Microphones Shure: Features, Model Overview, Choice Criteria

Shure microphones enjoy well-deserved popularity among lovers and professionals. It is very important to understand the features of such a brand and make a brief summary of the models. This will allow more accurate and correctly apply the main selection criteria.


Viewing the nuances of SHURE microphones, it is necessary to focus on the fact that they are already used for a long time ago and massively. It is difficult to find a more common brand of microphone technology. Many models have become real legends audio. Reviews usually marked excellent reliability and mechanical strength of SHURE microphones. Many people openly say: they do not detect deficiencies even after long-term use.

Specialists of the company are able to seek excellent sound in both women’s and men’s vocals. Sound quality as a whole does not cause complaints. Problems, however, may be associated with a large number of fakes. But this is not a reason to give up the purchase – you just need to be attentively. Original versions always excellent value and quality ratio.

Review models

Consider modifications of SHURE microphones worth starting with genuine “legend” even among this brand. We are talking about version SM58. Cardioid device is ideal for “warm” vocals. The sound is written very clearly and purely. Convenience is provided by a rack holder. But they forget about it completely when the device starts to use.

At such a moment, an intensive decline in low and medium frequencies is immediately detected. I am glad and an excellent system of pneumatic depreciation. Positive emotions of a number of users are also connected with the built-in pop filter. The range ranges from 0.05 to 15 kHz.

There is an excellent windproof system.

A good alternative can be considered a studio microphone SM7B. Cardioid apparatus guarantees a balanced sound in a full-fledged studio. Designers took care of the successful suppression of electromagnetic interference. Delivery set contains a removable windproof screen. Mounting bracket is performed so as to control the position of the microphone was easy.

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Technical characteristics Next:

  • weight of 0.765 kg;
  • operating range from 0.05 to 20 kHz;
  • Low frequency filter is possible;
  • Attenuator and changeable caps are not envisaged;
  • Practically total suppression of mechanical noise.

Selecting the model with a supercardoid diagram of the sound distribution, it is worth paying attention to Beta 58a. Specialists approved adapted frequency response. The shock absorber suppresses unwanted noise as efficiently. Prevents the negative impact of feedback and the appearance of off-emerge. Magnet from neodymium provides excellent signal and noise ratio.

It is also useful to note:

  • The grille from the tempered steel alloy, which is little wears;
  • The minimum effect of changes in the resistance level on sound quality;
  • XLR connector with 3 contacts;
  • Mass 0.278 kg.

Wireless Shure Radiomycrophones are also popular, including PG58. This caps will come in handy for many other wireless systems. Basically, the model is used to transmit speech, vocals and for execution of karaoke. In all options, work is organized by analogue technique. Radius can reach 100 m.

It is also worth paying attention to the handmade radio microphone FP2 / VP68. It can act in the transmission range from 736 to 754 MHz. There are 10 fixed channels. The hull is made of plastic, but it is quite strong and stable. Turning on and off is indicated by the light indicator.

Other features:

  • Work from a pair of AA batteries for 12 hours;
  • condenser design;
  • circular reception chart;
  • the presence of a clamp (special holder for microphone racks);
  • transmission radius up to 100 m;
  • 20 at the same time serviced reception points;
  • Sensitivity at 41 dB;
  • Mass of 0.29 kg.
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How to distinguish from fake?

The popularity of Shure technology makes this question very relevant for all interested acoustics at least at the amateur level. Be sure to think, not too low the price offers the seller. Purchase of microphone with hands – definitely not the best option. But even when contacting a solid store it is very important to require certificates of conformity and accompanying documents. ATTENTION: It is worth checking whether the photos are real used to illustrate or not. The most frequent trick is a snapshot on which the microphone is located.

The full name of the model, which is given on the price tag or on the microphone itself, must correspond to the name on the official SHURE website. It is also useful to know that:

  • The original version cannot be inscriptions Caution;
  • The genuine SHURE microphone is always in the sticker there is a section of Thread Adapter;
  • The cable is included in the set of fake models only;
  • There is a pronounced difference as a thread.

Criterias of choice

Analyzing microphone characteristics, it is not worth paying a sensitivity too much attention. Rather, it is important, but only in a bundle with noise protection and tip. Otherwise, the highly sensitive system will inevitably record many extraneous sounds. Radio transmitters may have inpatient or mobile execution. The second option is recommended to use where it is impossible to connect to the electrical outlet, or the power supply is unstable.

Manual or integrated mobile transmitters are preferred for vocal speeches. In other cases, for example, for a conference or other event, it is more correct to use stationary devices. IMPORTANT: The volume of the microphone must be wishes reasonably so that it corresponds to the room or an open area. You can not use both frankly weak and stunning system audience.

Singers (both professionals and lovers) are best suited for cardioid and supercardoid microphones.

      Bidirectional device is suitable for those who want to record emotions and listeners reactions along with their own performance. It is recommended for a performance by a duet, interviews or conversations with 1-2 invited guests. Omnidirectional microphones give bulk sound and do not interfere with their own noise. They are used at concerts and joint rehearsals. Also, the omnidirectional microphone will be useful when it is necessary to record all the sounds characteristic of some place or event, accurately recreate it atmosphere.

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      It is also worth paying attention to the amplitude-frequency response. If the voice of the performer is high, but not too sharp, “the vertex” is simply not needed. But for velvety bariton, he is quite admissible, although it is not necessary. As for the level of sound pressure, this indicator denotes the number of decibels going without distortion. And the most important nuance: With all the importance of digital indicators, your own impressions should be taken into account:

      • convenience of microphone (how to keep it and move);
      • ease of model;
      • Own quality assessment of sound.

      Comparison of microphones of different models See further.

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