are somewhat difficult. The exception is the models in which the volume decreases in the timer. Then it will be possible to immediately set certain hours in which the device begins to work less actively. And yes, it practically does not make sense to acquire the floor air conditioner without remote control.

Installation recommendations

But here is the conditioning unit selected. It’s time to mount it. And here it is also important to prevent errors capable of devaling any modern product. It is often said that the floor conditioners are put very simply with their own hands, but still there is a certain technology that must be respected. Mobile monoblocks more often put, outputing the airway through the window. It’s easier than punching walls and more reliable.

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Usually, climate machinery is sold with ready-made sets for mounting. If there is no such set, you will have to manually make an insert in the opening of the window.

The closer to the window itself the device will rise, the less resistance will be, which meets the trim air. For the same reason, they always try to do as a smaller number of bends as possible.

It is undesirable that the furniture is located near the air conditioner or there were other items (you need to try to move them away at least 0.5 m).

Insert from organic glass makes after accurate measurement of the window sash. This insert must be in the form of a rectangle, and there is a passage for air mains in it. Channel a little already than a pipe diameter. Otherwise, she will not be able to keep quite tight.

For sealing advise to use self-adhesive rubber seals. During installation inserts, the window must be constantly open. The piece of plexiglas is fixed with painting scotch and special locks. It is worth remembering that the air duct first attach to the air conditioner, and then remove to the street.

Only after that you can attach the drainage canal.

Outdoor split systems begin to put, drilling through channel in the wall with a cross section of about 0.06 m. This hole will allow you to bring the pipe with a refrigerant to the external block of the air conditioner. Drainage tubes and electrical cables will be held there. The hole is paved according to the labels made by the manufacturer on the air conditioner mounting panel. Drill a channel with a slope of the dodder, otherwise it will rain and cut condensate.

Outdoor part attach special brackets. Inside the wall drilled holes needed to insert bolts. Required brackets most often included in the delivery set. When the block itself is fixed, it is watching that the wall remains at least 0.05 m (and ideally 2-3 times more). We definitely check how reliably the mechanism is secured, otherwise there may be serious troubles.

It is allowed to install the outer part of the air conditioner on balconies and loggias. However, you will have to take care to be a stable influx of fresh air. The inner part to put much easier. Only it will be necessary to choose the right area and attach the bottom of 4 wheels.

The main thing is that there is a distance of 0.5 m from the air intake grille to any item, and so that there is no radiators or other heating devices next to.

Terms of Use

All manufacturers in the instructions necessarily mention that it is possible to use outdoor air conditioners with direct inclusion in the outlet. Any kind of extension and adapters are categorically unacceptable. It is necessary to make sure that the socket itself, air conditioning and wiring well grounded. Strumbering Do not start the device after removing the outer grille. In the same way, the installation of air conditioning in the outdoor, bathrooms and shower cabins.

Grounding should not occur through gas pipes, gas and plumbing equipment. Be sure to make sure that access to the outlet is not difficult. Outdoor air conditioner can suffer very much from overheating, therefore it is necessary to put it only in the shadow. At the same time, it should be strictly vertically. More detailed requirements for each specific device can be read in the instructions.


There are some more subtleties that buyers of outdoor air conditioners should take into account. Purchasing a cheap model, you have to put up with a rather high level of noise. If you want to make life as calm as possible, you need to give preference to expensive technique. A high price will have to give and for especially compact models, while their performance is not impressive.

Configuring air conditioning, it makes no sense to set air cooling more than 18 degrees. This is not only irrational from the point of view of energy consumption, but simply harmful to health. Increases the likelihood of colds, rheumatism.

In any case, sit directly under the jets of cold air is not recommended.

So that the power of the device exactly corresponds to the needs of the customer, you need to immediately consult with professionals.

At night, even if the heat is not reduced, it is necessary to translate air conditioning in a less intensive mode. Cooling can be reduced by 1-2 degrees, because at night the body consumes less heat.

Climate techniques need to be cleaned, and do it will have to systematically. External and internal filters are subject to cleaning. Coal filtering blocks are not washed, but completely replaced.

Read more about floor conditioners you will learn by looking at the following video.

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