Monitor headphones: types and ranking the best

    There are many types of headphones. In a separate category, modern monitor devices, characterized by excellent quality and impressive size, can be attributed. Models of this type are sold in many stores. During its existence, monitor headphones managed to acquire a mass of fans. In today’s article we will get acquainted with such a technique and learn how it can be selected.

    What it is?

    Under the name “Monitor headphones” usually refer to high-quality and full-size accessories that convey the wonderful sound of high quality and definition. In most cases, these devices are used to record vocals, DJ sets, arrangements, writing and monitoring music. These popular studio devices can be excellent helpers sound engineers or musicians.

    During the recording of tracks in the Studio Conditions, experts should make the best way to capture the sound, noticing any rustles and distortion. Only then as a result can be obtained, really, high-quality audio product, devoid of any flaws. The spectrum of reproducible frequencies in the current monitor headphones can be compared with the sound of full and large speakers, which are included in various ratings of the best equipment for DJs and sound operators.


    Modern monitor type headphones are presented in a rich assortment. Many models are applied in professional areas and are very popular. The reservation of such high-tech equipment is not surprising – monitor headphones have a lot of positive characteristics that attract not only sound producers, but also of ordinary users.

    • Similar headphones can work with maximum noise insulation, which is very convenient.
    • Most monitor headphones are very convenient. They are tightly put on their heads, do not cause unpleasant sensations. For many users, this is an important condition in choosing music accessories.
    • Modern “monitors” are presented in a wide range. They produce many large brands. You can find many devices that differ from each other in the most different parameters. Only classic, but also wireless copies, which are one of the most convenient in use, are set on store shelves, because it doesn’t need extra cables and wires to connect them. No less popular and special products – intra-channel liners who choose many consumers.
    • Such headphones can be different as the price tag on them. This means that many of the devices have a democratic value.
    • Most monitor headphones boast a high quality of reproducible sounds. Tracks are reproduced without unnecessary interference, noise and distortion. That is why such well-thoughtful devices are often exploited in professional spheres.
    • Many monitor headphones are made of practical and durable materials. Especially popular today accessories made from metal or aluminum alloy. Such products are ready to work for many years. They are difficult to damage or deform, which cannot be said about cheap devices from inexpensive plastic.

    Serious flaws such models of headphones do not have. Dissatisfaction of users can only be in too tight and tightly sitting closed accessories. However, this feature should not be attributed to the cons of such devices – these are their characteristics with which you have to be considered if you want to hear the highest quality sound.

    Some devices are very expensive. These are usually professional accessories that are intended for exploitation in studio conditions. You can find such models on sale, the cost of which exceeds 40 thousand rubles.

    Of course, their quality and characteristics are quite justifying the final price, but many consumers such numbers do not suit at all.

    Review of species

    “Monitors” are different. Such products produce many well-known manufacturers, so accessories are available with different characteristics from each other. We will analyze more, on which types are modern monitor headphones are divided, and what features they possess.


    These models of monitor headphones are considered one of the most popular and convenient in operation. They are more common than the rest of the varieties. The comfort of open “monitors” is due to the most “soft” and neat coverage of the ears. It does not feel unpleasant squeezing the head, and the quality of the sound is impeccable and most clearly.

    It is necessary to consider that when using professional open-type headphones, you should forget about the high level of noise isolation.

    Absolute immersion in the process of listening will not succeed, which repels some users looking for in the “monitors” that is exactly.


    Closed-type monitor headphones literally created for operation in recording studio. These products boast the highest noise insulation indicators. Among other models of headphones, it is closed options that are distinguished by such positive characteristics.

    Closed monitor headphones are distinguished by the fact that they are equipped with a rather tougy and hard headband. This feature is inherent in such “monitors” due to the distortion of low frequencies in the event of a loose fit of “cups” to the ears of the listener. This fact must be considered by selecting such devices.

    Closed models of monitor headphones in most cases are equipped with special ambush. It is at the expense of these important components that the tight fit of the devices to the head of the listener are ensured. Side faces of “cups” of such accessories are not equipped with additional holes, so the sound never goes beyond the device.

    Closed monitor headphones are considered an ideal solution for music lovers who love to listen to rock music or metal.

    Basi in such devices are especially noticeable – this is one of their main features.


    Monitor headphones of the specified type belong to the subclass of open models. Like the main variety, these devices demonstrate themselves very convenient in operation. They do not cause unpleasant sensations and do not press the head of the listener.

    Today, many large manufacturers produce such monitor headphones.

    Many devices are distinguished by a democratic value.

    Rating the best models

    Modern manufacturers produce a lot of high-quality monitor headphone models. Difficulties in the selection of a suitable option consist only in a huge model range. Consider a small rating of the best models from different brands.


    These are inexpensive, but high-quality monitor headphones belonging to the budget class. These devices provide for a special removable cable. In a set with headphones there are two necessary wires: one 1 meter and the second is 3 meters. Technique developed on the basis of AKG technologies.The sensitivity of these headphones is 98 dB / MW.

    Sony MDR-7506

    Modern Japanese headphones from Sony are in great demand. The specified model is very convenient to use both at home, and on the street, and at work in a professional studio. These devices may well cause interest from DJs thanks to the excellent quality of sound tracks. Equipment range is from 10 to 2000 Hz. The sensitivity of these headphones is slightly above average and reaches a mark of 100 dB. Impedance – 63 ohm.

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

    Reliable and practical headphones, distinguished by the excellent quality of reproducible sounds. Country Manufacturer of these popular devices – Germany. These headphones belong to the classic category and are suitable for information or record. They are very often used in contemporary studios. Technique has a spiral drive. Can stretch to 3 meters. There is a dynamic type of playback with a range from 8 to 25000 Hz.

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (250 OHM)

    These are popular German headphones, the appearance of which cannot be called youth or too presentable. They look the most simple and low. Equipped with large side bowls driven by a spiral type. The device has a special embossed coating. The technique looks massive, but weighs only 270 g. Headphones are equipped with a reliable metal frame, leather headband. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is very conveniently sitting on the head of the listener, because the adjacent part is performed as soft as possible and pleasant. Type of playable sound – dynamic, frequency frames are limited to 5-35000 Hz values.

    Shure SRH1540

    Popular American High Quality Monitors Related to Premium Class. These devices were designed specifically for professional musicians and sound engineers. The dynamic type range ranges from 5 to 25000 Hz. Sensitivity – 99 dB / MW. Accessory has a very small weight – only 286 g.

    It is characterized by excellent quality, since the basis of the alloy of aviation aluminum is based on.

    AKG K712 PRO

    These are high-quality Austrian headphones designed specifically for professional sound engineers. Collecting the specified model manually and has a truly unique design execution. Headphones are equipped with comfortable and soft “cups”, from which they are not tired even after a long socks. The device resistance is only 62 ohms, so you can safely use even high-power techniques to play sound. Device’s working range is 10-39800 Hz.

    These products are ideal for those cases when it is required to hear the highest quality sound and in headphones, and from the scene.

    Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO

    These are high-quality German headphones, which, if desired, can be used to record, although they are not quite suitable for this. In the information of these devices it is very difficult to find competitors. The device is perfectly balanced, it is distinguished by even frequency response, practically no displacement. The frequency range is within 5 to 35,000 Hz. The sensitivity of these monitor headphones is 95 dB.

    They are made of durable and durable metal, which makes them practical and wear-resistant.

    Roland RH-A30

    These are high-quality Japanese-made headphones that are designed to operate in working conditions in the studio with semi-professional equipment. The input power of this device is 1600 MW. The product is distinguished by an attractive and stylish designer design, which many users like. The housing is made of durable aluminum, fabric linings are provided.

    If you use these devices for a long time, there is no risk to experience discomfort because they are very comfortable.

    Sennheiser HD650

    These are popular German impeccable performance headphones. Accessories can please crystal clear sound and versatility. The range of these accessories is from 10 to 41000 Hz. Sensitivity reaches 103 dB.

    Impedance is only 300 ohms – this is not the best indicator for the device under consideration.


    Close the top best models These high-quality Japanese monitor headphones. Accessory has a pretty simple, not stuck design. These studio headphones are more different than “internal filling” rather than external data. The operating range of these products is from 15 to 35,000 Hz, and the maximum power reaches 3000 MW.

    Accessory has a comfortable and soft headband with automatic adjustment.

    Criterias of choice

    If you want to buy high-quality monitor headphones, which will subsequently disappoint you, then you should be more attentive when they are selected. We will analyze on the items, what parameters of the devices should pay attention, looking for the best option.

    • Purpose of acquisition. The first thing you need to pay attention is the right goal of the purchase of monitor headphones. If you buy a device exclusively for ordinary home use, it makes no sense to look for very expensive devices designed for professional exploitation. If you are looking for a better model for recording studio, solving more serious tasks, then you should pay attention to a more thoughtful model with rich technical parameters.

    All characteristics are best to check with the accompanying documentation.

    • Convenience. Professional monitor headphones must necessarily be comfortable for you. You can try on the device before purchasing, if there is such an opportunity. Consider the fact that open models in the sock are more free, and the closed may seem peaked – this is not their lack of. The second options must be so for high-quality sound playback.

    Make sure the gadget is sitting on you normally, without falling out and without causing pain.

    • Design. This is not the most important parameter in choosing monitor headphones, but many users pay a lot of attention. After all, attractive products use more pleasant. Modern manufacturers produce a lot of models that have both simple and original appearance, striking.

    The choice of the optimal option remains only for the consumer.

    • Build quality. Do not be lazy to pickily inspect the accessory you liked. Do not rush to pay for your favorite headphone model. Carefully consider them. Devices should not be corrupted by scratches, scratches or chips. Poorly fixed and tenting parts in the design of the accessory should not be.

    If you have noticed at least one of the listed deficiencies, it is better to refuse to buy – you should search another option or visit another store.

    • Sound quality. It is advisable to listen to what sound the monitor headphones you have reproduced. It should be clean, deprived of distortion, noise and other possible defects. If such were noticed by you, it should call you certain doubts.

    Devices that work incorrectly buying should not.

    • Brand. Buy exclusively branded monitor headphones. Such products and serves longer, and looks more attractive. Similar devices are sold in many specialized stores, where audio or household appliances are being implemented. In such places you will allow you to examine the device in detail, as well as test it. In branded outlets, together with brand devices, a warranty card is issued, with which you can return to the place of purchase in case of marriage or malfunction in the work of technology.

    Samson SR850 Monitor Headphone Review in the video below.

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