MFP Rating for home

    Regardless of whether you need a printer for office or for home, MFP – a great solution. Although all models can perform the same tasks such as printing, scanning, printing, some of them have additional features, for example, an automatic document feeding mechanism.

    When buying an MFP, it is also important to consider the system of cartridges, and otherwise you have to change them more often, and in the end you will incur big expenses in the long term.

    Top firms

    There are many manufacturers on the market that offer high-quality MFPs with a variety of useful features. The best brand is the one that has cheaper ink, demonstrates the user useful functions for processing paper, including automatic two-sided printing.

    Built-in Wi-Fi is becoming more common, and this is important if the user wants to share a printer with family members. Photofiters should look for a model with a tray for photo paper, the system of cartridges with 6 ink colors and the ability to print on special CD and DVD carriers.

    Epson technology occupies one of the leading positions in the MFP segment of the average price category.

    This is always a profitable deal for the user.

    As for the budget, it will have to spend about 100 dollars to buy a quality device. MFP from this manufacturer is compact, easy to use. Most models have USB and Wi-Fi.

    Another advantage of the specified brand – ink is inexpensive, which is quite acceptable for low-pass printing. Duplex (double-sided) printing is performed manually and only for PC users.

    There are many good models among middle-class MFP. Especially strong HP Photosmart line. Such devices are equipped with a touch control panel and refer inexpensive ink. Some MFP has a special tray for photos.

    These are always useful devices with convenient additional features, including automatic document feed.

    Cannot not mention Canon’s technique, which includes integrated slide scans and films, print CD / DVD and 6 tank cartridges system. Advanced models produce excellent glossy photos. Unfortunately, there are no ADF in some devices.

    The perfect MFP should be compact, maintain a decent print speed, equipped with wireless communications.

    Today, high-quality inkjet printers overshadow low-quality color lasers, as they offer the user better speed, print quality and minimum consumables costs.

    In the budget segment it is worth paying attention to the HP model.

    They are highlighted by a roomy paper tray for 250 sheets.

    What are the best models?

    In the midfield rankings for home there are all well-known companies. They offer high-quality devices of the budget, middle segment and premium model.

    Compact 3 in 1 MFP with double-sided seal have become more affordable.


    Brother MFC-J995DW

    Inexpensive, but the reliability is a decent unit in which the ink is preserved up to the year. Inside MFCJ995DW cartridges, allowing to obtain exceptional savings and uninterrupted printing within 365 days.

    There is compatibility with Windows 10, 8 PC operating system.1, 8, 7, Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 Mac-OS X V10. eleven. 6, 10.12. X, 10.13. X

    Built in ink intelligent sensor. Possible printing from mobile devices using AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother and Wi Fi Direct.

    For use with original ink Brother: LC3033, LC3033BK, LC3033C, LC3033M, LC3033Y, LC3035: LC3035BK, LC3035C, LC3035M, LC3035Y.

    Supported Network Protocols (IPv6): TFTP Server, HTTP Server, FTP Client, NDP, RA, MDNS, LLMNR, LPR / LPD, Custom RAW-Port 9100, SMTP Client, SNMPV1 / V2C / V3, ICMPV6, LDAP , web services.


    High-quality budget printer for home use. Type: Inkjet. Maximum print / scanning resolution: 5760/2400DPI. Inside cost 4 cartridge. There are mono / color printing and the ability to connect USB, Wi-Fi.

    At first glance, this is a surprisingly inexpensive printer, considering that it allows you to perform all the usual scanning tasks, photocopying. Supports fax and even has an automatic document feeder, which can accommodate up to 30 pages.

    The device supports automatic double-sided seal. Having only 4 cartridges, it is not perfect in print photos, but it copes well with color documents.

    There are separate cartridges for all 4 colors on sale, but the printer comes with low-power “installation”, which can end soon after buying a device. Nevertheless, there are options for replacing the XL-option with high capacity.

    They help reduce operating costs.

    Average price segment

    Canon Pixma TS6320 / TS6350

    The best universal printer in the middle price segment, combining speed and versatility with stunning quality. Of the technical characteristics:

    1. type – inkjet;

    2. Maximum printing / scanning resolution – 4800/2400 DPI;

    3. Cartridges – 5;

    4. Mono / Color Print Speed ​​- 15/10 ppm;

    5. Connection – USB, Wi-Fi;

    6. Dimensions (WXL) – 376x359x141 mm;

    7. Weight – 6.3 kg.

    The combination of dyes based on blue, purple, yellow and black colors provides impeccable quality of mono color and color documents, as well as an excellent photo reporting.

    This latter line model has intelligent features for quick paper processing, including a compact motorized tray, advanced in front, an internal cassette for entering paper, as well as a rear load device, which is ideal for photographic paper and alternative formats.

    Automatic two-zpindel printing is also available for the user.

    Despite the lack of a touch screen, an intuitive onboard control system is based on a high-quality OLED display.

    Canon PIXMA TS3320 / 3350

    The best inexpensive version. Among his advantages – it is cheap, small and easy.

    The device saves a place in the house. Having 4 cartridges, it works on mono- and tricolor print. Additional XL cartridges help reduce costs. Print speed is not quite fast, and double-sided printing can be performed only manually, but even in this case, this model is a good budget option.

    Premium class

    EPSON ECOTANK ET-4760 / ET-4700

    Perfect printer for printing large volumes. Specifications are as follows:

    1. type – inkjet;

    2. Maximum printing / scan resolution – 5760/2400 DPI;

    3. Cartridges – 4;

    4. Mono / color print speed – 33/15 ppm;

    5. Connection – USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet;

    6. Dimensions (WXL) – 375x347x237 mm;

    7. Weight – 5 kg.

    Of the advantages:

    1. Large capacity ink tanks;

    2. Reduced price for large-scale printing.


    1. high initial purchase price;

    2. Only 4 ink colors.

    This relatively expensive purchase is capable of printing up to 4500 monorable or 7500 color. Replaceable vials of large capacity (if you need them) cost much cheaper most of the usual cartridges.

    Other convenient features include: automatic duplex printing, automatic document feeder for 30 sheets and direct sending faxes with a quick set memory / number / numbers memory.

    Canon Pixma TS8320 / TS8350

    For printing photos This is the perfect option.

    The design provides a 6-ink system to improve the quality of photos. There is an intuitive touch control.

    Based on the rich Canon heritage consisting of 5 ink cartridges, this model was improved. The user receives a conventional mixture of black pigment and dye based on CMYK, as well as blue ink for more vivid photos with even more smooth gradations. This is the best A4 format photo printer on the market. It is equally well coping with any task.

    The speed of mono and color printing is high, and there is a function of an automatic duplex.

    Brother MFC-L3770CDW

    Best Laser Printer for Home Use. It is possible to work with 50-sheet ADP and fax.

    Typical relatively inexpensive laser printer. Based on the LED matrix. Technology allows you to stamp documents at a speed of up to 25 pages per minute. The user can make photocopies or scan them to his computer, as well as send a fax.

    Easy menu navigation provides 3.7-inch touch screen. In the NFC functionality, in addition to the usual set of options: USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

    Operating costs for black and white printing small, but color is expensive.

    HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP479FDW

    This model is an excellent price and quality ratio. For our country, quite expensive.

    This LED color laser printer is ideal for printing up to 4000 pages per month. Comes complete with an automatic document feeder by 50 sheets, as well as automatic duplex for copying, scanning and fax. You can scan directly by email and PDF.

    In the FDW version, Wi-Fi is enabled. Print speed 27 pages per minute for both monochrome and color document. Cartridges enough for 2400 black and white and 1200 color pages. The main paper tray accommodates 300 sheets. This parameter can be increased to the amount of 850 pieces by installing an additional 550-sheet tray.

    The printer is quickly and easily adjusted, as easily controlled by an intuitive color touchscreen with a diagonal of 4.3 inches.

    In general, this HP is an excellent color laser for home use.


    Best Widescreen Universal Printer. It supports Widescreen Print A3+. Cartridges inside a large capacity. The scanner has only size A4.

    As it usually happens in Epson printers line, this device has ink containers of large volumes instead of cartridges.

    Cannot refreshly print thousands of black and white and color documents or up to 3400 photos of 6×4 inches.

    Tips for choosing

    To choose the right MFP for home use, you need to understand, What tasks require such equipment to perform. For good photo printing it is worth paying attention to more expensive models, for black and white documents you can buy a device and cheaper.

    In principle, the second option is enough for a student, but a professional photographer will have to lay out a considerable amount.

    First of all it is necessary to determine the size of the future MFP. Place where it will stand, you need to measure from all sides. To the obtained space and you will need to put the device.

    Choose between inkjet and laser technology. Inkjet MFPs were one of the most popular options over the past few years. This happened because they have a much lower initial value than laser devices.

    They allow you to make a better printing of photos, if we compare with laser.

    However, the inkjet devices work slower, they give a bad result if a low-quality source or low resolution.

    Laser printers are better suited for fast printing and in large volumes, but they are larger in size.

    If the user is going to print only text documents, laser MFP – the best choice. He is fast, unpretentious in service and is distinguished by high quality. Although inkjet models can print with similar quality, they work slower and require much more service funds.

    If you plan to print often in color, you need to choose an inkjet MFP. Unlike black and white print, color on the laser device requires 4 toner, which significantly increases maintenance costs. In addition, colored laser MFPs are much more expensive.

    When you plan to print photos, the inkjet MFP is the best choice. Laser unit does not print badly on special paper.

    As a result, the pictures are always low quality.

    If you are planning to engage in photography, you need to buy a device with a memory card reader that goes to the used camera. So you can print pictures directly. Some photo printing devices are equipped with an LCD screen for viewing and editing photos before printing.

    For those who need a scanner, advise to purchase a device with high quality perception. Standard MFPs often issue low-quality images. However, those who are worth paying attention will be expensive to the user.

    Most MFPs are equipped with a fax function. Some, from the premium segment, allow you to store hundreds and even thousands of numbers and use them for a quick set. Separate models have the ability to hold the outgoing fax to scheduled time.

    As for the additional functionality, then everyone decides for himself. On expensive models there is the ability to print on both sides of the paper. Recently, such devices have become equipped with the ability to connect to the Internet.

    This allows you to directly reproduce content or send it.

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