Karaoke-microphones: types, models rating and operation rules

Karaoke is a popular fun at our days, which is unlikely to leave someone indifferent. With this system, everyone can feel like a real singer and a musician even if there is neither voice nor hearing.

Let us dwell on the description of microphones for karaoke – we will tell about their features, varieties and rules of choice.


Karaoke microphones are used as part of a common system, thanks to which each wishes can sing a selected song under the backing track sounder. The microphone is usually connected via the wire, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth system to a computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, any other gadget, or can work through a USB flash drive.

After turning on from speakers, a minus phonogram begins to sound, and the microphone repeatedly enhances the sound of the voice.

Karaoke-microphones are indispensable in the following cases:

  • When you need to entertain your loved ones during friendly dressers and family feasines;
  • When the soul asks for a feeling and loudly singing songs;
  • When you need to write an interview, as well as stream or podcast;
  • To distract children from a computer, to develop a craving for vocals in them, as well as take young fidgets at the event.

If you use wireless microphones, then they will come to a very way during a hike or on a picnic – you can always sing under the guitar. And besides, Microphone can be used as a wireless column.

In the end, the gadget can always be presented with a close person on a solemn occasion.

Device and principle of operation

As a rule, the microphone connects to speaker systems through the Audio Jack connector by 6.5 or 3.5 mm. Wireless devices are connected to computers or gadgets via Bluetooth Various Versions. Karaoke-microphones without wires are presented in two versions.

  • The wireless microphone can be built directly in the karaoke system in the event, If you purchased equipment included.
  • Autonomous microphones can be found on sale. You do not need to connect them, it is, in fact, a mobile Bluetooth column, as well as a smartphone / tablet or any other device in which there is the same Bluetooth.

Thus, karaoke microphones can work anywhere: even on a picnic, even though on a noisy street, even in the house. Moreover, such microphones themselves can function as a speaker, for this you only need to insert a flash card with tracks.

It should be noted another advantage of karaoke microphones. Agree, few people like the sound of his voice on audio recordings. The fact is that He is very different from that voice that we hear in your head. Professional vocalists certainly use mixing consoles when recording, which are designed to eliminate voice defects – this equipment makes the sound more smooth and soft. Most of the modern microphones for karaoke has a voice adjustment option with mini mixers.

Finally, the microphone for singing in karaoke is a real multifunctional system: using the device alone only, you can sing songs, listen to music or write to the speaker’s speech.


Constructive karaoke-microphones are capacitor and dynamic.


The design of the condenser microphone is based on the use of a condenser in which one of the plates acts as a diaphragm, it is usually made of thin plastic. Another static laying, it is made from the conductor.

In order to launch a capacitor, You should create a suitable electric field that generates polarizing voltage. It becomes possible only if the power is supplied from the electrical network or from the battery. Under the action of acoustic waves, the diaphragm begins to fluctuate, as a result, the air layer is changed between the capacitors, and the capacitance contains the capacitor itself. Consequently, The plate heating from the voltage repeat the movements of the diaphragm and thereby provide sound reproduction.


The dynamic microphone uses the inductor of the inductance to which the diaphragm itself is connected. This coil is placed in the center of the magnetic field, which is created by a constant magnet. Under the influence of acoustic waves, the coil wire begins to move. As a result, the coil itself crosses the power lines of the magnetic field, and it is concentrated by EMF induction – the electrotes appear so. The magnitude and direction of this current has the impact of the movement of the diaphragm, and the current displays the audio wave.

Thus, we see that condenser and dynamic microphones have their typical design features. However, on this list of their differences does not end.

  • As we mentioned, The presence of additional nutrition is extremely important for the condenser microphone.
  • Any dynamic microphones on their dimensions Much more condenser.
  • For condenser installations, a wider frequency range is characterized. They are more often than dynamic, used to record acoustic instruments and vocals.
  • For dynamic microphones, elevated level of overload. They can be used in professional karaoke bars, as well as in combination with professional installations that give a loud sound.

Rating models

We have prepared for you an overview of the best microphones for karaoke. It is compiled on the basis of reviews of real buyers, as well as expert assessments.


Let’s start with an excellent inexpensive device.

Audio-Technica MB4K

For this microphone, a cardioid orientation is characterized, which ensures filtering of all third-party noise. Thus, during the use of a microphone in karaoke, no interference and background sounds are guaranteed. Thanks to the possibility of phantom power, it is possible to connect such a device to the overwhelming majority of modern mixers. Power is allowed from the usual battery AA / UM3, What makes it possible to ensure the installation of the installation, even if there is no phantom nutrition.

Microphone case made Metal of high strength, What makes it more durable and practical compared to plastic structures. As evidenced reviews, this microphone gives Long and relatively trouble-free operation.


Condenser-type karaoke-microphone provides maximum sensitivity during vocal recording. It is noteworthy that This installation can be used not only in karaoke. It has a stand, with which you can put it on a table or any other horizontal surface. This allows you to use techniques for writing on YouTube, reproduce audio tracks and communicate through Skype. The microphone connects to the karaoke system via the USB interface and does not need any other additional equipment.

Cardioid equipment or equipment diagram – it makes it possible to disable any extraneous noise.

Medium price category

The following group of more expensive and no less high-quality microphones includes several models.

Blue Microphones Raspberry

These microphones are made Using Internal Acoustic Diffuser technology, which provides high quality records comparable to studio, and, in fact, is the company’s branded development.

The microphone for karaoke of this brand supports the ability to directly connect to any mobile device via USB interface. The recording level reaches 24 BIT, which is about 30% higher than the average values ​​of any other devices of this price segment. The microphone has a built-in port for headphones, so that every song performer can listen to the recording in real time.

If you wish, you can always combine the microphone with a camcorder and create memorable video with high sound quality.


Such a microphone provides the entire spectrum of the voice and backing tracks with all their rich shades. Such effect has become possible thanks Three condenser capsules. All devices have an active noise reduction mode, which minimizes any negative effect of noise from the street, the sound of the system unit fans, keyboard and mouse clicks. This microphone is indispensable for conducting parties, it has a branded light music, which includes four visualization modes.

Microphone volume control and power button are arranged directly on the housing – This makes it particularly convenient to control the equipment. Additionally, an AUX audio input is provided, which allows you to connect the installation to any musical instrument and thereby bring the ringtone with a voice without using any software.

Premium class

These models are the most expensive, and they have the quality of the extra-class.

Rode Podcaster

This microphone can be used not only in karaoke, it is popular among the streamers to record podcasts, since it is able to perfectly pass all the timbres and notes of vocalist’s voice. WThe formation provides a USB interface, so that you can always connect the device through a standard USB connector on a personal computer.

The microphone of the capacitor type allows to achieve an increase in the sensitivity of the equipment so that the sound reproduction transmits each minimum change in voice intonation. Cardioid catcher scheme, thanks to Compared to complete suppression of any background and third-party noise. Has backlight.

Shure SM94

For this, the luminous microphone is typical of low sensitivity, and the electromagnetic field provides effective protection of equipment from interference generated by electrical appliances nearby.

To start the operation of the device, you need autonomous meals, as well as the microphone can run from the alkaline battery or from phantom power supply. Installation has a rather wide dynamic range. The technique can be used at temperatures from -7 to +50 degrees Celsius, so the microphone is popular in countries with the most different climatic conditions. The microphone housing is made of high-strength metal.

What better to choose?

The variety of the range presented in the domestic market of acoustic systems is truly amazing, so choose from a large number of microphones for karaoke optimal is quite difficult. To do this, you need to know all the basic selection criteria for which you need to pay attention to the store. First you need to clarify whether your accessory is compatible with a PC or a TV available at your disposal. This moment is one of the most fundamental, because in case of an error you cannot correct anything – the only way out will be the purchase of a new microphone. Familiarize yourself with the technical parameters: a range of work, battery capacity, degree of sensitivity, frequency range and many other.

Rate the convenience of microphone operation: Hold it in the palm of your hand – it must be comfortable and not to be too heavy. If the microphone is too big and bulky, then it can spoil all the pleasure of entertainment karaoke. Not the last role plays the cost. Usually the cheapest models are increasingly disappointing, so do not buy on low cost. However, it is not necessary to overpay either. Too expensive models, most likely, will have a huge number of functions that you simply do not use.

Stay on the Golden Middle Between the price, quality and necessary opportunities so to configure the technique for your requests.

Operating tips

The first thing to remember the owners of karaoke microphones are: This device should be charged from time to time. Otherwise he simply will not work. As a rule, the microphone package includes a special plug and a USB cable that is used to charge the installation. It must be connected either through a special adapter to the outlet, or bring to the personal computer. Keep in mind that the battery does not hold the battery for such devices too long, but it is enough for one evening, filled with the sound of your favorite melodies.

Sure, To the karaoke microphone it is necessary to take care of: Avoid its falls and shocks, do not throw into water and not to handle with caustic solutions. Professional equipment during operation faces a variety of problems. For example, guests of the karaoke club love to “play” with the microphone, unscrewing its mesh and even the caps, which inevitably leads to breakdowns.

If the karaoke club staff is forgetting to charge the battery or change the batteries used, it will also lead to equipment. At least once in 10-14 days it is necessary to carefully clean the microphone and mesh. It is very simple to do: for this, the microphone is washed in warm water with a detergent dissolved in it, and is directly cleaning with a toothbrush.

Keep in mind that With active operation for the working day in the microphone, moisture accumulates, so at the end of the shift it must be carefully dried. Be sure to take care that the microphone does not roll on the floor, it must be equipped with special nozzles.

Eliminating possible problems

Sometimes the microphone is phoney and noise, sometimes there is also a need to remove echo. Most often the problem occurs in the event, If the microphone cable has a low quality or damaged. In order to perform diagnostics, you need to turn on the system, then press the cable hand, lightly lose it. If the problem is in the wire, then you are clearly hear the crack strengthen.

If none of the above recommendations led to a positive result, attention should be paid directly to the microphone. Cods, noises and other interference arising from his work may have more complex reasons, namely:

  • damage to the microphone membrane;
  • malfunction of the electronic circuit of the device;
  • Violation of contact integrity in connecting wires.

The only thing in this case can be fixed on your own – This is bad contact. If you can carefully disassemble the device body and find a damaged or oxidized contact, and then solder it – then the sound quality will return to normal. Membrane can also be replaced, but only a professional master can perform such work, and they will not be cheap. Therefore, such measures can only be justified if it comes to expensive techniques, in all other situations it will be more correct to change the microphone itself. Any violations in electronic modules need to be able to diagnose – Make it can only specialist equipped with all necessary equipment.

From our article you found out that it is a karaoke-microphone, why it is needed and what it differs from other devices. This equipment more resembles a peculiar portable or wired column with voice-reproduction options. The most expensive models have a large number of interesting effects that domestic gatherings can make more fun.

Karaoke can be a good reason to collect friends, relatives at home, and just remember the favorite melodies, having rested from the monotony of workers everyday life. Together with a special microphone, you can arrange a festival for yourself at any time without leaving home.

In the next video, you will see an overview of microphone comparison for karaoke.

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