Microphones Blue Microphones: features, model range and selection tips

With the development of social networks and video hosting, each person can share information with the whole world. Some people do it not only by their leisure, but also in the way of earning. Thus, it is necessary to improve the quality of sound and pictures, so that the viewer or the interlocutor it is more pleasant to see you or hear you. Today it will be about Blue Microphones microphones, which are among the most popular at the moment.


To familiarize yourself with these microphones, consider their advantages, Thanks to which these recording devices are popular in the market.

  1. The presence of simple and multifunctional software. For most models, the headset is used by the famous manufacturer Logitech. Due to this, the software has a lot of features and capabilities. For example, using a radiation diagram you can consider how the microphone reads the sound.
  2. Simple installation. To connect the recording device you will only need to use a USB cable or 3.5 mm connector.
  3. Availability of important functions, For example, adjusting the gain and the volume of the headphone volume, instantaneous switching between the main modes of operation.
  4. Price-quality ratio. For a sufficiently small amount you can get high-quality equipment.
  5. Stylish design. It is also worth saying that some models have small dimensions, so that their placement and operation become more convenient.

It is necessary to note that every Blue Microphones model has a different set of advantages, so the products of this manufacturer should be considered for each individual microphone.

Yeti Pro – One of the most popular models is currently. It is great for writing voice and musical instruments, broadcasting, conversations in Skype and similar utilities. Thanks to the triple capsule, the sound recording occurs without any interference, which makes the device universal. In addition, there are 4 modes of operation:

  • stereo;
  • omnidirectional;
  • bidirectional;
  • Cardioid.

Considering the presence of multilateral software, the user can create many modes due to the equalizer. Also built in a microphone and headphone amplifier. Using some adapters, this recorder can be connected to the Mac OS platform devices.

When connected there is no need to install any drivers, this microphone operates in Plug & Play mode. It is worth saying that this device is an improved version of a simple Yeti, so almost all functions and a way to use as much as possible. The only minus of this model can be called a high price relative to other microphones of the Blue Microphones manufacturer. But if your goal is a record of very clean sound and the emphasis is on quality, then Yeti Pro pays for itself completely.

Now it is worth touched upon the technical characteristics of this model:

  • Voltage – 5 W;
  • discretization of the purity of 192 kHz, which is a very high indicator among other microphones;
  • Bitrate – 24 Bit, frequency range – from 20 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • Maximum sound pressure – 120 dB.

It is worth saying about the microphone amplifier and its characteristics, for example, about resistance in 16 ohms, output power of 130 MW, signal-noise 114DB and frequency range from 15gz to 22 kHz. The weight of the microphone is 0.55 kg. When buying a consumer has the opportunity to choose suitable colors, which are only 11.

Nano – Cheaper model in comparison with Yeti Pro. To begin with, it is necessary to designate the main advantage – small dimensions. If for you in the microphone is the main ergonomics, then Nano will fit perfectly. The device itself is fixed on the leg, the base of which is rubberized, which reduces the likelihood of falling. Thanks to the two side screws, you can adjust the position of the microphone relative to the mount.

On the bottom of the device there are all the main holes for connectors. It is possible to connect headphones in order to hear your own voice and check the operation of the microphone. On the front panel there is an on / off button with a light indicator, thanks to which you can determine the current state of the device. On the rear panel installed the switching button.

    Microphone adjustment is carried out using the SHERPA program, where you can register your Nano model by identification number. In this utility you can set the necessary parameters and values. There are two modes of operation, namely the cardioid and omnidirectional.

    Other features are as follows:

    • microphone condensation type;
    • Discretization frequency – 48kHz;
    • Maximum sound pressure – 120 dB;
    • Weight – 0.63 kg;
    • Sensitivity – 1 kHz;
    • resistance – 16 ohms;
    • Required power – 5 W;
    • When buying there are 4 options for design: Blue Vivid Blue, Golden Cubano Gold, Red Onyx and Gray Shadow.

    Yeti Pro Studio – Another model that is a branch of the famous Yeti and Yeti Blackout. The work of this sound recording device is based on the fact that it must be used to record music, professional installation and all that requires special software.

    To disclose the potential of this microphone, programs such as Izotope Nectar, Studio One Artist Blue, Ozone Elements are used. It is also worth noting the Master Assistant software, thanks to which a novice user during configuration can choose previously prepared modes. This facilitates the initial use, because the study of software can leave for some time.

    If you have a speech about the characteristics, appearance, the main advantages, then they are as similar to Yeti Pro.

    Raspberry – Studio professional microphone for writing voice and musical instruments. The main feature can be called 24-bit sound and versatility when connected to various devices, including Mac.

    This microphone can be used anywhere, because it does not occupy a lot of space and is designed to work in various conditions. A sound diffuser is built into the device, which catches only the voice and does not write out of foreign noise. The rack is equipped with a mounting insulator and rubber racks, thereby minimizing the vibration and making the sound.

    This device can be connected to any tripods, pantographs and other structures that hold or adjust the position of the microphone. When buying in the kit there is a suede bag in which you can transfer Raspberry.

    Next, we will walk on specifications:

    • microphone type condenser – 14 mm;
    • Cardioid orientation direction;
    • Bitrate – 16 and 24 bit;
    • Discretization frequency – 48 MHz;
    • frequency range – from 20Hz to 20 kHz;
    • Sound pressure can reach 120 dB;
    • adjustment of amplification up to 40 dB;
    • Raspberry compatible with many iPad models, iPhone and iPod.

    Snowball ICE – Simple microphone with interesting design. Externally, this model is similar to the snow, which is similar to the name. The design is on the adjustable tripod with three supports. Scope for this device is very diverse. You can write music, voice, use for conversations and conferences.

    Operation is extremely simple, you only need to connect ICE BLACK to the desired device. There is support for iPad, the direction of cardioid, resistance – 32 ohms, sensitivity – 120 dB, bitrate – 16 bit, frequency range – from 40 Hz to 18 MHz. Weight – 460 g, there are also models from the same series with names BA, TW, black Ice Black, EB and GB.

    How to choose?

    Based on a considerable range of models, the buyer immediately arises a question about which microphones microphone microphone is better to purchase. Before buying it is to be guided by some important criteria. Thanks to them you will not be mistaken when choosing a model.

    Originally decide why you need a microphone. The presented models differ in both their characteristics and their intended purpose. If you need a recording device only to communicate with someone through the relevant programs, it will suit a simple Nano. If the goal is a professional entry, work with musical instruments, then it will take a more high-quality microphone here, for example, Yeti Pro.

    Also pay attention to the compactness and functionality of the device. If you enjoy just one mode out of 4, then overpaid for them. The manufacturer provides many models for choice, so the buyer will be able to choose a microphone without any problems.

    Check if the model you chose is suitable for the device to which you are going to connect the equipment. Of course, you must say about what is worth paying attention to detailed characteristics, because someone is important to some one parameter.

    How to setup?

          As written earlier, Blue Microphones microphones do not need special setup. Most of them work in Plug & Play mode, that is, you only need to connect the device. Do not forget about special utilities, with which there is always the ability to change the mode of operation at your discretion.

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