How to record with a TV flash drive?

With the advent of SMART TV in the electronics market, a unique opportunity appeared at any time without any difficulty to record the necessary video broadcast on TV. The recording procedure is pleased to be simple if you have a clear idea of ​​how it is done correctly and follow all the necessary instructions.

What can be recorded from the screen?

There are often situations when there is an interesting gear on TV or very important news that I want to see, but the employment schedule does not coincide with TV broadcast. For such cases and was invented by SMART TV manufacturers such an important option as the transmission of video from the screen to an external storage device.

Thanks to this useful function Now without difficulty, you can write and transfer your favorite TV show on a USB drive, an interesting movie or exciting video. Of course, with the advent of the Internet in our life, the need for constant tracking of a new film or an unusual video on TV. All that was missed can always be found using a computer or phone that has access to the Internet.

However, a large-scale image obtained when broadcasting on TV will be better.

USB Requirements Requirements

Before you start recording the desired video fragment from the TV screen, you must select the USB flash drive correctly. This is pretty easy if you consider two basic requirements that are presented to it for this action:

  • Formatting in the FAT32 system;
  • The carrier must be no more than 4 GB.

If you do not take into account these two conditions, you will have to face unpleasant consequences:

  • TV simply will not be able to detect a flash drive;
  • The record will be implemented, but reproduction of the recorded will be impossible;
  • If recorded video and will be broadcast, then without sound or floating image.

Taking into account the two main conditions for choosing a flash drive, you can proceed to the direct process of training and recording video from the TV.

Preparation for copying

Preparing for copying is to check whether the selected flash drive is compatible with the TV. To do this, in the latter menu, you should find the SOURCE button and click on it. Next, select the “USB” item, and after – “Tools”. In the same window, you can format a cumulative device using SMART HUB if there is a need. After all these manipulations, you can start recording video.

Step-by-step instruction

In order to record on a flash drive from the TV, You must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Insert a flash drive into the appropriate connector on the TV case;
  • Using the remote control to press the button with the image of the wheel;
  • find the “Record” option and click on it;
  • Select the “Stop recording” function after its completion.

This instruction is universal, and the essence of the actions produced on different models of TVs differs only on a schematic designation and wording of options.

On the Smart TV devices, the transmission to the USB drive is made after installing the Time Machine Auxiliary Program. With it, it becomes possible:

  • setting the recording to the scheduled set;
  • reproduction of copied video without applying additional devices;
  • Show recorded content in reverse order in real time (this option is called Live Playback).

But Time Machine has a number of features:

  • receiving a signal from the satellite communications antenna, the option under consideration may be inaccessible;
  • Also, the record will not be possible if the translated signal is encrypted by the provider.

Consider setting up flash records on LG and SAMSUNG television devices. LG:

  • insert a storage device into an electrical connector on the TV panel (back) and initialize it;
  • Find “Schedule Manager”, after which – the required channel;
  • Set the duration of the record as well as the date, the time when the program or the film will be broadcast;
  • Select one of two items: one-time or periodic recording;
  • Click “Record”;
  • After graduating from the menu, select “Stop Record”.

To view the fragment obtained when writing, it will be necessary to go to the “Recorded Programs” tab.


  • In the TV system settings, we find “Multimedia” / “Photo, video, music” and clicks on this item;
  • We find the option “Recorded TV program”;
  • We connect the media into the TV connector;
  • In the window that appears, confirm the process of formatting;
  • Select the parameters.

To record interesting content from a TV flash drive, you do not need special knowledge and skills from users – everything is very simple. Just just carefully examine the instructions of your television and correctly pick up the external carrier.

On how to record channels on a USB, see below.

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