Microphone adapters: types and selection

In the article, we will talk about, with what and how to connect a microphone to a single connector laptop. We will tell about the types and nuances of the choice of adapters for the microphone.

What it is?

To date, this topic is interesting to many users, as most laptops are produced with one headset connector. The microphone is immediately built into the housing, and the sound quality often leaves much to be desired. Therefore, many prefer to use an external device.

To solve this problem, there is a special adapter that is sold in all stores of electronics and computer equipment.

Review of species

There are several types of such adapters.

  • Mini-jack – 2x mini-jack. This adapter is connected to a single socket (with a headphone icon) in a laptop and on the outlet branches two additional connections, where you can insert headphones into one input, and in the other – the microphone. When buying such an adapter, it is important to pay attention to its splitter, as it happens sometimes that the rainfront is made for two pairs of headphones, then it will be completely useless.

  • Universal headset. In this case, when buying a headphone, you should pay attention to one very important to do – the input plug must contain 4 contacts.

  • USB sound card. This device is not just an adapter, and a full sound card, very convenient and easy to use, as to install it on a laptop or PC, not even installation of drivers. Such a thing is easily removed, also can be worn in your pocket. The card is inserted into the USB connector, and at its end there are two inputs – microphone and headphones. Usually such an adapter is quite inexpensive.

Unpretentious, but high-quality cards you can fully purchase at a price of 300 rubles.

How to connect a headset with a combined plug to a laptop or pc?

Everything is very simple. For this task, special adapters are also sold on the electronics market, they are quite inexpensive, but simplify life significantly. On the plugs of such a connector should be marked where which plug. On one of them shows the headphone icon, on the other, respectively, the microphone. In some Chinese models, this designation is missing, so it is necessary to connect, in the literal sense of the word, by the “input” method.

Microphone input in a computer or laptop usually pink color. In the computer it is located on the rear panel of the system unit. But sometimes it is present and behind, and in front. On the front panel, as a rule, the input is not marked with color, but you will see a microphone icon pointing to the entrance.

Recommendations for the selection

How did you have time to notice, optional options are quite a lot. Microphone adapters are an indispensable device that connects electrical conductors. Cable, connectors for connecting can easily fail, so the use of the adapter (adapter) guarantees you high-quality, full operation of the microphone.

Microphone adapters have their own characteristics, each of them has its own technical features. It is important to study them, as well as establish a correspondence with the source device. Fortunately, there is a considerable number of varieties of microphones of the most different size, forms and purpose.

When buying an adapter, it is important that the connection parameters for both the microphone and the most laptop or computer are met.

To date, many shops, Internet portals and all sorts of online markets offer a large selection of both microphones and adapters that can be selected using expert advice. You can purchase a small or standard microphone adapter, as well as for professional, studio models. An important point is the issuance of the product warranty, since it sometimes happens that the device fails due to improper installation or due to the non-correct connection to the computer or laptop.

Adapter review See further.

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