Modern design of one-room apartment of 30 kV. M

Modern design is quite possible to create even in a one-room apartment of 30 square meters. M. It is only necessary to take into account the basic requirements and basic nuances. The most difficult problems in the design of a small-sized apartment can be circumfed, if you know how to do it.

Layout and zoning

Obrastruction of the design of one-room apartment area of ​​30 kV. M. in modern style We’ll have to start just with the definition of optimal planning and rational zoning scheme. And sometimes such a small area leads the owners of “Khrushchev” in despair. But there is a great way out of the situation: creating an apartment studio. Partitions, and if possible and capital walls are cleaned. Instead, to divide space to help special work techniques.

IMPORTANT: If the work schedule or the day of the day, people differ, you will have to divide the entire apartment onto the kitchen and sleeping zones. To note: the kitchen-living room should be the same in size with the bedroom or even a little more of her. But too much disproportion is unacceptable between them. The described solution allows you to create a very good and harmonious interior.

But it will cease to be acceptable when the time is appropriate.

At this moment you will have to redo the apartment and create two small, but completely autonomous (as far as possible) rooms. So as not to climb them to very modest sizes, you will have to abandon the corridor. The released space is used as a kitchen corner or add to one of the rooms. As for zoning options, they are much greater than it may seem at first glance. The simplest way is to transition from full walls to light partitions. True, this method is suitable only for loners, and when 2 people live, the plasterboard wall still takes away any place.

A more comfortable output is to use Shirm. They can be moved to any place if necessary, which allows you to make a light redevelopment. It is recommended to use non-tissue, but bamboo wide – they look more interesting. Especially good such a product will enter the eastern interior. Double-sided wardrobes of a closed type are suitable from furniture for zoning. They should not have a big depth so as not to occupy an exorbitant much space. If conditional zoning is needed, you can do and low furniture. The kitchen from other zones is logical to delimit the bar. In order not to “take away” the place at all, you can use:

  • podium;

  • lamps;

  • difference in ceiling or floor levels.

Choice of furniture

Furniture 1 Bedroom apartment 30 kV. M. For a family with a child, it is quite possible, you just need to do the right. The middle of the rooms should be released as much as possible. Everything that can be “pressed” to the walls, put in niches and corners. Of course, preferred multifunctional furniture:

  • transforming sofas beds;

  • secret meters (giving a space for storage and workplace at the same time);

  • wardrobes with linen compartments;

  • sofas with lounges and so on.

Choosing furniture in one-room studio, you should consider the features of her project. Such projects can be performed independently. Those who tried it advise:

  • Instead of a large table, use a small insulated worktop;

  • hang cabinets to the ceiling;

  • provide for the shelves for kitchen appliances and the like small things;

  • try to use partitions with the function of the rack;

  • Instead of a TV cabinet to use suspension brackets.

Registration of rooms

Highlight these rooms, begin to draw them from the kitchen. She is trying to make the most compact and comfortable at the same time. To achieve this goal, apply furniture with embedded technique. Due to the use of the windowsill, create an additional working or dining area.

It is also worth taking care of storage systems for dishes and other things.

Miniature Cabinet (home workspace) advise to allocate closer to the window. It is also worth taking care so that this zone is issued by the necessary number of lamps. You can use a sliding table that includes shelves. Other option – the use of a niche as a miniature office. To focus on this zone, it is discharged in a special way.

Hallway in apartments 30 kV. M. square can not have a big size. Most often in it highlight a pantry or wardrobe with pantry function. There are sliding doors, and this solution allows you to replace the wardrobe. Spearly expanding the room helps mirrors and single mirror elements. In the hallway without pantry put separate cabinets – also with mirrors. The bathrooms are identical to the rest of the room and achieve maximum functionality.

Beautiful examples

At this photo shows an attractive studio apartment with an area of ​​30 kV. M. For the separation of its parts used dark gray shirma, because the sleep of the hosts will be calm. In the “day” part of the room put a chocolate sofa and put a white carpet. In several places used local lamps of various forms. The optimal balance of dark and light tones is created.

And here demonstrated the separation of space with an incomplete partition. Exquisite wooden table and white chairs on the legs of a very complex form are easily combined. Black chandelier, rather dark floor, a light carpet in one of the parts of the apartment looks quite appropriate. The sleeping area is equipped with a shelf with a carefully selected decor. In general, it turned out a balanced room.

Review of one-room apartment 30 kV. M. Loft style in the video below.

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