Leben TV review

Choosing a television receptionist, the mass of people gives preference to Sony products, Samsung, Phillips or other well-known firms. But after reading the review of Leben TV, it is easy to make sure – they cast a confident challenge of the markets. This brand comes quite a large number of models.

Review reviews

The cost of Leben TVs is the first advantage that the authors of reviews pay attention. And many of them note that it is achieved without deteriorating picture quality. Device management is quite simple, carried out in almost intuitive mode. But it is worth noting quite frequent complaints about the reflection of any light ray glossy screen. Sound, especially in old modifications, works well only when connecting external columns.

But Even the most “weaknesses” from Leben TVs are great for use in the kitchen. At the same time note the ease of construction and a relatively thin frame that does not distract from viewing when mounting on the wall. Working with flash carriers is happening without much difficulty.

Devices from Leben are unlikely to please the owners of grand technical innovations. But as “just a TV for an accessible amount” they will suit quite.

Leben TV review

Leben TV review

Leben TV review

User manual

Of course, use Leben TVs is more correct with the remote control, which is coming in the kit. Same In the instructions necessarily write about the fact that this technique should not be exposed to moisture. It is necessary to connect it to power sources, providing voltage not lower than 170 and not higher than 242 V. If possible, use voltage stabilizers and uninterruptible power sources. With prolonged inaction, the device must be de-energized, the plug from the outlet should be removed in the first signs of thunderstorms.

For cleaning it is impossible to use liquid mixtures and aerosol preparations of any kind. You can not allow overlapping ventilation holes. For the same reason, Leben TVs may not be intended for use in closed cabinets, niches and the like places.

Play video games and use the TV somehow else, condemning it for continuous illumination of the still image longer than 10 minutes – it means to spoil the screen. This breakdown is dismissed, and the warranty obligations do not apply to it.

Leben TV review

Leben TV review

Leben TV review

Edit TV to the bracket is necessary only when checked:

  • reliability of this bracket;

  • sufficient strength and bearing wall ability;

  • Suitable TV to the Wine Installation.

Moving the device to a new place, you must first disable all cables and external devices. It is extremely undesirable to touch the screen – it leaves a lot of faint tracks. Viewing TV channels are possible only when using an external antenna for 75 ohms (it must be purchased separately). You can configure digital channels from the main menu. They choose the type of broadcasting and the country of location.

Leben TV review

Automatic channel search in leben TVs works well. But before it starts, it is recommended to enable the LCN feature (if it is disabled). This option will allow you to locate the channels ordered in the list that is accepted for the entire broadcast. If there is a desire to put the channels to your liking, you need to disable this feature.

In some cases, users can block the reception of individual channels and gears.

Leben TV review

Advantages and disadvantages

Leben TVs producing TVs has already quite extensive experience. Its products allows you to watch essential and cable television without any serious difficulty. Picture quality at an acceptable level. The advantage can be considered a fairly comfortable price. However, for many people there will be a lack of functionality – it still felt the belonging of such products to the budget class.

But here is not so bad. There is a postponed viewing mode, the SMART TV option, the media player. Yes, and the reputation of the German product is quite good. Leben knows well in various countries. Televisions of this brand are very lungs, and most often pay attention to:

  • Difficulties with setup channels;

  • loud, but “empty” sound;

  • Unchanging, an unconnected screensaver when turned on.

Leben TV review

Leben TV review

Characteristics of models

Television LE-LED32RS282T2 has a diagonal of 81 cm. USB and HDMI connectors are provided. It is possible to play rollers with Youtube directly. The design is emphasized minimalist. Other features:

  • aluminium case;

  • Mass 4.2 kg;

  • 2 Dynamics of 10 W;

  • 2 USB inputs.

Leben TV review

Leben TV review

LE-LED24 – Also quite modern device. Its diagonal is 61 cm. The TV case looks stylish. The HD Ready option guarantees clarity pictures, excellent color and small details. External devices are connected via USB or via HDMI; Resolution – 1366×768 Points. Choosing a larger TV, you need to pay attention to LE-LED39R282T2. 39 inches diagonal, HD Ready and HDMI will delight most people. The main technical properties are as follows:

  • Resolution 1366×768 points per inch;

  • Brightness Pictures 300 cd per 1 kV. M.;

  • Contrast not lower than 3000 K 1;

  • 3 HDMI entry;

  • Dolby Digital;

  • Nicam sound system;

  • DVD video;

  • H. 264;

  • coaxial output;

  • the wall mounting on the wall;

  • jack for connecting headphones;

  • Wi-Fi is not supported.

Leben TV review

Leben TV review

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