Microlab columns: features, models review, selection criteria

Microlab – famous brand producing high-quality acoustic systems. Products of this famous manufacturer are famous for impeccable performance, spectacular sound and wide range. The characteristics of popular models should be focused and how to choose the optimal model.


Products of the Microlab brand has long won respect because it is excellent quality and durability. In products produced by this manufacturer, there are fans worldwide. Microlab releases many popular column models. The choice of consumers shows devices that differ from each other and technical characteristics, and power indicators, and design. The designer design of the Microlab speakers consider attractive many users who have a similar technique.

Most columns Microlab housing is made of wood. This is a positive feature that Melomanna celebrate. Many models that produce this well-known manufacturer are improved classic acoustic systems that are familiar to consumers for a lot of years. According to the statements of representatives of the brand, “over time, Microlab has practically not changed”. This is the feature for which many users like the acoustics of this company.

Microlab devices are characterized as accurate and thorough internal assembly. All connections are characterized by high reliability and rigidity. Wear like this technique is not subject to, so it can serve for many years without delivering to their owners no hassle. Microlab offers acoustic systems of different costs.

The arsenal of the brand is available both inexpensive and expensive high-power speakers with many additional options.

Review models

Microlab releases a lot of high-quality and functional columns for a computer. Each consumer will be able to find an ideal product for himself, which will meet all its requirements and wishes. Let’s get acquainted with some of the popular models.


Common model of computer speakers. Technique is made in a wooden brown hone case. Devices are equipped with regulators located on the back wall. Frequency range – from 50 Hz to 22 kHz. The technique provides RCA connector. There is a built-in power supply, and the acoustics itself is powered by an electrical network.

Solo 2 MK3 is the desktop model columns. They can be connected to the computer and to the laptop. The total power of this acoustic system reaches 60 W. Columns are distinguished by classic Microlab style design.


Acoustic system that has rather large sizes. If you decide to purchase Solo 7C, you should provide the fact that the device will have to free a lot of space. Externally, the model is more like a small outdoor option. But you should not be frightened too large sizes of these columns – they are greatly acquitted with high-quality, juicy sound.

Solo 7C column housing is made of MDF. True, the wall thickness is not too big. The body part of the speakers is muffled due to the set of internal amplifier linings. Side partitions of columns are made in dark brown (almost black). They are present an additional decorative coating in the form of a film that imitating the surface of the tree. The appearance of the Solo 7C columns is solid. Cheap such acoustics look exactly not.

The columns are complemented by an amplifier on special discrete elements. The frequency range is from 50 to 31000 Hz. Solo 7C presents 2,6.5-inch high quality dynamics, as well as one HF speaker, covered with a dome emitter from the fabric.

Solo 16

Novelty in the range of brand. Comes in a big heavy box. The SOLO 16 model is distinguished by the maximum complete set. Managed equipment using the remote control. In the set with speakers, there are special rubber legs that need to be glued to the bottom of the housings.

Solo 16 Acoustics Type – Two-Line (2.0, stereo). The power of the device is 180 W. Frequency range – 40-20000 Hz. Sensitivity – 1000 mV. Dome tweeters of this model are made of high quality silk. The dynamics resistance is 6 ohms. Magnetic shielding in this case by the manufacturer was not provided. Each Solo 16 column is equipped with a phase inverter.

The motherboard is attached directly to the metal chassis with external active type column interfaces.

Solo 16 columns are made of high-quality material – MDF-slabs, which from the outside is tightened with a special synthetic coating. The cabinet part of the passive column is made almost completely empty. It is shed soft material in the inside. But in the active element of emptiness there is practically no – there is a power supply and motherboard here. Both components “cluttered” into the noise absorbing matter.


In search of a good sound and beautiful design, many music lovers stop on the spectacular columns M880 from Microlab. The manufacture of the device uses a classic tree and glossy plastic. On the body of the equipment there are black and silver colors. This is an interesting combination that looks particularly harmonious and originally in modern interiors (for example, in the style of Hi-Tech).

The huge advantage of the M880 model is the control unit made on the front panel. It was here that the device turning on the device, adjust the sound volume level, the height of the tonality, low frequencies. Here you can find a connector designed for installing headphones. The device is very convenient and ergonomic than attracts many buyers.

The column diffusers have a beautiful chromed finish, so an open type of speakers is used in the design of satellites. The highlight of the model M880 is an unusual subwoofer structure. His body is divided into 2 halves with a partition. Here is the speaker. One The part is absolutely deaf, and the other is reported directly with the external volume using a special port. So it turns out to achieve the biggest bass return. Distortion at the same time minimize.

The total output power of the device under consideration is 59 W. Frequency range – from 50 to 2000 Hz. Provided adjustment and volume, and tone. The weight of this speaker system is 6.5 kg.


Miniature computer columns B18 models are complemented by magnetic shielding, due to which interference and distortion are excluded if the acoustics are located next to the monitor or TV. Such technique do not need to connect to the standard electrical network. Just connect it to a computer or laptop using USB wire and audio cable.

These columns occupy a minimum of free space on the desktop, because they differ in small sizes. The inexpensive plastic case is slightly tilted forward, which has a positive effect on the comfortable direction of the playing sound towards the user.

The total power of these speakers at the output is only 10 W. Frequency range – from 100 to 2000 Hz.

Little columns B18 are performed in classic black.


The columns of the B56 model are recognized as a real decoration of the line of compact portable systems of the company MICROLAB. Special attention should be paid to the design of these high-quality devices. Satellites of columns are attractive, which are complemented by a finish, imitating the ebony in combination with protective grills from special acoustic tissue. Such equipment can effectively add virtually any workspace.

B56 column housing is made of wood, due to which the sound is obtained as natural and high-quality. Products are equipped with rubberized legs that reduce vibrations that are created during the work of the technique. In the kit there is a convenient wired control panel, with which to adjust the volume is much easier. Power is supplied by columns due to USB cable.

B56 columns are characterized by a small power constituting only 3 W. Frequency range – 100-18000 Hz. Devices are equipped with a 1.5 mm mini-jack connector. These columns are performed in traditional black.

B-72 2.0 Wooden

Popular speakers that are made of high-strength practical material. Due to the sufficient wall thickness, the vibration is significantly reduced during the operation of the devices, which is positively reflected on the quality of the sound. Woven pad protects speakers from dust.

The total power of these columns is 16 W. The device guarantees pure playback of music or films from a computer, TV and any other similar sources. The rear panel of the speakers includes a RCA connector and a 2.5 mm connector that can be used for simultaneously connecting 2 sources at once. For example, it can be TV and amplifier.

Columns B-72 2.0 Wooden operates from the electrical network with a voltage of 220 V. And high, and low frequencies are reproduced without outsiders noise or distortion (from 50 to 20,000 Hz).

Weighs this acoustic system 4.5 kg.

How to choose?

MicroLab columns choose not so hard. Consider what you need to pay attention to, looking for “your” model.

  • It is desirable to select a tree columns – this is the choice of real music lovers. Fortunately, the brand produces many devices from MDF. You can buy copies with a plastic case. They cost cheaper and have a beautiful design.
  • Standard Frequency Range – from 20 to 20 kHz. You should consider that the frequency indicator exceeding 20 kHz, the human hearing does not perceive.
  • If you picked up the small columns of Microlab, but the stated power is too high, you need to know that, most likely, this is such an advertising trick. Often, similar values ​​demonstrate the threshold power of the technique. At maximum loads, acoustics will last only a few seconds, and then break.
  • If you want to buy computer acoustics with a more rich sound, it is worth selecting models in which no less than 2 speakers are provided. The two-band system serves each column and low, and high frequencies, divides them by different speakers.
  • Select Microlab speakers, the operational and specifications of which will be completely arranged. Before a visit to the store, think about exactly what qualities you want to get from the future purchase.
  • Inspect the speakers before payment. They should not have the slightest defect: neither scratches, nor chips, nor wiping. Test the work of technology. Only after that you can safely buy your favorite brand columns.

Comparison of Microlab budget columns, Edifier and SVEN See next video.

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