Model range and features of polaris fans

Fans are a budget cooling option in summer heat. Not always and not everywhere there is an opportunity to install a split system, but a fan, especially desktop, can be put almost anywhere where there is a socket. In the model range of Polaris fans, both completely compact models for blowing a personal workplace and powerful floor fans that create the movement of the air flow throughout the room.

Pros and cons

The advantages include:

  • low cost of the product;
  • The possibility of a personal blowing (in contrast to the split system in the office, when one is cold, another is hot);
  • Saving storage space.

The minuses include:

  • a slight decrease in air temperature;
  • the opportunity to catch a cold;
  • noise and rattling when working.


In the line of desktop fans, only nine models, among which there is a completely compact fan for office table. All of them are equipped with a lattice for protection and have a small power from 15 to 25 W. Dimensions of models are relatively small, the cost ranges from 800 to 1500 rubles.

Polaris PUF 1012S

A model that feeds from the USB port of the laptop. The size of its metal blades is extremely small, the diameter is only 12 cm, the power of consumption is 1.2 W. From the changing characteristics there is only a change of inclination angle, change the height is not possible. Management mechanical, the issue price is about 600 rubles. From the advantages – the ability to use an AC adapter, as well as portable battery. The main disadvantage that every repairman calls you – washing from USB, which sooner or later leads to 100% breakdown of the laptop.

Polaris PCF 0215 R

Model with a slightly large diameter of the blades of 15 cm, connected to the usual outlet. The price is also very low – 900 rubles, while there is a possibility of suspension. The power of the motor is 15 watts, there are two speeds, manage which will have to be manually.

Polaris PCF 15

The device can rotate 90 degrees into one and the other side, as well as tilt or lift up its 25-centimeter blades. The fan winds 20 W per hour, has two speeds of rotation and suspended mount. The price is 1100 rubles. Users are satisfied with stylish black colors, decent power, the possibility of attaching the clothespin and almost silent operation.

Polaris PDF 23

The largest model of desktop fans, has a power of 30 W, rotated 90 degrees, has the ability to tilt. Users noted that the real size of the blades does not coincide with the specified, in fact they are less. The rest of the model suits everyone.

Floor fans have a cross as a stand adjustable to height telescopic tube, Mandatory protective net casing on the blade and mechanical control panel of operation modes. All models head turns 90 degrees, the size of the blades is 40 cm. Some have a remote control.

Polaris PSF 0140RC

This fan is a bright novelty. In addition to the wonderful red-black combination of color, it has three airflow speeds and three aerodynamic blades. The angle of inclination of the head has a stepped construction with fixation. The height of the fan is 140 cm, the cross is standing on legs providing maximum stability. Power model 55 W, cost 2400 rubles. But the main “chip” – the remote control, which completely repeats the control panel on the fan, that is, you can fully control the device directly from the sofa.

Polaris PSF 40RC Violet

Model with LED panel and c with remote control. A distinctive feature from other devices is the presence of five aerodynamic blades, a timer for 9 hours, remote control. The manufacturer notes the silent work on all three speed modes, the maximum power of which is 55W. Also, the fan can operate a fixed position at any angle of tilt and turn. The price of such beauty is 4000 rubles.

Polaris PSF 1640

The simplest model from the new products of this year. It has three airflow speeds, allows you to adjust the direction of air flow, angle of inclination, height. The height of the structure is 125 cm, the blades are usual, not aerodynamic. Produced in white and lilac coloring and costs 1900 rubles.


Judging by user reviews, Polaris has consistently held a brand of the people’s home appliance manufacturer. All its models correspond to the ratio of price – quality, all specifications (except for the size of the blades of desktop fans) correspond to the claimed in the instructions. The devices are working truly silently for several seasons, the manufacturer’s technical support pleases buyers, parts and components can be purchased separately.

On the subtleties of the fan selection, it is described in detail in the video below.

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