LG Styler steam cabinets: What is it for what is used how to use?

A person is evaluated for a number of criteria, the main of which is clothing. In our wardrobe there are things that harm a frequent wash and ironing, from this they lose their original appearance. LG Styler steam cabinets are designed to combat this problem. This is a non-needed invention, as ferry clothing processing is a very common practice. But the South Korean giant made this process autonomous.

For what is used?

One of the main appointments of the apparatus is to give fresh clothes, which is contraindicated by washing, or erased it too early. It can be costumes, expensive evening dresses, products from fur and leather, things from delicate types of fabrics, such as cashmere, silk, wool, felt, angora. The processing process is absolutely safe, as only water and steam are used, no chemicals.

The care system is carried out thanks to moving shoulders, which vibrate at a speed of 180 movements per minute, Couples better penetrate the fabric, removing light folds, jams and unpleasant odors.

Wardrobe can be used to clean children’s toys, native and bed linen, outerwear and hats. As well as it is suitable for bulk items that are difficult to put in a conventional typewriter – bags, backpacks, shoes. The unit does not eliminate strong pollution, the manufacturer warns about it, here without the help of specialists or washing machine can not do. How not to do without iron if the product is too marked. However, steam processing of things both before washing and ironing, unambiguously facilitates the subsequent process.

To impart fragrance in the closet, special cassettes are provided in which impregnated napkins are placed, by the way, you can use perfume for these purposes. Just change the contents of the cassette on a piece of fabric impregnated with a favorite smell.

If you need to try pants, update the arrows, then place the product in a special press located on the door. But here there are nuances here: Your growth must be below 170 cm. Installation simply do not allow larger products. Another useful feature – drying. If the postgraded things did not have time to dry, or in the rain wet your favorite coat, you should simply download everything into the closet, setting the program you need.

Features of the steam cabinets LG Styler

The drying cabinet has an important advantage over steam generators and swapar, the process occurs in a closed space, which provides greater efficacy. South Korean manufacturer paid attention to design – All models organically fit into any interior.

    The following main modes are installed on devices:

    • refreshment;
    • drying;
    • Drying in time;
    • hygiene;
    • Intense hygiene.

    Additional features are loaded into the cabinet program With the TAG ON application, NFC technology developed. This technology allows you to exchange data between devices within 10 centimeters. The application is quite easy to set up, it is necessary to download it to the phone, and then bring the phone to the logo drawn on the door of the device.

    The minus is that the option is only available for Android smartphone owners.

    Additional modes:

    • elimination of unpleasant odors of food, tobacco, sweat;
    • removal of static electricity;
    • Special cycle for sportswear;
    • Care of fur, leather products after snow, rain;
    • destruction of up to 99.9% of household allergens and bacteria;
    • Additional care pants;
    • Heated clothes and bed linen.

        For one session, about 6 kg of things are placed in the cabinet, the presence of the shelf allows you to place several types of clothes. The shelf is removable, and if you need to dry or treat a long coat, you can remove it, and then return to the place. You should pay attention to, so that things do not touch the walls on which condensate accumulates, otherwise after the cycle is completed, the product will be slightly wet.

        The work of the device is fully automated, does not require the presence of a person, for security there is blocking from children.

        The lineup

        In the Russian market, the goods are presented with three models of white, coffee and black colors. This is Styler S3wer and S3Rerb with steamer and dimensions of 185×44.5×58,5 cm with weight in 83 kg. And slightly more massive S5BB with sizes of 196x60x59.6 cm and weighing 95 kg.

          All models have the following technical characteristics:

          • 220V power, maximum power consumption 1850 W;
          • Inverter compressor for drying with a warranty of 10 years;
          • Warranty for other details 1 year;
          • electronic, sensory and mobile control;
          • Mobile diagnostics Smart Diagnosis, which controls the operation of the device, if necessary, sends a fault message to the consumer and to the service center;
          • 3 Mobile hangers, removable shelf and trouser rack;
          • aromatic cassette;
          • Special pile filter;
          • 2 tanks – one for water, another for condensate.

          How to choose?

          The principle of operation for all models is one – this is a sweeping of things, subsequent drying and heating. S3WER and S3RERB differ only in color. The main distinguishing feature of Styler S5BB – remote control of the work of the cabinet through the SmartThink application. Just load your application to your phone and turn on the unit while at any point in the world. Useful option Cycle Set will tell you exactly what mode you should choose. This feature is not suitable for smartphones on iOS.

          Operating Rules

          Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to unpack all accessories, saving them from a protective film. If dust accumulated inside or outside, It is worth treating the surface without using strong chemicals, which includes alcohol or chlorine. Wait until the device will dry out, and only then connect it to the power source. The cabinet is connected using a socket, while the specialist help will not need. When installing in a narrow space, it is necessary to leave 5 cm of an empty space on the sides for free air circulation. Loops on the door can be removed on a convenient to open side.

          Before putting inside the clothes, you should make sure that it is not necessary to pre-wash With strong pollution, no program will not cope. Steam cabinet – not washing machine. Each textile product should be fastened to all buttons or zipper. When you turn on the steam cycle of the hangers come into motion, and if things are not fixed properly, they can fall.

          The equipment should not be connected to constant water – at the bottom there are 2 containers: one for tap water, the second for collecting condensate.

          Make sure that in one was water, and the second was empty.

          Prayed capacity enough for 4 job cycles. It is necessary to periodically clean the pile filter on which hair is collected, threads, wool – all that may be present on things before processing them.

          Manufacturer guarantees Preservation of loaded property, However, pay attention to the shortcuts and make sure the mode selection is correct. If you are sure that everyone has done correctly, press Start. After the work is completed, a beep. It means that the process is over, empty the cabinet, leaving the door open.

          After 4 minutes, the light inside will go out, it means that you can close the device until the next use.

          Review reviews

          For the most part, consumers are positively responding about the steam apparatus. It is celebrated its compact dimensions and interesting design. However, it is worth noting that the noise produced during operation can be compared with the buzz of the refrigerator, so it is not necessary to place it in the bedroom. Well suited for ironing products from viscose, cotton, silk, and blended and linen fabrics are not completely smoothed. Things acquire a fresh look, but strong jams remain, and completely abandon the iron will fail. Qualitatively removes the plates of mold from leather products, softens the overwhelmed, the blade.

          The menu is Russified, however, some users note that the touch panel seems overloaded due to the presence of different light indications.

          With outsiders copes very well even without the use of aromatic cassettes. Thanks to generating a couple on clothes, a light smell of freshness remains. Allows saving on powders and air conditioner. Consumers appreciated The function of heating linen, especially useful in winter season. TrueSeam steam processing technology, allowing you to remove allergens and bacteria from clothes, useful when processing children’s clothing.

          But the high power and duration of working cycles affect energy consumption. The shortest program lasts about 30 minutes – if you are in a hurry, it is better to think about the wardrobe in advance. The minuses include high cost. The average price of the device exceeds 100,000 rubles, a tangible amount for household appliances, which will pay off only with frequent use.

          Should I buy?

          To make a purchase decision, you should understand, he needs you or not. Unambiguously need to take if:

          • In your wardrobe there are a lot of delicate things to which the washing is contraindicated;
          • You often use dry cleaning services, spending money and time;
          • Change clothes several times a day, while she just drank slightly;
          • You are ready to spend an essential amount to household appliances.

          It is worth thinking if:

          • The basis of your wardrobe is jeans and shirts;
          • It is not confused by the fact that the iron and washing machine can spoil clothes;
          • Your smartphone supports the IOS platform;
          • You do not understand how you can spend such an amount on the steam cabinet, albeit very good.

                The unit from the South Korean manufacturer is an expensive, large-sized purchase. It will pay off only if they are regularly used. There are many alternatives in the market in the form of ordinary steamers at more affordable prices. Having attached efforts, you can process one thing, then proceed to another. And in the vapor cabinet LG Styler you can simply download several items at once and turn on the steam cycle.

                The following video presents an overview of the steam cabinet for the care of clothing LG Styler.

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