Moroccan style in the interior

The usual in our understanding is often equal to the concept of “boring”, which is why we like different exotic so much. The culture of other countries finds millions of followers in our country, and should not be surprised that many people want to introduce into the interior the features of Japanese, Chinese, French rustic or English Victorian design. However, it is all pretty banal solutions, then as much more interesting, and for many it will be more attractive Moroccan style.

Distinctive features

With regard to anything often you can hear that Mix of several styles, taking the best from everyone, is the best solution. Moroccan style is just like such a mix, given that Morocco is a country of intersection of several large and completely different cultures. The population of this state in language and culture is closest to the Arabs in a wide understanding of this word, however, as anywhere, the influence of both the rest of Africa and the Mediterranean is strongly felt. Due to this, the modern design of the apartment can be performed in the Moroccan version without loss of comfort.

The premises in the Moroccan style is remembered forever due to the unusual combination of muted and bright colors.

Terracotta color and sockets are mixed with red and purple, and white and sandy – saturated green. The task of the designer, drawing up the interior, is to create the effect of ripples, mutual penetration of shades on the principle of light and shadow. If the master it succeeds, the dwelling will be clearly not for melancholics or phlegmatics – the interior will be excited and disturb.

At the same time, not every room will be able to easily and quickly remake in the best traditions of the Arab world. The fact is that Moroccan style assumes a large number of arches and niches, and at door and window openings, if possible, the form should be a fitted. I ignoring this requirement, you can not reach the goal and leave a certain sense of inexpensive – that is why in our country, not every host is decided to separate its apartment in a high-rise building in North African style.

Finishing options

Moroccan style is very long and not accepting strict limitations on the rules, and yet he has, as well as from any other design style, there are own characteristic features that for the sake of authenticity should be observed. To repair the house really looked like North African, it makes sense to use believable materials.


The first in the eyes are thrown, of course, walls, and they are usually in Morocco covered with a special plaster, which was called Tadact. Frozen, this material forms a very smooth, literally glossy surface, which looks ariserocratic and very neat. Tadact always has warm tones and looks pleasant in the interior.

Another thing is that in our realities it is hardly able to get the original Tadachate, and therefore you have to look for reasonable alternatives. The simplest option is to simply paint the walls in one tone from the suitable palette or, as an option, even caught with wallpaper, if only they generally ensured the same effect and had a rather expressive texture. The result itself will not be perfectly “Moroccan”, because under the ceiling there must be a carved frieze, which gives Eastern flavor.

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The project immediately needs to lay an abundance of patterns that are completely natural for the East.

According to the prescriptions of the Quran, the image of a person is unacceptable in Islam, but it is somehow necessary to decorate the housing – here they are decorated using a characteristic mosaic or panel. In some cases, wallpaper manufacturers that immediately produce their products with specific Arabic ornaments immediately produce their products, but in many cases the premises have almost no alternative, except for ordering a real manual painting.


In the original typical floor For premises in the Moroccan style, is recruited from mosaic – At least so still do in this country in non-heedled houses. In fact, it is quite expensive, and not too practical, because small details suggest a large number of cracks, and we have a little not that climate to accumulate moisture and dirt to do big problems.

For this reason, the domestic rethinking of the Maghreb floor allows us to use almost any finishing materials, among which the first place in popularity occupies the closest tile closest to the mosaic.

Any other materials can be used to theoretically, from porcelain stoneware to laminate and even parquet, but only provided that their design does not allow to determine what it is actually.


As for the design of the ceiling, Moroccan designers are laconic as much as possible – they do not give any detailed answer to the question of how to do with it, and briefly advise plastering it. It is most often meant that it does not need any special decorations and is focused mainly to perform its direct function – protection of the room from sunlight.

At the same time, too high ceilings can spoil the impression of the design slightly, because they need to be reduced so that it does not contradict the overall style of design. In this case Most often, caissonization is also allowed by ordinary wooden panels.

Choice of furniture

It is difficult to say where it went, however, in the Arab world High furniture is not very welcome, Even if this is a wardrobe, which “is supposed” to be high enough. In fact, the Arabs have such objects in view of their “low-speed” rather remind our chest of drawers, and the same requirement concerns the rest of the situation.

However, it has and an obvious advantage – since the upper part of the walls are not covered, the feeling of excessive fullness of the room is not created, even if the furniture is really a lot. Not loving high headsets, Moroccans solve the problem of their expansion to the side.

The living conditions in Morocco, of course, differ from the family to the family, but in our understanding East – it is always some unimaginable luxury from the fairy tales about Aladdin.

The riding chic in the understanding of Moroccans, a significant part of the country, which are busy fruitless desert, there have always been carved items from wood, because the table simply cannot be too banal and straightforward. If the wooden headset is also painted manually, then you are just a king.

Hot climate inevitably provokes laziness and desire to relax, because In Moroccan style there should be a large number of upholstered furniture. As it was said, with wood in this country, everything is not too good, because sofas and armchairs are often decorated a little unusual for our eye – metal.

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Decor elements

In the conditions of the deserted region, as much as possible, so that at least at home has done a real comfort. No wonder that Moroccan style strongly to the windowless use of various jewelry, which do not even stand somewhere in the side window of the sideboard, and are available for everyday use.

A separate topic is textile, which is in houses decorated in the traditional Moroccan style, so much, as probably more in the world. In the Arab world with classic upholstered furniture for many centuries, there was a trouble, but these guys did not think to sit on a hard, instead very actively using pillows. These soft elements and today have not lost their relevance, because at a low table, guests can quite sit on the chairs, namely on the pillows, archers right on the floor.

This is the more likely, if the designer remembered that another integral part of a rich Muslim home is a dusty Persian carpet.

Luxurious Bedalchin on the bed only complements the celebration of textiles in the interior, and yes – forget that the fabric can be white! For curtains It is better to choose the lightest fabric – they do not need to block access light breeze inside the room.

With the paintings in Islam, it did not work out, although lately this situation is gradually changing. The role of painting plays an abstract mosaic in the form of patterns, which can occur on the walls and on the ceiling. If the picture should have an exquisite frame, then an interesting mosaic is often hiding in a special niche, which sometimes impresses an additional window. Alternatively, a carved perforated wood partition can also be used.

good old candlestick It has long been not used for appointment in Morocco homes, but it is fairly easy to buy in the souvenir markets of this tourist country and bring home. It will differ radically from European brethren with his unusual design and will add more color to the overseas housing design.


Morocco is Africa, the northern spurs of the famous Sugar desert, and now there is no shortage of natural light, so it’s here. Locals are trying to hide from the smoking sun, but then you have to look for an alternative in the form of artificial lighting. It is also true for Moroccan interiors in our country, because the sump winter light due to the window will definitely not add the design of the room of naturalness.

Full chandeliers Moroccan style alien – Central lighting is not welcome here, instead of it, dotted lights are common, creating an atmosphere of intimacy, especially if real candles are used. Request lamps or even hanging from the ceiling, if they are taken into a characteristic mesh in the form of a ball or the so-called Indian lattice. Alternatively, the lampshade is made from multi-colored glass fragments, and if there is money – with gilding or silver enclosures.

Cold light with Moroccan style is not combined at all in any way, because when choosing lamps you always need to choose only those that shine with warm light.

Registration of different rooms

The main subtlety of the decision to issue a house in Moroccan style – This is the need to withstand the doors and windows in the form, which remotely resembles the dome of the mosque. Door canvas such a form is unlikely to succeed, because it is smarter and easier to do with the arches of the corresponding circuit wherever possible.

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Registered living room, It is necessary to forget once and forget about modesty – the East seems to us so rich precisely because it is customary to exhibit a deposit absolutely everything that you can boast. The living room is a full showcase of your dwelling, so tell me that you have achieved success!

Bedroom – This is the center of coziness. There can be a minimum of any other furniture, but you must need such a bed from which everyone would just be disgraced. This applies not only to the sizes, but also impressive canopy. Patterns in the bedroom, perhaps, are not needed, there are more one-photon finishes and the same textile, but at the same time they must be contrasting, so as not to merge in the eyes.

Bathroom and kitchen – These are part of the dwelling, where you literally need to fully reveal the theme of mosaic. You can come up with a million reasons why you do not use this detail of the decor in other rooms, but here, where the tile in the literal sense is obligatory, the owners will simply have a single reasonable reason to abandon such a decision.

Moreover, in the bathroom bath and the toilet, and in the kitchen – the sink is traditionally white elements, and this is despite the Moroccan style such “boring” colors are not inherent.

You can invent anything with the order of some nonypical plumbing, but instead “overlapping” her whiteness is especially bright mosaic in the whole wall. Kitchen at the same time Be sure to need curtains In the Mediterranean style, creating a tavern atmosphere for lungs and pleasant snacks – Morocco, after all, also directly goes to the Mediterranean Sea.

Balcony In the Mediterranean styles, it is of particular importance – during the daytime, when there is a strong heat, it must protect the interior of the sun, because it should be indoor, as well as decorated with plenty of greens.

If you wish, it can be seen by the same perforated wooden panels with carvings, but in general it will have to take into account that Moroccan balconies are not completely adapted for our winter.

Examples of interior

On the first photo – Typical moroccan living room. Here and the red color of the walls, considered standard for this style, and carved wooden partitions, and stylish expensive wood furniture, and lattice lamps, and patterned panels on the wall.

The second example shows the bedroom in a slightly advanced version – The photo is not visible, but it seems to flow into the living room. There is no full-fledged Baldakhin, but it clearly did not save on the headboard, and the bed itself is rather big. In the background it is clearly visible, as the “classic” window should look like, and decorative tables and vase are once again demonstrating love for aesthetics.

The third photo shows how using an ordinary tile to create “typically Arabic” design bathroom and level a large amount of white plumbing. The sink is made in tone tile, and for underscore chic metal parts made “gold”.

In the kitchen, Moroccan style featuresnot so much stronger, However, the headsets are made in color and outlines typical of medieval Berber fortresses, and imitation of stained glass only enhances the created effect.

About Moroccan style in the interior will tell the following video.

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