Magnetic microeons: characteristics, pros and cons, rules for use

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Microns are simply an indispensable accessory that will help reproduce the information you need. As well as hidden headphones will become the best assistant on exams or lectures. Assortment of such devices is so great that eyes are running. Let’s understand in more detail that they imagine what impact.

What it is?

The invention was originally intended for people with limited hearing. But over time, the scope of use has become much wider. Such a type of headphones is characterized by very small sizes. Their design consists of several elements: microdynamics, headsets with signal amplifier, antenna, microphone, batteries. Magnetic waves are used to transfer information.

The operation of the device can be implemented only using an induction antenna that is attached to the neck. Thanks to her, vibrations are perceived by our ear. The device itself connects to a mobile phone and microphone.

If you need to get information on headphones, you just need to call a friend, and he suggests you all. Built-in speaker in the device is made of a special alloy and has magnetic properties. It works without feeding, has a kind of flat tablet. The link between the phone and the antenna is the microphone. Using the antenna, the signal from the mobile device goes to a magnet that is in the ear.

Such a small device is placed in the ear with a special tube. The work of such headphones is based on the use of magnetic induction. Through the induction circuit passes the electric current, the magnetic field is excited and distributed in space. The micro-handset receives electromagnetic waves, and with the help of a magnet, they turn into sound. There are two types of miniature headphones: magnetic and capsule. Capsual types work from batteries that they are equipped with. In magnetic versions, the kit includes magnetic and clamp holders. In both options, the headset can connect to the telephone wire either by Bluetooth.

Pros and cons

Such devices have their pros and cons. Of the advantages, you can note a fairly available cost compared to other devices for transmitting information. They are very convenient to use, as suitable for any conditions. The design is pretty simple and not led deformation and breakdowns. Due to their small sizes, find them very difficult, they are an indispensable device for filing hidden information. Of the advantages you can also note the purity of the transmitted sound, which comes immediately into the auditory canal. The device allows you to communicate with the opponent even at a distance of several meters.

From disadvantages can be noted Some complexity when placing a device in a drumpatch, sometimes it causes discomfort. Another minus you can mark a short period of work without recharging. This is possible for 4-5 hours. Also, the complexity causes the extraction of the device from the auricle: for this it is necessary to use a special magnetic wand.

During the installation of a micro-handset, there is a risk of entering infection or injury to the eardrum, so the otolaryngologists do not recommend using these devices.

How to use?

If we consider the use of a capsule version with a built-in battery, then this option must be inserted into the ear to such a depth so that no one detects the device. In order not to risk and install on a small depth, the use of such a type of headphones is recommended for people with long hair.

As for the installation of the magnetic headset, everything is more complicated. There is no mount, so You have to use a special clamp with a clip. The headset is fixed on the wand, and the head leans in the ear. The headphone on the stick is descended as closely in the sink. Here it is necessary to be careful not to damage the membrane. After installation, you hear first click, and then there is a non-mounted masting of the ears, which through time passes.

In any case, before using any type of headphones, it is necessary to clean the ear canals, because the sulfur may interfere.

Wearing headphones can be not more than two hours, as it can affect hearing. Headphones thing individual, so they should not be given to other people, since there is a possibility of distribution and contamination by microbes. You can not wear headphones for children under 12, since magnetic models can have a negative impact on the development of children’s hearing. If magnetic headphones are used by several people at the same time, they must be on each other as far as possible, since the magnetic fields cause interference.

Headphones are connected quite just. To do this, the plug is connected to the telephone headset socket, the antenna is put on the neck, the connection between the headset and the mobile phone is set, the speaker volume is adjusted. After that, microns can be comfortable to use the exam or any lecture. Ideal devices for performing before a large audience, where you have to speak a lot, and read from the leaf is completely indecent. Employees of special services always enjoy such models. Lovers of gambling often lead with their help dishonest game.

About how to use a magnetic microatnik, look in the following video.

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