Outdoor columns: features and varieties

If literally 40 years ago, it was possible to dream about the so-called voluminous sound, now it is reality now. Such systems can be bought in the nearest store of technology or to order on the house with one click on the mouse. Special place among such devices rank outdoor columns. They give a unique sound that filling the room like barely noticeable smoke. All about outdoor acoustic systems, as well as how to choose them, will tell this article.


It’s obvious that The main features of the floor columns are their place of installation and dimensions. Such acoustic speakers are distinguished by large, compared to conventional models, sizes. The height of the speakers is especially noticeable. If such a technique is installed at home, then only in large or spacious premises. In small rooms, outdoor acoustics can distort the sound and give only bass.

Such a musical installation can be equipped with speakers in an amount of from 1 to 7 pieces. It is also worth noting the price, which is an order of magnitude higher from the floor columns than, for example, the shelf models.

Quite often, the outdoor speaker system is acquired for listening to heavy music. Feature of the speakers of such systems – The presence of a special dustproof cap, which, in addition to protection against pollution, makes the sound clearer and clean.

In general, such audio systems are often purchased for home. They are used not only for listening to various music, but also to watch movies, conduct karaoke evenings and even to work in a small home recording studio.


The most important characteristic that distinguishes the type of floor columns is from each other, is the type of acoustic system. Usually differences in the sound of different types can only be noticed professional. However, it will be useful to understand for itself some of the characteristic features of each of the species below.

  1. Closed models. Such columns practically do not distort the sound, which allows you to quite accurately reproduce music. Among the shortcomings – bad sound of bass, lack of high volume.
  2. Open models. They also reproduce bass well, but they can recreate the so-called directional sound.
  3. Phaseinverter. He, on the contrary, has a good sound of bass, high levels of sensitivity, but has a low level of sound detail.
  4. Passive emitter. Perfectly reproduces basses. The sound is deeper and detailed than the phase inverter.
  5. Bandpass (Bandpass). Has good sensitivity, capable of reaching a high level of volume.

Most of the modern floor columns are represented by the phase inverter type, since it is it that has optimal sound parameters.

Also, all such devices can be divided into the number of bands available (speakers). However, most often the characteristic feature of the outdoor acoustics – the presence of three speakers. Three-band system with each of the speakers separately reproduces low frequencies, medium and high.

Each manufacturer has its exclusive design and coloring for such installations. Nevertheless, most modern models are narrow and have a dark color case. They are greater popularity. Children and teenagers prefer model with light music. A convenient option is also columns with a flash drive connector. They are able to reproduce music directly from the drive itself.

Lovers of active evenings in a circle of friends or family can acquire acoustics with karaoke.

It accumulates special equipment for playing karaoke-songs, and in the kit there are one or more microphones.

Rating models

Below is a review and a brief description of the top 10 best models over the past few years.

Yamaha NS-F150

The budget product of the Japanese brand with good sound is intended for small rooms and home use. The device has a soft sound, high power, wide frequency range, concise design and attractive price.

Canton GLE 476

This acoustic system is a phase inverter, which is equipped with 2.5 strips to play sound. It has a small weight and dimensions, has a good sound at high volume, However, it can turn on.

Users celebrate “Dry” sound.


This model received its popularity as an additional equipment for home theater. Installation has three-way sound and is designed to play various types of music.

Equally well reproduces rock, blues, as well as any other sound tracks with bass.

Dali Zensor 5

Is a passive acoustic Hi-Fi system. This model is distinguished by exclusive branded speakers, stylish design in black color, robust base.

However, users marked the heavy weight of this phase inverter.


Represents 2.5-band speaker system. Equally well reproduces both low frequencies and high. However, this model must be used with amplifiers.

Negative reviews received the body of the model – it is easy to scratch.

Among other interesting models that have received good reviews can be noted:

  • White columns Canton Gle 496 With its compatibility with any devices;

  • Focal Aria 926 with his ideal sound setting;

  • Yamaha NS-777, which is considered the best in its price category;

  • HECO VICTA PRIME 702, combining budget price and good sound;

  • BOSTON ACOUSTICS CS 260 II with his concise design.

Tips for choosing

Among the huge number of modern outdoor acoustic systems will help to make a choice of several important criteria – Further use, financial opportunities, personal wishes. The latter mainly refers to the design of the sound system.

It is not recommended to buy acoustics with high power in a small room. In this case, the sound will have not too good playback quality. As for home theater, this is exactly the case when the power and large dimensions of the equipment will find their application.

Specialists recommend purchasing systems with a wooden case, not plastic. The latter can slightly worsen the sound quality.

It is worth more attentively to choosing instruments for children’s holidays. It should be more durable and powerful than the home system, as well as possess a light design to be convenient to carry it.

In addition to such systems, it is usually necessary to acquire a rack, a microphone and a number of other devices.

Installation and use

The area of ​​the room in which the column will be installed must be More than 18 square meters. Only in such conditions, the sound of an acoustic system will be full. It is not recommended to put columns in the corner of the room. Walls on both sides are able to “absorb” part of the sound.

Quite often, outdoor acoustics is purchased as an additional element to home theater. In this case, the columns better arrange on special stands.

An important part of such a system – amplifier. His main task – improved sound quality at high volume. The main parameter of the amplifier is power – the higher it is, the better the device reproduces music.

Using such systems is usually simple and convenient. Management and display, if any, are simplified as much as possible and everywhere have inscriptions in English.

Video review of the available multifunctional floor speakers F & D T-60X you can see below.

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