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With the development of modern technologies, it was possible to configure the work of the printer in fact for any tasks. Using the peripheral device, you can easily print the contents of a file located on a computer, smartphone, tablet, as well as print an interesting web page directly from the Internet.

Basic Rules

For modern users, it is very important that the question is not only to find the required information: schemes, notes, illustrations, articles on the Internet, but also print content on paper carrier to be able to continue. Printing the contents of the blog, the site is slightly different from copying, because in this case it often has to edit the material transferred to the text editor.

To avoid various edits in the document when the figure often goes to the edges, and the text is displayed incorrectly or with substrates, encoding, you must use it precisely. Another reason that pushes users to abandon copying – the inability to perform such an operation.

Frequently often page pages are protected from copying, so you have to look for an alternative solution solution method.

To print a page from the Internet on the printer, first debt is necessary:

  • turn on the computer;

  • Enter the Internet;

  • open browser, to choose from, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or other;

  • Find the material of interest;

  • turn on the printer;

  • check the presence of coloring substance or toner;

  • Print the document.

This is a brief list of tasks, how to prepare for printing content from the international network.


It should be emphasized that There are no big differences in print illustration, text pages from the Internet in the process of using different browsers. For such purposes, you can choose a browser set by default, let’s say, Google Chrome. Algorithm of action comes down to simple rules when the user needs to highlight the favorite text or its part of the left mouse button, and then click the Ctrl + P key combination. Here you can also view the version for printing and, if necessary, change the parameters – the number of copies, removing unnecessary items and use additional settings.

Another no less easy way – On the selected page on the Internet right-click Open menu and select “Print”. It can be done through the working interface of the browser. The entrance to the control panel for each browser is located in different places, for example, in Google Chrome it is located at the top of the right and looks like several vertical points. If you activate this option with the left mouse button, a custom menu will appear where you want to click on “Print”.

To print the picture, an article or drawings, there is another method. Essentially, this is copying material with subsequent printing. To use such a method, you must select useful information on the site page, press the Ctrl + C key, open the text processor and insert Ctrl + V in an empty sheet. Further turn on the printer, and in the text editor on the File / Print tab, select “Printing File Information on Paper Media”. In the settings, you can increase the font, sheet orientation, etc.

Often on the pages of many sites you can find a very useful Link “Print version”. If you activate it, the view of the page will change. In most cases, only text remains, and all sorts of images will disappear. Now the user will need to set the “Print” command. This method carries a key advantage – the selected page is optimized for outputting to the printer and will be displayed on the sheet, in the text processor correctly.

To print a document, text or fairy tale from the Internet, you can use another simple way. For this you need:

  • open a browser;
  • find an interesting page;
  • Select the required amount of information;
  • go to the settings of the printing device;
  • Set in the “Print of the selected fragment” parameters;
  • Run the process and wait for printing.

In most cases, the user is interested in exclusively useful material, without advertising banners and similar information. To achieve the task in the browser A special plugin that blocks advertising must be activated. Install the script can be directly from the browser store.

For example, in Google Chrome, you should open the applications (on the left above), select the Chrome online store and enter the search string – Adblock, ublock or ublocker. If the search query was crowned with success, the program must be installed and be sure to activate (it will offer it to do it). Now it makes sense to tell how to print content using the browser.

To print the contents of the pages directly from the Google Chrome browser, You must open the menu – at the top right to click the left mouse button along several vertical points and select the “Print” item. The preview mode is activated, which will be printed.

In the interface menu is permissible Set number copies, change layout – Instead of the “Book” parameter to choose “Landmark”. If you wish, you can put a mark in front of the item – “Simplify the page” to remove unnecessary items and save on paper. If high print quality is needed, you should open “Advanced Settings” and in the “Quality” section to set the value of 600 dpi. Now the last step is to print a document.

For printing pages using other popular browsers – Mozilla Firefox, Opera, in Yandex Browser It is advisable to first find the context menu to call the required parameter. For example, to open the main interface in Opera, you must click on the left mouse button on the red icon O, located on the left at the top and then select Page / Print items.

In Yandex browser, activate the required mode can also be through the browser interface. Up to the right to press the left mouse button on the characteristic horizontal strips, select the items “additionally” and then “Print”. Here also has the opportunity to view the pre-material. Further perform the setting of the parameters, as described above, and start printing.

If you need to quickly activate the desired information output mode to the printer, in each open browser you can use the Ctrl + P key combination.

However, there are situations that it is impossible to print a poem or picture because The site author protected its copy content. In this case, you can perform a screenshot and insert content into a text editor, and then use the printer to print a paper on paper.

It makes sense to tell another one very interesting, but not the most popular method of printing the contents of pages – Printing with the connection of foreign resources, but free online service PrintWhatyoulike. Com. The interface, unfortunately, in English, however, work with the context menu is intuitive and will not cause difficulties from users.

To print the page, you need:

  • enter the site address in the browser search string;
  • Open the online resource window;
  • Copy in the free field link;
  • take protection against bots;
  • Press on Start.

Need to pay proper resource. Here you can set the stamp of the page entirely or any fragment, Because the user has a small settings menu, located at the top on the left side.


If you need to quickly print any text from the Internet, it is advisable to use the combination of the above keys. In other examples, it makes sense to carefully configure print settings to get a high quality document.

If the content cannot be printed, you can Try to make a screenshot and paste it into a text editor, and then bring it to print. Print from the Internet The desired page is very simple. An inexperienced user will cope with the task.

It is only necessary to follow the recommendations and carefully perform a sequence of actions.

Read more about how to print a page from the Internet, look in the video below.

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