Niche under TV: design ideas

To technical progress, the interior of a large room was formed around the fireplace. Today, the point of attraction of any living room becomes TV. Its location in niche can be considered a successful architectural reception. He gets a separate location that makes it even more significant, but at the same time does not prevent others. TV on Tumba takes a lot of space passing by, you can hook it. From these troubles guaranteed equipment built into a niche.

Types of niche under the TV

Niche under the TV is not limited to the hole in the wall decorated with plasterboard. They can be created in headsets, racks, cabinets, partitions. Decorative recesses have different shapes and sizes, beautifully form around them the surrounding environment. We offer to consider more than several types of similar architectural elements.

In furniture

Modern furniture often provides a niche for a TV. Walls, slides and cabinets Best places are discharged for household appliances. Opposite them install a sofa and armchairs, equipping a comfortable recreation area. On the examples we suggest seeking a niche looks like in the headset walls and slides.

  • Shallow niche makes the screen look like a picture.

  • For modern large plasma in furniture walls, large recesses are envisaged.

  • Even in small slides are a place for a TV.

  • Air style slide with open shelves well combined with flat glossy screen.

In the bedroom, where it is not customary to install furniture walls, a niche for a TV is equipped in the closet. And no matter what size it is, small or grand, with swing doors or a compartment type, it may well like a favorite technique.

  • Large cabinet over the wall, with swing doors and a large decorative deepening.

  • Large cabinet with sliding doors provides a niche under the TV.

For small rooms, the best furniture are racks.

Open shelves do not load space, light and air easily passes through them.

Even such elegant designs are able to harmonize with modern displays, providing them with special recesses.

In the wall

The niche in the wall is laid at the stage of repair, often envisaged a place for a whole home cinema.

Materials most often use plasterboard. Sometimes the surface is diversified by the deepening of different values, creating the compositions around the shelves from the shelves for books or decor.

On examples, you can understand how beautifully beautiful design niches look beautifully.

  • TV design with additional deepening for decor.

  • Shallow niche painting on the wall between doorways.

  • The black screen of the TV is perfectly combined with letters that are decorated with wall-mounted deepening.

  • The protrusion in the interior of the room accommodates niches under TV and other household appliances.

  • Unusual geometric design of plasterboard provides a place for a TV.


Partitions are often resorted to Studio apartments or in the only large room of the city apartment. Partitions help to create target zones, as well as separate private places for each family member.

Successful design moves can be considered the combination of partitions with a TV, in which case it also carries an additional functional load

  • Fragile refined rack is able to keep a big plasma.

  • Zoning partition with TV.

  • Zonal partition in the form of a furniture design with a rotating TV.

  • Another swivel mechanism for the dividing wall in the studio.

Methods of registration

Niche in the wall under the TV may look a boring hole if it is attractively not arranged. Decoring methods can be different: painting, stucco, backlight, 3D wallpapers and many other non-standard ideas. Consider more each of them.


Successful lighting will be decorated with decorative deepening in the hall. Traditionally used as lamps Point lamps or LED ribbons. Often they are equipped with a remote control to switch modes. With their help, you can choose any shade of light or cyclic repetition of different colors.

But it should be remembered that long flickering is dangerous for sight. Whole comfortable can be considered white and yellow lighting.

For special design fantasies, neon threads or tubes are used. In any case, the light goes deep into the niche, otherwise it will be unpleasant to dazzle.

  • Combining point and LED backlighting.

  • Neon glow.

  • Backlit stained glass frame under TV.


Niche, surrounded by shelves, quite frequent decorative reception in the interior. In addition to beautiful baubles, the shelves can be filled with equipment, books, collections.

Stereoscopic wallpaper

Niche with 3D wallpaper becomes an emphasis in the interior, asks the theme that the rest of the room design is subordinate.


Baguette is used in cases where they want to give a niche or display visual resemblance to the picture. They are resorted to classical interiors, baroque, ampir and other historical directions.

Columns and stucco

The recess is decorated with columns and stucco in the same styles as with a baguette – historical, classic, imperial. Wall looks rich and pathetic, emphasizing the status of the owner of the room.


The visual perception of the entire design depends on the parameters and form of the niche. In most cases, the recess is performed under a specific plasma. But sometimes, according to the designer, a pretty big niche is created. She participates in the decorative design of the whole wall. Mounting the deepening under the home TV, it should be remembered that Its dimensions at least 10 cm must exceed the parameters of the embedded technique.

Installation surface need to be wide and reliable. It is unacceptable that the screen played the wall plane line.


To perform a niche, various types of materials can be involved. The final finish is possible to make a plaster in the form of stucco, as well as resort to the help of moldings and baguettes. The most common materials for creating decorative deepening are the following.

  • Plasterboard. With it, it is easy to assemble any design, to give the interior originality and special expressiveness. If the niche has to be performed in the kitchen, you should take advantage of waterproof products.

  • Laminate. It is used in the interiors, where the wood is required by stylistic purpose. Laminate allows you to reduce the project without disturbing the overall design of the room.

  • A rock. To create a niche use natural smooth or wild stone. For his cladding, we need a solid foundation that it cannot provide plasterboard. But the artificial facing “under the stone” plasterboard will be guaranteed.

  • Wood. Wood – Beautiful, rich, warm material, it is environmentally friendly, has many shades and is actually appropriate to all interiors.

Stages of arrangement with their own hands

The easiest way to make a niche with your own hands from drywall. It is easy to install, with it, you can implement any fantasy. At the preparatory stage a diagram is drawn, calculations are made.

It should be borne in mind that the niche must have a volume of 20 cm more TV.

Then the materials and tools are prepared. It takes a building knife, levels, dowels, self-tapping screws, drill, screwdriver and drywall.

The walls are made on the wall, which establishes an aluminum profile frame. Markups are also transferred to plasterboard according to the scheme. Future design details are cut out of the sheet with a building knife. With the help of screws and dowels, elements of drywall are superimposed on the profile and secure. After finishing works, the design can be issued with decorative corners coinciding on trim. This will give niche accuracy and clarity of lines.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Even the simplest niches with plasma make attention. And if they are unusually decorated, become just the center of attraction.

  • Complex design created specifically for TV.

  • Niche from the wall, smoothly turning into the ceiling.

  • Multiple designs created from drywall.

  • Unusual design of the Wall in the style of high-tech.

  • The screen above the fireplace is mounted into the surface lined with stone.

Niche under the TV is possible to create on your own project, but you can buy ready, together with furniture. In any case, she will be a good chapter for your technique.

The process of mounting a niche for a TV from plasterboard, see the video below.

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