Ideas for design walls with bas-relief

To date, there are many design ideas with which you can give the interior of the room a certain highlight. The most popular innovation was used on the walls of decorative bas-relief. This type of decor allows you to informantly show fantasy, choosing an independent texture, plot and size composition.


Bas-relief On the wall is a bulk relief in the form of a unique drawing or ornament, which completely performs above the plane. Thanks to the bas-relief, you can create original compositions, because each work performed by your own hands is unique, it is impossible to immediately repeat it. This decor can be performed in a different design, Most often for wall design, picturesque (nature, mountains, animals), portrait and historical topics are chosen.

No less interesting is the wall bas-relief with the image of geometric shapes.

If the room stylistic is provided in the interior of the antique decor elements, you can make a bas-relief with brick masonry or patterns made under ancient. To get a gorgeous panel on the wall, Bas-relief can be combined with other decorative finishes. At the same time, novice masters who want to make the creation of stucco, Experts recommend choosing simple patterns, for example, can approach:

  • roses;
  • butterflies;
  • dandelions;
  • lilies;
  • Stems of a tree.

Cut out the shapes of simple Geometric figures You can try on the contour of the mirror. With the acquisition of knowledge and experience when creating bas-reliefs it will be possible to sculpt more complex elements. So, in the bedroom and living room can be created Volumetric panels, Where different animals are depicted (elephants, giraffes), birds (peacock, parrots), Sakura, ancient castle and dragon (perfectly suitable for rooms decorated in oriental style). Often also choose to decorate walls and bas-relief with a pattern of lion.

For the kitchens, the composition with fruits and vegetables will be an excellent choice, and bright panels are best suited for children’s rooms with the image of the heroes of cartoons and fairy tales.


To give the interior of statitium and fundamentality, it is necessary when creating wall-mounted bas-reliefs to choose volumetric compositions that can be sculpted using various techniques and material. So, for premises decorated in style ampir, Create bas-reliefs consisting of massive elements. The technique of their manufacture is complex: first prepared forms and a solution, from which future decorative elements are poured, then after their drying, installation is carried out on the walls with glue and dowels, added by modeling small parts. For Roman style, bas-reliefs decorated with small ornaments are considered an excellent choice, they look spectacularly and shake on the wall immediately, without preliminary.

IN rococo and baroque Light and lush forms should be present, so the optimal option will be the creation on the walls of the three-dimensional image and asymmetry. Since all the elements of the future composition are dimensional, and they will not be easy to fasten to the wall, then you need to sculpt every item separately on the wall, and then close the seams and paint everything. For premises decorated in style Art Deco, You need to choose elegant gypsum elements painted into something motley and bright.

As for the classic style, the minimum set of colors and elements of the correct shape must be present in it.


Before creating wall-mounted bas-reliefs, you should prepare the appropriate materials for work. Relief decor usually use gypsum mixes, plastic, stone, metal, decorative plaster, wood (bamboo) and colored clay. The cheapest are plastic elements, in addition, they are easily installed. The most expensive are metal and stone bas-reliefs, But their value justifies themselves, such compositions are durable and look in the interior incredibly luxurious.

As for clay, plaster and gypsum, it is an environmentally friendly material that has resistant to burning and sold at an affordable price.


In addition to the materials, when creating wall-mounted bas-reliefs, the corresponding tools. The most basic is the metallic trowel, stainless steel. It is applied using it, the solution is equalized and the embossed surfaces of a small size are formed. Kelma is usually used in the case when large wall squares need to decorate. To form an extended relief, it will be necessary to additionally purchase plastic Kelmma. In addition, a set of such tools will be needed for work

  • Putty knife. It is a technical tool intended for overlapping a solution to the solution and for the selection of its surplus, stripping. With a spatula also create a base layer on the walls.
  • Palette knife. These are small blades of different shapes that allow you to apply a solution, remove it and create the right relief.
  • Sculptural grid. Is a professional double-sided tool with blades and blades. Such a grid is needed for accurate drawing, detail of the drawing and creating a small relief.
  • Medical Scalpel. Without such a tool, it is impossible to do without it, as it allows you to make accurate cuts. The set should have several scalpeles of different shapes and sizes.

In addition to the above, you will also need Auxiliary tools, As a tree for a tree thread (fresh gypsum is well cut, like wood), confectionery syringe (it is convenient to add small portions of the material).

How to make it yourself?

Many beginner masters believe that the wall bas-relief is a prefabricated design, all components of which are made from a gypsum solution. In fact, each Bas-relief made with your own hands is a unique piece of decor that can be created in various ways.

Therefore, before doing creativity, you should decide on the plot of the composition, select the appropriate technique and step by step to perform all the stages of the creation of the bas-relief.


First of all, it is worth choosing the material from which it is planned to make a composition. Beginner masters experts recommend starting work with plaster or decorative plaster. After that you need to do Preparation of the surface of the wall and creating a sketch of the future “web” (it can be drawn by a marker immediately on the wall). The working surface is necessary to clean well and align, to start creating a bas-relief can be only on a dry and smooth surface, it also will also prevent the wall to be additionally primed for better clutch with the composition.

Next is preparing the basis in which will be created Relief decor. To do this, it is necessary to collect a tree box with low sidelights, if there is no tree, then it can be replaced by several slats and plywood, which will serve. Dimensions of the box must accurately coincide with the dimensions of future elements, which is important to take into account during its assembly. The bottom of the box is covered with film, it is necessary to do it so that there are no folds.

The preparatory stage is completed by the preparation of the solution if it is planned to create volumetric images, it will be necessary to perform reinforcement with wire.

Creating large elements

Wall-mounted bas-relief with large images is considered a complex process of artistic modeling of plaster or other materials. To create it, you can apply several techniques (free drying, gluing ready-made parts). After the surface of the walls is branded at least two times, she attach relief using for this crumpled polyethylene, paper, roller and spatula. Large compositions can be represented by images of human figures, abstraction, birds, trees and animals. They are transferred directly to the previously prepared surface of the walls using special stencils or copies, you can also circuit drawings to circle with a match or toothpick.

In the most thickened points of the future Compositions screwed screws, They will further give the bas-relief of the strength and protect the material from shuffling. When creating such bas-relief elements like buds, leaflets, flowers, on the walls of the wall, you need to additionally fasten the blanks from salt dough, cardboard or foamflast. Mixes for creating decoration are prepared in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Large elements are made in stages, after drying each layer.

In addition, large decorative figures can be made not only using modeling technology, but also molding. The finished products are fixed to the primed surface, gently attached and aligned. All seams and small cracks are closed with a finishing putty, with the help of which the accommodation and drawing of small lines are also created. Give the completed view of the bas-relief consisting of bulk elements will help Image detailing, which is usually carried out using a medical syringe. After a few weeks, the decor object is covered with a protective layer of primer and lacquer, it will allow the bas-relief to save its perfect view for a long time.

Formation of small details

Often when interior designs are used Wall bas-reliefs having a kind of small figures, patterns and ornaments. If their thickness is exceeded 10 mm, it is recommended to prepare separately with wires from the wire, it will protect the gypsum from the subsequent cracking. Since small parts have a slight weight, Specialists advise them to cast them in special molds, And then fix on the wall, collecting into the overall composition according to the drawn pattern.

The residues of the solution are removed using cutters, stacks and loops, then items give the desired shape and texture.

Especially beautiful look in the modern interior Walls depicting grape clashes, butterflies and birds. They give the bas-relief a special charm and individuality. Such miniature elements are best created from individual parts, and all points of compounds are embedded and smoothed neatly a gypsum solution. As a result, it will turn out a very beautiful holistic canvas.

Sometimes when designing wall bas-reliefs are used Small details with a repeated fragment, For example, it can be leaf, curl or flower. In this case, experts recommend applying special stencils, Thanks to them, even a novice master who has no experience with artistic smearing will be able to quickly perform work. The desired pattern must be printed on the printer, then make a pattern from the suitable material from it and apply through the “homemade stencil” a gypsum mixture. In addition, the finished stencil with a beautiful pattern can be purchased and in any construction store, they are presented in a huge assortment.

After the details were dry, they should be projected and painted in color corresponding to the total color scheme in the interior.

Beautiful examples

Recently, wall bas-reliefs can be found in almost the interior of each house, since this type of decor is unique and unusual. Beautiful compositions can be created not only in the apartment, but also in a country house, applying the following designer ideas.

  • “Gypsum” tree. This decor element will find a decent place on the wall in the bedroom and in the living room. The tree is considered a symbol of life and desires, so you can easily make an original “family tree” with your own hands, which will look as if it grows out of the wall. ADDITIONAL Futuristic Effect will help LED backlight. The trunk of such a tree should be formed by applying stucco in checkers with short strokes. To create stalks and tree branches, you need to use wire. So that the composition acquired the completed view, you can spend the family photos in the framework.

  • Bas-relief in the corridor (hallway). Since these rooms in the house do not particularly differ in the large area, it is best to choose a gypsum relief with small details for their decorative design. A miniature stucco with art painting will also look good. To do this, the space is selected where the design is planned, and a small stand in the form of a canvas is prepared. Then it is gradually filled with elements of the selected composition. Beautifully Will look in the corridor wall bas-relief with the image of flowers such as roses, lilies, chamomiles.

      • Kitchen wall decoration. In this room, you have to spend a lot of time for cooking, and to create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior, it is recommended to create a bas-relief on the walls with bulk images of fruits and vegetables. If the area of ​​the room allows, one of its walls can be reeded with a bas-relief with the image of the “paradise” bird. Each of her pynes will have to paint separately into the contrasting color.

      Tips beginner masters to create a bas-relief see the following video.

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