Orange color in the interior: how he affects a person and how best to use it?

Orange color is rightly considered one of the brightest, and such expressiveness and the test for a long time scared the designers and ordinary people who are thinking about interior design. Now the times have changed, and today should not be limited when choosing a palette, and an unusual orange can become an excellent solution that will emphasize your individuality in the design of the apartment.

Influence on man

In general terms, orange – red mixing product with yellow. One of them implies maximum activity and energy, provokes to action, the other is perceived as a certain abstract heat, positive. As a result, it turned out one of the most positive warm tones, which will definitely suit everyone who is inclined to sociability and emotional behavior and can create. In particular, orange enters the list of favorite colors of the absolute majority of children.

It has been proven that orange stimulates the work of both the brain and the digestive system. In the dosage quantity, Orange is capable of improving the mood, but you need to follow, so that it was not too much, because from the excessive brightness of the psyche quickly gets tired, and the burdens are replaced by apatine. At the same time, as point accents, such a shade is very necessary in the office or in the kitchen.

If there is something orange in the room, then, most likely, it is on it that will be the main emphasis – such an accessory cannot be noticed. With this orange is so warm that it is not advised to use in hot and stuffed premises – he will only aggravate the sensations. At the same time, dark shades of color should be chosen for visual decrease in large rooms, and vice versa, only light tones are appropriate in small rooms.


Orange is unusual because among the many of its tones there is not a single one, which is at least remotely cold – the whole color gamut is strictly in a warm palette. It happened for no accident, because there are very many talleled southern fruits, requiring heat and sun for ripening, have orange shades, named after them: it is apricot, and orange, and pumpkin, and peach. To all these delicacies can also be added honey.

At the same time, an excessive brightness may be inappropriate in place, so that the premises are usually chosen by relatively modest and muted tones like terracotta, bronze, salmon or ocher.

True, if we use orange in a reasonable dosage, then you can make an accent on maximum expression – in this case the classic orange, coral or amber.

Combinations with other colors

Orange is well combined with most of the well-known colors, only with other bright tones it is usually not composed – for the interior it will be too powerful emotional promise. It is hardly not best suited to Orange and his shades pastel gamma – white-orange design looks pretty calmly, but at the same time it takes a little. For the same analogy, it looks good and a gray-orange combination, as well as a combination of Orange with Bezh.

For those whom the above options do not provide enough paints, there is a combination of orange with yellow.

It’s all the same very warm design, only with a reduced fraction of aggression – like summer in childhood. Alternatively, you can combine warm colors with cold – for example, orange on the background of the underlined blue will be reminded of vacation and the sea that in our climate is sometimes very appropriate.

As for truly bright combinations, they are very like an amateur. For example, in nature, orange and salad are combined quite often, but to contemplate their combination constantly, even being indoors, it is difficult for perception. Remember that Orange is already in itself an accent, because he needs a calm background rather than a company of another overly bright tone.

Application in various premises

Each room in the apartment is probably a special purpose and must create a corresponding mood, therefore it would be naive to assume that all housing is separated by a common principle. This happens with orange – somewhere it is appropriate to a greater extent, and somewhere in a smaller. I should not give up for sure, especially if I really want, you just need to clearly understand where and how much it needs it to not look inappropriate.


This room is assumed to be one of the best for the use of Orange in the interior, because there are few places less suitable for maximum rest and relaxation. At least here you just eat. A good appetite is initiated in this color, and still orange shades increase sociability.

For a kitchen, a good combination will be orange with white.

At the same time, Orange recently often appears even on aprons – are becoming increasingly popular “delicious” prints with the image of fruits. Similar themes are very common and when the wallpaper is released, which can be saved by the wall at the dining table. Finally, today you can buy even an orange refrigerator, and in combination with another furniture of the same color, it will create a unique feeling of the integrity of the design and thoughtfulness of the interior.


In complete, it is very important not to rearrange with brightness, because such colors usually stimulate activity, whereas in the bedroom everything should have to rest, and not distract from it. For this reason, those shades in which aggression is not traced at all are most appropriate – it is, first of all, salmon, apricot and peach.

The described colors look perfectly, if it is textiles, especially since it is always a lot in his bedroom. Here the choice for such a shade remains either the bed itself, which can be covered with the appropriate tone with a bedspread or curtains. At the same time, it is impossible to say that truly bright Orange options are completely rebeling, but if there are similar accessories, they must be relatively small accents, well noticeable, but generally not distracting from sleep.

Living room

Under the living room, orange tones are used as a bright accent, which is designed to intensify interest in communication, because it is here that you take guests, and you are going with my family too. On average, orange here can be quite a lot, but he does not give up the whole room – rather, he is a well-visible bonus. As an example, a combination of an orange leather sofa is often given, which costs exactly opposite the window, the same curtains.

If the rest of the rooms can still be engaged in the interior design in strict accordance with popular styles, then the living room is a business card of the whole apartment, therefore it is customary to withstand in a certain direction.

If you think that for orange, there must be a place in your living room, pay attention to ethnic styles, minimalism and country, whereas for the classics such bright shades are likely to be alien.


In this room, the degree of relevance of orange depends on how you perceive water procedures. If you have a great way for you to relax and relax after hard work, then the abundance of active orange will be not to the place – it will again tune you on a combat way, because it should be used carefully and only in muted variants. The situation is fundamentally the situation, if you are used to cheering through the morning with a refreshing soul – then the classic orange is very contributing to the achievement of the main goal.

An additional advantage of orange in the interior of the bathroom is that all its shades belong to warm – to undress and dive into the water is still easier when there is no doubt about the warmth of the total atmosphere around.


This room in most apartments is perceived purely as an auxiliary, but it is here that orange shades may be very appropriate. For most people, returning home – the event is desirable, but it is the hallway who meets the owner of the first, and the creation of an atmosphere of arrival is on her shoulders. As Orange refers to shades, configuring a positive way, its use here is able to recall that since you are already at home, everything will be fine.

At the same time it is unacceptable in order for the hallway to leave the most vivid impression in the whole apartment, because neither the owners nor guests here should linger for a long time.

For this reason, the shades are chosen by restrained – for example, the optimal solution will be something like ocher.

Children’s room

We mentioned above that most children love orange, because his use in the nursery almost always seems appropriate. Even the floor or ceiling can be painted in this color, not to mention the walls, furniture or accessories. It should be remembered that in the first years of life, the baby does not need an excessive brightness, otherwise you simply can not sleep, and somewhere with adolescent children usually refuse to perceive excessive brightness as a sign of “childhood”.

Thus, to focus on a bright orange in the interior can be in a child’s room from about 3 years of 12 years, but here you need to consider certain features. For example, the underlined brightness will help shake too calm baby, which does not show due interest to the world around the world, but some children are too active, and for them, such stimulation will definitely be superfluous. It is important to give to understand the child that different places are allocated for study and relaxation and different times, because the main focus on Orange is desirable to do only in the playing zone of children’s.

To which style of the interior fits?

Orange color for a long time did not find wide use in professional design, because it does not fit into most classic styles, unless we are talking about some tones approximate to wood. The classic has a burden to all strict, even typically bright colors usually seem not as expressive.

Another thing – for example, an ethnic. Folk styles of different countries are familiar to the use of any girlfriend and materials, besides, the result could be visually too boring, because it is often a color in bright colors that avoids inappropriate serness in everything.

Modern minimalism exploits similar logic – the refusal of “extra” details in the form of the same texture sometimes provokes melancholy, since it is not for what to cling to it, so it is a bright accent becoming an interior highlight.

For Country, orange shades are generally hardly key, without them to withstand the room in the appropriate stylistry will simply fail.

Unusual examples

The first example shows how sunny and cheerful living room may be, if you use a classic white and orange combination in it. In combination with bright natural lighting, emphasis on orange sofas simply will not allow households to be sad – the mood helps to raise the interior itself.

If you want to dry the heat and summer to penetrate into the bedroom, you can add orange and there, but carefully. In this case, the main focus is made on the wall at the head of the head – before bedtime it is really impossible, but in general it is “insulates”. In addition, such a design is echoing with pillows and textiles, creating a holistic image.

On the example of the kitchen we see a sample of real originality. The designer was not afraid to turn to a pretty bold combination of orange with black, but the abundance of natural light should dispel a slightly gloomy impression of such a choice. Orange, as we see, left all the side pieces of furniture, inclusive with a bar counter, which once again underlines the uniqueness of the customer’s taste.

In the bathroom, nothing will interfere with exquisite relaxation, if the orange is selected in soft colors. For example, this transparent deep honey shade bath is associated with heat, but does not push to activity, but allows you to relax.

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