MegaFones-Loudspeakers: Features, Types and Models, Application

Loudspeaker megaphones are devices that are used in various fields of human life. Thanks to them, you can spread the sound over long distances. Today in our article we will consider the features of these devices, as well as get acquainted with the most popular models.


Loudspeaker megaphones are devices that are capable of converting electrical signals into sound. In this case, the root spreads the sound for certain distances. The design of the device consists of a number of indispensable parts: emitting heads (they perform the role of sound source) and acoustic design (it is necessary to ensure sound distribution).

Devices that are called loudspeaker megaphones are divided into different categories depending on their features. For example, depending on the type of sound radiation, loudspeakers can be divided into the following options:

  • Electrodynamic (distinctive feature – the presence of a coil, which acts as a diffuser oscillations, this type is considered the most common and in demand among users);
  • Electrostatic (The main work in these devices is performed by special thin membranes);
  • Piezoelectric (they function due to the so-called piezoene effect);
  • Electromagnetic (imported magnetic field is important);
  • ionophone (air fluctuations appear thanks to the electrical charge).

Thus, there are a large number of loudspeakers, among which you will have to choose the most optimal device that meets all your individual needs.

Views and models

To date, on the market, you can find a large number of types and models of Rupors (for example, a hand-hand-hearted device, a device with a battery, a direct emission loudspeaker, a diffuser unit and T. D.).

Allocate such types of devices:

  • single-band – they function in a single range of sound frequencies;
  • Multi-band – the heads of the device can operate in several ranges of sound frequencies;
  • Rule – In these devices, the role of acoustic registration is performed.

Consider the most popular and in demand among consumers model megaphones-loudspeakers.


This model refers to the category of mini-devices, since possesses highly compact sizes – Accordingly, it can be easily transported enough from place to place. At the same time, the device has functions of speech alert and sirens. In order to power the loudspeaker, you will need only 6 AA type batteries. The maximum sound of the device is 50 meters. The package includes not only megaphone itself, but also the capacity for batteries, instructions and warranty card.


This aggregate has Extended functional filling. For example, it can work as an MP3 player, and also equipped with a special USB port. At the same time playing music will not create interference to perform the main functions of the device, as it can play in the background. The maximum sound range is 0.5 kilometers, which is 10 times more than this characteristic of the device, which was described above. You can turn on the loudspeaker by means of a special jug located on the handle.


The device is powered by 8 batteries d type. Patches the volume control function and the “Siren” parameter. The loudspeaker can continuously work for 8 hours.

In the design there is a special remote microphone, thanks to this it is not necessary to keep the machine constantly in hand. The kit includes a carrying belt, which improves the convenience of model operation.


The loudspeaker is perfect for conducting and managing a massive event on the street. The device can reproduce frequencies in the range from 100Hz to 10KHz. The manufacturer has provided the use of rechargeable batteries from type. Included with a megaphone there is a charger, thanks to which you can recharge through a car cigarette lighter.


The power of the device is 10 watts. The model function includes speech, siren, adjusting the volume level. The unit is quite durable and powerful, its body is made of ABS plastic, which makes it shockproof.

This device choose those who need a fairly simple loudspeaker without additional functional features.

Accordingly, a large number of models are represented on the market, so each user can choose a megaphone that is suitable in all respects.

Where are applied?

Depending on the functional features of loudspeaker megaphones They can be used in various fields of human life.

  • In the role of an indispensable link in radio electronic devices (and both domestic and professional) use speakers.
  • Subscriber devices are needed To play the transmission of the channel with low frequencies of a wire broadcast network.
  • If you need a device With maximum volume and with high sound transmission, then give preference Devices related to the category of concert.
  • For the correct functioning of the alert and control systems Evacuation There are 3 types of aggregates: for ceiling, walls and panel. Depending on the specific needs, you should choose one or another option.
  • Particularly powerful devices are used as street loudspeakers. In the people they are called “bell”.
  • Aggregates that possess Additional functional features (in particular, shockproof, antispical and other systems) are intended for use in extreme conditions.

Thus, it can be concluded that MegaFon loudspeaker is used for a variety of purposes. It is an integral device for representatives of a large number of professions (for example, for employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations).

Comparison of models MegaFon-loudspeakers RM-5SS, RM-10SS, RM-14SS in the video below.

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