NEC Projectors: Model Review

Nec suppose and not among the absolute leaders of the electronic market, but familiar with the enormous number of people. It supplies a variety of devices, including projectors for various purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to review the model range of this technique and evaluate its main advantages.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

NEC Projectors: Model Review


The characteristic of the projectors NEC is worth considering those reviews that are coming from most people. All users are highly appreciated design Such devices. Price nec technology is relatively small, and Working resource projection lamps, on the contrary, increased. They can show an excellent picture even in a bright day of day. Some reviews say that the projectors of this brand work “like a clock” even with daily operation within a few hours.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

NEC Projectors: Model Review

Color reproduction Even the models of the budget class do not cause complaints. And here Score noness When working it will be very different. Most likely, this is due to the features of the conditions of application. It is worth noting at the same time that a number of devices does not have HDMI.

The use of traditional VGA is not too convenient instead.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

NEC Projectors: Model Review

In general, the company NEC speaks one of the leading players in the sector of projection systems and visualization tools. Due to the variety of assortment and flexible pricing policy, you can choose optimal solution for yourself. It will actually demonstrate truly Japanese quality. Consumers will be able to implement even extremely complex installation projects. And just in this segment NEC managed to offer a number of original technologies.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

NEC Projectors: Model Review

Review models

A good sample from this manufacturer is deservedly called a laser projector PE455WL. When it is created, LCD format elements were used. Basic technical properties:

  • Brightness – up to 4500 lumens;

  • Contrast indicator – 500000 K 1;

  • The total operation time of the lamp is 20 thousand hours;

  • Net weight – 9.7 kg;

  • Stocked permission for pictures – 1280×800.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

The manufacturer also claims that during operation, the device is noise for less well-watched watches. Creating a PE ruler, designers significantly improved the Multipresenter function. Thanks to her, without resorting to additional settings, keep presentations in wireless mode on 16 screens simultaneously. The incoming signal will be successfully processed, even if it has a 4K resolution and frame frequency of 30 Hz. Since laser and liquid crystal nodes are completely isolated from the external environment, no filters, and they will not be changed.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

A decent alternative can be PE455ul. The indicators of its brightness and contrast are the same as the previous model. But the resolution of the picture is much higher – 1920×1200 points. Other technical properties are as follows:

  • The aspect ratio of the pictures is 16 to 10;

  • Projection coefficient – from 1.23 to 2: 1;

  • manual focus setting;

  • support HDMI, HDCP;

  • 1 RS-232;

  • power supply voltage from 100 to 240 V, frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

If you need a professional class design projector from NEC, then it is worth considering ME402X. He is just as built on the basis of LCD. With brightness 4000 lumens ensured a contrast not lower than 16000 K 1. Lamps serve at least 10 thousand hours, and the total weight of the projector – 3.2 kg. Optical resolution reaches 1024×768 points.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

Model NEC NP-V302WG long removed from production, but other versions of the NP series continue to be released. But the video projector of the P554W model deserves no less attention. This is a professional model whose brightness reaches 5500 lumens. With a mass of 4.7 kg, the product is equipped with lamps serving 8000 hours. Contrast reaches 20,000 to 1.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

Models in the PX series can be equipped with a selection of user by short-focus lenses. Supplies them all the same company NEC. Almost any version can also be attributed to the discharge of multimedia equipment. A good sample of such a device is Px1005ql. Basic specifications:

  • weight – 29 kg;

  • Contrast – 10,000 K 1;

  • Brightness at the level of 10,000 lumens;

  • full-fledged bexelle perception by the audience;

  • Availability of modes Picture in the picture and picture at the picture;

  • Aspect ratio – 16 to 9;

  • Mechanical lens setting;

  • Supported permissions – from 720×60 to 4096×2160 Points.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

Instructions for use

In the official instructions for NEC projectors it is indicated that

  1. They cannot be put on the table when bias over 5 degrees.
  2. Be sure to provide full ventilationAround projector equipment.
  3. Touch it while working is not recommended.
  4. If water hit the remote, it is immediately wiped dry.
  5. It is necessary to protect the control device from severe heat or supercooling; Disassemble the batteries and the remote itself can not.
  6. NEC technique turns on very carefully. Plugs must be as deep as possible, but without excessive effort, inserted into the outlet.
  7. Reliable connection Indicates the power indicator (normal it glows with smooth red light). When the source is turned on, the projector automatically determines it.

Switching between several simultaneously connected signal sources is performed by pressing the Source button.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

Flashing red indicator testifies to the overheating of the projector. Then you need to disable it immediately. Setting the height of the displayed image is made by adjusting the legs of the device. After setting the required position, they are fixed using a special button.

Increase and reduce the image by applying a special lever.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

Managing the on-screen menu using the console is quite close to television management. If the menu ceased to be needed, it is simply left alone – after 30 seconds it will close itself. Useful to set image mode:

  • video – to show the main part of television broadcasts;

  • film – to use the projector in the home cinema;

  • Bright – limit brightness of the picture;

  • Presentation – for connecting to a computer or laptop;

  • Board – optimal color rendition for broadcasting on a school or office board;

  • Special – strictly individual settings, if the standard options are not satisfied.

NEC Projectors: Model Review

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