Mini Split Systems: Features, Manufacturers and Tips for the Selection

    Air conditioners firmly entered our daily life, as they allow you to create the optimal temperature regime in the room. Depending on the room area and other factors, there is a need for systems of various sizes. Small split systems are often installed in small rooms, where every centimeter on the account. More information about compact devices you will learn from the above article.


    Climatic systems are used both in homes and apartments and in industrial conditions. However, in the latter case, powerful and large devices are required, while for residential premises is often enough of the smallest models. In such rooms The installation of mini-split-systems is considered more appropriate, since conventional air conditioners will take too much space. Moreover, they will not be used for complete power and functionality.

    The average length of miniature air conditioners is 60-70 cm, and the smallest options are 30-50 cm (this is usually quite thin varieties).

    Models with a small indoor unit have a number of advantages.

    • They are able to create an optimal temperature in a small room.
    • They have a lower price compared to large and powerful options. However, for a powerful one, but a small model will have to pay, as for the big, and sometimes more.
    • They help to save space, they can be installed even in the smallest rooms.
    • There are new models that in their performance and functionality are not inferior to larger systems.
    • There are portable options that work on batteries or batteries. They can be lucky with themselves or a cottage.

    The main disadvantage of such systems is considered a relatively high price of powerful options. Also, some models make too much noise, especially mobile.

    In addition, before buying an air conditioner, it is important to check all its components and their dimensions. Often problems arise due to the fact that the network cord is too short or corrugation to remove the too small.

    Such systems have the same internally device as larger analogues. They, as a rule, have such functions: air humidification, its cleaning, elimination of odors, cooling or heating.

    Experts allocate two main types of mini-models:

    • stationary;
    • Mobile.


    Stationary options

    The modern market offers a wide selection of various mini-split systems that are perfect for small rooms. Consider the most demanded models with good reviews.

    Ballu BSWI-09HN1

    This flat option is considered optimal for operation in a small room. It is equipped with multistage filters that effectively clean air, which causes its demand in the kitchen and in other small rooms. This variety excellent removes even the smallest particles of dust and all sorts of insects from air masses. The manufacturer’s company provides a warranty for 3 years on a model as a whole and 5 years on its compressor.

    Sizes – 70 × 28.5 × 18.8 cm. The anti-icing system allows you to remove condensate in the compressor. Also this is an economical and efficient air conditioning.

    Its minus is considered a relatively high level of noise. And also the drainage tube is regularly contaminated in it.

    Ballu BSWI-12HN1

    It is a pretty narrow air conditioner that is easy to place in a small room. It is more powerful than the first model, its performance – 7.5 cubic meters per minute. The size of this variety is 70 × 28.5 × 18.8 cm. Moreover, This model is durable, saves electricity and is equipped with an effective filtering system. According to customer reviews, the most important disadvantage is its high cost.

    Supra US410-07HA

    The company from Japan has long been known to consumers as a manufacturer of high quality homework and with a long service life. This option is characterized by a good price, and excellent quality. This is a model with 68x25x18 cm sizes and relatively high performance. Its capacity is 6.33 cubic meters per minute, which is excellent for small rooms. Moreover, this option has a concise and stylish design.

    The only thing is the air conditioner control system is not enough and convenient.

    Pioneer Kfr20iw

    This air conditioner is characterized by a very low price and high productivity, which is 8 cubic meters. Such characteristics make this model in demand and put it on a par with the products of leading companies manufacturers. For the operation of this air conditioner, you only need 685 watts. And its size is 68 × 26.5 × 19 cm. Moreover, the model has a multistage filtering system that allows you to clean and disinfect air. However, the temperature range is not wide.

    Zanussi ZACS-07 HPR

    This manufacturer is considered to be the leader among the Swedish companies. Due to this perfect combination of price and quality. The model has a low noise level and is equipped with a large number of different functions, so it can be installed even in the bedroom. The power of this air conditioner ranges from 650 to 2100 watts dependent on the mode. Dimensions – 70 × 28.5 × 18.8 cm. Its substantial minus is that it is necessary to clean the drainage system often.

    Mobile models

    The minimum height of mobile variants is 50 centimeters. All mobile models are outdoor, so they can be installed in any room of the apartment. Moreover, they are easy to move from one room to another, which will significantly save money. The best mobile variants are Swedish. Consider 5 best mobile air conditioners.


    This option is ideal for rooms up to 22-24 square meters. This is a rather powerful model with dimensions of 45 × 74.7 × 38.7 cm. However, the air conditioner has disadvantages: it is characterized by a high noise level, also celebrate an overestimated price.


    More compact model compared to the first. Power is 8 cubic meters, it makes it suitable for different rooms. Dimensions are 43.6 × 74.5 × 39 cm. Moreover, The hull is made of heat-resistant plastic, and also has increased stroke resistance. Air conditioning is economical and characterized by high quality and low price. As for the shortcomings, the option is noisy, there is no air flow control function.


    This model has a smaller performance compared to the first two options, but it is more economical. Its performance – 4.83 cubic meters. It is recommended to use it in rooms up to 25 square meters. However, it perfectly cleans the air from dust and smells. Size of this option – 43.6 × 79.7 × 39 cm. This model has low cost and high-quality assembly.

    Zanussi ZACM-09 MP / N1

      This model is equipped with a good control system. Its capacity is 5.4 cubic meters per minute, so it is advised to use in premises up to 25 kV. M. It has pretty small dimensions – 35x70x32.8 cm, which will allow you to install it in any room. Air conditioning is made of durable plastic and has an attractive appearance. However, it does not have the function of regulating air flow and is not characterized by a long service life.

      Thus, it is important to determine what model characteristics are most important for you. Only in this case you will be able to choose the best option that will create and maintain the perfect microclimate in your home.

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