How to restart SAMSUNG TV?

Modern models of Samsung TVs have quite wide functionality, and also have a built-in operating system that the user can adjust on the basis of its needs. But sometimes it happens that the TV has failed in the system device, and it prevents its normal operation. Manifests such a failure Most often by the fact that the TV spontaneously starts the reboot at the moment when you watch the TV show. In addition, due to incorrectly created settings, the TV can stop broadcasting the image, or the remote control will lose touch with the TV.

To eliminate these symptoms, it is recommended to reset all the settings you have previously entered, and return the telnechnic to the initial factory parameters. The procedure for such a reboot system directly depends on the TV model.


Failures in the TV program system are due to incorrect settings performed by the user. Consider which result will be if you delete all manually entered parameters and restart Samsung TV Before those settings that were made by the manufacturer.

  • There will be a loss of brightness and contrast parameters, sound, order of TV channels, on-screen installations, Wi-Fi network operation will break, communication with Google Play and much more, which were entered manually. After the procedure for resetting the settings, they will need to be introduced again, it is likely that such a process will take quite a lot of your time. This applies to color and contrast settings.
  • All previously found television channels will be lost, Only basic (minimum set) will remain. In addition, the list and blocked television channels will be completely lost, it will later have to restore it again, also manually.
  • When resetting settings to factory settings, you should understand exactly Changing manually created settings, while the program firmware of the operating system from the TV will remain the same.

If you do not do without such radical measures, and you are fully aware of the consequences of the reset of previously entered settings, it makes sense to implement this procedure.

How to reset to factory settings?

Run a reset settings and return the TV to its original state with the parameters set by the factory assembly, the task is simple. You can perform it from the remote control that is attached to your TV. With its help, you can then restore the parameters that you are most comfortable when watching TV shows.

The algorithm for resetting the entered parameters will be directly dependent on what kind of SAMSUNG TV series. In general, this procedure is the same type, but the menu items in the operating system of different series may differ slightly from each other.

Series D

Using the remote control on the TV open the item “TV section”. Next you need to click and hold 8-10 seconds. The button with the name Exit, with the result that you will get into a new window. Click OK. After that clicking your settings will return to the original stage, on which they were in the process of factory assembly. After performing a reboot, you can start to enter new desired parameters to the TV.

Series K

Using the remote control, you need to open the TV menu and go to the settings option. Find the “Support” function. If you select the “Self-Diagnosis” option, then you will enter a new menu, where you need to select the settings reset function from the list.

To activate this option, you must enter a digital code on the control panel, which consists of 4 zeros.

After entering this code, your TV will start updating in automatic mode, and all previously entered manual parameters will be deleted.

J and H series

Find the “Menu / 123” button on the TV control panel and press it, with the result that you will see the list of options from which you want to select “Settings”. Next, you need to go to the automatic diagnostic mode and select Reset item. To activate the parameter reset on the console, enter the code that consists of 4 zeros, and then confirm this action by pressing the OK button. Having done these steps sequentially, your TV will restart and reset all your manual settings.

Series F

Using the remote control in the TV settings menu. On the left on the screen you will see an option called More. By clicking this button, you will go to the Support menu – there you need to activate the automatic diagnostic mode. Next, you need to select the settings reset function and also activate it. After that, the parameters entered earlier are reset to the initial factory.

E series

Using the control panel, you need to go to the menu displayed on the TV screen. Find the option “Settings” by passing on it, choose the following option called “Support”. Next, select the automatic diagnostic function, and then activate the settings reset function.

Activate this reset is needed by entering the code – 0000, and then confirm your actions by pressing the OK button.

If you are the owner of the Samsung TV models of the M or Q series, the reset of manual parameters is performed in the same way – First you go to the “Setup” menu, then select “Reset settings” through the Support option.

After the TV begins to overload and reset the manual parameters by performing the task, it will turn off. You will need to activate it again and use the remote control to start manually enter the settings you need again.


Before proceeding with radical methods for rebooting TV and reset manual settings, Try updating SMART TV Options. If the steps to update this option did not give the desired result, and the TV still works incorrectly, rebugs while viewing the TV shows, you have to reset the settings.

In addition to the total reset of the settings, you can try to solve the problem with a rollback to factory settings using SMART HUB. Take the remote control and find the SMART button. As a result, you will fall in the menu displayed on the TV screen. Find the option on the menu that allows you to cancel the settings. Next, enter the code consisting of 4 zeros and confirm the entry by pressing the OK button.

After that, your TV will start a reboot and turns off. Turning it on again, you can enter new settings options.

Don’t forget that When resetting manual settings to the factory settings you will need to re-create a new account. For Samsung Smart TV TVs, with an Internet connection in the operating system, such an account allows you to update the software and provides access to the services provided for this television equipment by Samsung. In the process of creating an account, it is synchronized with the manufacturer’s server.

If, after resetting manual settings to the factory parameters, the operation of the TV has remained incorrect, it is worth thinking about the fact that the electronics system came out. In this case, for the diagnosis and repair of television equipment you will need the help of a qualified specialist.

About how to make the Samsung Smart TV ES5557 TV Reset TV Settings, look next.

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