Model range and operation of Canon cameras

    Currently in specialized stores you can find a huge variety of professional equipment for creating beautiful and high-quality photos. Various cameras have a certain set of characteristics. The modern market presents a large number of manufacturers of this equipment. Today we will talk about the main features of cameras manufactured by Canon.


    Cameras from the manufacturer of Canon have gained great popularity worldwide. This technique is used both beginners (semi-professional models) and professional photographers (professional instances). Products of this brand are distinguished by powerful parameters, high levels of quality, reliability and durability. In the assortment you can find a variety of models that differ from each other with their main characteristics, sizes, print types. The manufacturer releases cameras in different price categories.

    In the assortment you can find small models that relate to the budget group.

    Overview of the model range

    The company releases and sells different lineup equipment to create high-quality photos. Before buying such products, it is worth thoroughly compare a sufficient number of samples, to explore the company’s catalog in which there is a classification of models. Currently, all such devices are divided into two types – mirror and mirrorless, each model has its own characteristics.


    Such cameras have a viewfinder, which is based on a mirror surface. It is placed behind the lens at an angle of 45 degrees. Mirror appliances make it possible to independently configure the desired shooting mode and get more beautiful and high-quality frames. In addition, mirror varieties, as a rule, have several removable additional lenses. Most often in one set, along with equipment also go lenses for wide-angle shooting and macro shot.

    Approximation and sharpness can be easily adjusted manually using a special mechanism installed on the lens. But at the same time, at the expense of the mirror system, the camera will only see the image in the viewfinder, which will capture the snapshot. Most often, mirror apparatus have much greater dimensions compared to simple mirror-free varieties. Also they have a greater common mass. The cost of mirror models will be much higher compared to simple models. It is these varieties most often use professional photographers. Canon company produces various camera mirror models. Among them it is worth highlighting the samples that are included in the ranking of the best.

    EOS 90D

    This digital mirror chamber allows you to create high-quality pictures with a resolution of 32.5 megapixels. The camera is able to create ten pictures in one second. Zand one charge he can make up to 1300 frames. The equipment is equipped with a new Canon Digic 8 processor, which allows you to create a clear video with a resolution of 4K. In addition, when recording video uses the entire sensor width. Maximum duration reaches 30 minutes. The model has 45 focusing points. It has a more powerful exposure measurement sensor.

    Sample provides options for recognition of persons, automatic focusing. On the right side of a convenient display located a small joystick. Camera has the ability to quickly connect to other devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also apply a smartphone for remote shooting. The total weight of the equipment is approximately 700 grams. The body of the apparatus is created from a durable magnesium alloy. Also used elements made from reliable polycarbonate rubber, fiberglass. The main part has good protection against moisture and garbage. The camera is considered quite comfortable in circulation. The model involves both sensory system. You can easily select an object for focusing, view taken pictures, reduce or bring images.

    EOS 2000D EF-S 18-55 III Kit

    This model also refers to a mirror type. The resolution of its matrix is ​​24.1 mp. Full HD video quality. The sample has a manual focus, optical viewfinder. Display diagonal is 3 inches. The camera has a serial shooting feature (3 frames in one second). The model provides options for recognizing persons, panoramic survey, creative effects. When creating a solid camera case, a metal and plastic base is used.

    A variety is equipped with a USB port and HDMI output. In one set, along with the equipment itself also goes and a cable for digital connection, a USB cable, a charger, a convenient belt for transportation. The total weight of such a device reaches only 475 grams

    EOS 5D Mark III

    This digital mirror camera has a 22.3 MP resolution. Focal length is 24-70 mm. The camera provides the possibility of serial shooting (6 frames per second). In one set, the technique also comes and an additional lens. EOS 5D Mark III has the option of automatic focus, total is provided 61 points. Viewfinder optical type. Type of shutter – mechanical. Display diagonal reaches 3.2 inches.

    The model provides various exposure modes: automatic, manual, diaphragm priority mode, exposure. In this case there is no built-in flash, but it is possible to connect an external. One full charge is enough to create 950 new frames. Camera can also shoot high-quality video. The maximum shooting duration is 29 minutes.

    The body of the model is made of magnesium alloy, it has a high level of strength and durability.

    EOS 60d

    This camera will be able to approach both professionals and lovers. This model is equipped with a matrix with a resolution of 18 megapixel. Focal length reaches 18-55 millimeters. Diagonal of the rotary screen is 3 inches. The sample has a serial shooting option (five shots per second). The model is equipped with a built-in image editor. It is released with a HDMI port and a convenient module for managing wireless flashes.

    In one set with the technique also goes and additional lenses. EOS 60D has several autofocus modes: tracking, one snapshot, by face. Total focus points nine. Viewfinder from the sample of optical species. Shutter type – mechanical. The product is available with the built-in flash, but also has the ability to connect an external flash. The case of the model is made from aluminum and high-quality plastics. Also used to use a special polycarbonate polymer and fiberglass. The total mass of varieties reaches 755 grams.

    EOS 250D

    This camera is produced with a 24 meters resolution matrix. The model is equipped with a rotary sensory display, the diagonal of which reaches 3 inches. It has a serial shooting option (five frames per second). The device is quite simple in circulation, it is most mobile, it is most often acquired by newcomers or just lovers make beautiful pictures.

    The sample has a nine-minded system of automatic focusing. The type of shutter is mechanical. EOS 250D provides the ability to connect to other devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, managing a smartphone.

    In comparison with the rest of the following options, this device is the most compact and easy.

    EOS 5D Mark III Body

    This mirror camera has a resolution of 22.3 mp. It has a 61-accurate focus system, silent shutter operation mode, headphone jack, which allows you to track when necessary sound when video recording. The product is produced with an improved modern DIGIC 5+ processor, which provides a sufficiently high speed of serial shooting, a system with full frame. Technique allows you to shoot high-quality video, their maximum duration reaches 29 minutes. The main part of the product is created from the magnesium alloy. One full charge is enough to make about 950 shots.

    EOS 80D Body

    The model has a matrix with a resolution of 24.2 MP. It has a phase automatic focus function that provides the most comfortable shooting. This sample is more often purchased to perform reportage work. The device is able to make seven pictures in one second. The copy is distinguished by manual exposure control. It provides inputs for headphones and for a microphone, an additional display with the work parameters, the stereo recording option.

    EOS 1300D Kit

    This copy refers to the budget group of goods, it is often buying lovers. The model boasts a high level of color reproduction. It has a large set of additional modes that allow you to create beautiful pictures. The screen of the product has a diagonal of three inches. You can control the technique with the remote control that goes in one set.

    Also included additional lenses.

    EOS 6D Body

    This mirror full-frame camera has a matrix 20 MP. The sample is distinguished by a high level of detail, it can be excellent with almost any light conditions. Technique has only 11 focus points. EOS 6D Body has the most simple and convenient control menu. The copy has a relatively small mass and small sizes, so it is convenient to work with it even for a long time. The product is also available with a convenient remote control. It is often used to create high-quality video.


    These varieties are used without an optical viewfinder. Instead, a special electronic vizier is applied. The device of such models made it possible to eliminate the presence of mechanical parts of the movable type. As a rule, they have smaller sizes and weight compared to the previous option. Some varieties can be attributed to the most popular mudless samples of Canon.

    IXUS 185

    This compact pocket chamber has permission 20 meters. Screen diagonal is only 2.7 inches. The model has a 9-fold optical zoom. The focal length is 28-224 millimeters. IXUS 185 is available with built-in flash. The camera has five brightness modes. One full charge is enough to create 210 shots.

    EOS RF KIT 24-105mm

    This new mirrorless camera refers to full-frame type. The model has a compact housing equipped with a comfortable lens fastening. The resolution of the matrix is ​​26 meters. The EOS RP RF 24-105mm is characterized by instant automatic focusing on the object, has a mode of silent shooting, a control function with other technical devices. Serial shooting allows you to create up to five frames in one second.

    The sample has a built-in editor, which makes it possible to process ready-made frames directly on the camera.

    PowerShot SX620 HS

    The camera has a resolution of 20.2 mp. Focal length is 25-625 millimeters. Screen diagonal is 3 inches. This compact and lightweight technique has a 25-fold zoom. The entire model provides three modes of automatic focus: by face, one shot, follow. PowerShot SX620 HS has a built-in flash, its range of use is 4 meters. The main part is made of plastic and aluminum. The weight of the product is only 180 grams.

    EOS M6 Kit EF-M 15-45mm

    This camera is characterized by a faster and accurate focus on the object. It is equipped with a powerful processor, which guarantees a high level of performance and high speed. In addition, the sample has a special system that organizes the stabilization of the image in five axes. This camera will be the best option for travelers and lovers.

    EOS M100 Kit EF-M 15-45mm

    This messenger model goes in one set along with an additional zoom lens. She is satisfied with the easy in circulation. The mass of the model is only about 300 grams. The sample provides for the possibility of a serial function (six frames in one second). EOS M100 Kit EF-M 15-45mm is a suitable option for beginner photographers.

    EOS M6 Mark II EF-M 15-45MM

    This model also instantly focuses, it will be the best option for street photo shoot and everyday life. The camera creates pictures with a resolution of 32.5 MP. In one second, the camera can create 4 high-quality pictures. The sample has the option of detecting individuals and tracking eyes, pre-shooting. The camera provides a high level of detail. It provides accurate color reproduction in any conditions.

    Maximum sensitivity allows you to make excellent pictures even in poor light conditions. EOS M6 Mark II EF-M 15-45mm is equipped with a powerful processor that controls the operation of the technique, converts ready-made images in various formats. Also, the camera has a built-in function of a digital lens optimizer, it allows you to take pictures of the highest possible quality with excellent detail.

    Separately, you can highlight the cameras of the instantaneous print. This category includes Zoemini C models. These cameras also allow you to create beautiful and clear shots. They are equipped with an annular flash,

    How to choose?

    Before buying a suitable camera of this brand, it is worth paying special attention to some important selection nuances.

    • For beginner photographers or just for lovers, the semi-professional type of apparatus is suitable. If you are your own blogs, then it is better to give preference to special cameras, which include blog, vlogo models. Also remember that some samples are better to use to create pictures only indoors for video filming.
    • If you want to purchase a camera for professional shooting, then you can buy a full-format model with replaceable optics. In this case, additional lenses will also go to one set that will make shots in various modes.
    • If you have already chosen a suitable model of such a camera, you should make it checking on the serial number. This will establish the legality of importation of products into the country’s territory. You can check all this on the official website, sending a special issue with the number. Also there will also need to specify a specific model of the device.
    • Be sure to check the Camera for integrity in the store. On its surface there should be no chipping and other defects. Special attention to valid lens verification. They can not even be small scratches.
    • It is better to give preference to models, in one set with which the technique of storage and other accessories.

    Pay attention to the dimensions and mass of products. Most often for lovers or for beginner photographers, relatively small and light samples are sold, which are convenient for a long time.

    How to use?

    After buying a suitable camera model, it should be adjusted correctly. It is better to immediately check the work of all the modes provided (white balance, portrait shooting, sport, macro, AV). As a rule, in the Functions section, you can choose the option that allows you to enable video recording. Immediately better make focus setting. Some models are provided for manual and automatic focus. If you purchased a sample with a remote remote control, check it out.

    When creating snapshots, you should properly configure the lens (adjustment), this will allow you to make ready-made pictures with high-quality and sharp, then you need to click on the appropriate button. If necessary, in sections with modes, you can put a timer.

    If you need to transfer made frames to another technical device, you can use a special cable to be connected to a computer and to the camera itself through the HDMI connector provided in it.

    In the next video, you will find a detailed review of the camera Canon EOS 4000D.

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