How to make air dryer do it yourself?

Changing the percentage of humidity in the room or beyond it can create not very comfortable conditions for life in an apartment or house. The most reasonable way out of such a situation is the installation of a special device that would control these differences. Such a device can serve as an air dryer, and in this article it will be discussed how to make it with your own hands.

Using air conditioner instead of dryer

Before you begin to think about the device of the new apparatus, it is worth paying attention to the next fact. Virtually any modern air conditioner is capable of some degree to become a drier air. You can configure it in two ways in two ways.

The first way is suitable for older models. To dry out air indoors, it is necessary to set the “cold” mode on the condenser and put the smallest fan speed. Due to the temperature difference between the room and the plate inside the air conditioner, all the water in the air will begin to condense on a colder area.

On many modern devices, there is a special “DRY” button, which performs a similar function as the method described above. The only difference is that when using a special mode, air conditioning will be able to reduce the fan speed as low as possible. Of course, this method is most convenient and practical.

In the use of air conditioner instead of the dryer there is a big plus: no need to spend on two separate instruments, since all functions fit in one. For many people, this means the minimum number of noise and the maximum size free space.

However, there is a noticeable minus. As a rule, air conditioners are not able to cope with large rooms, so such a replacement of one other will suit not for all apartments.

How to make bottles?

So, the easiest homemade version of the air dryer for the house or apartment is a system of bottles. Such a desiccant will be adsorption. Below are two similar to each other method of creating a dryer. It is worth noting that each of them is good when necessary for this conditions.

With salt

In order to make an adsorption air dryer with bottles and salts, the following components will be required:

  • salt, it is better to take a stone;
  • two plastic bottles, their volume should be 2-3 l;
  • Little fan, the role of this part can play, for example, a computer cooler, which cools all the components of the block.

After preparation, you can go to the creation process. To do this, you should use the instructions.

  1. Take the first bottle and do small holes in her day. You can do this with a nail, but it is best to use a hotspl.
  2. The same method you need to do holes in the lid.
  3. Cut the bottle into two equal parts and place the upper half into the lower neck down. It is important that the lid with the holes done in it was closed.
  4. In the resulting vessel, the so-called absorbent should be placed. In this case, the salt is used.
  5. The second bottle needs to cut off the bottom. After that, at a distance of about 10 cm from the resulting hole, you need to attach the prepared cooler or fan.
  6. Upon completion of all of the above actions, insert a bottle with a cut bottom into a salt-cut bottle down, and the cooler is up.
  7. All joints and connections should be tightly wrapped with a tape or scotch.
  8. The resulting homemade device will start working after connecting the fan to the network. The peculiarity of such a desiccant is that it does not require much costs both cash and temporary.

With silica gel and fan

Previous home-made dryer can be improved by replacing the absorbent from salt to silica gel. The principle of work will not change from this, but the effectiveness may well change. The thing is that Silica gel has a higher coefficient of moisture absorption. But it is worth noting: for such a substance will have to pay more than for the usual salt.

The process of creating this desiccant will be the same as the above-described method. The only difference is at the 4th stage instead of salt in the bottle placed silica gel. On average, about 250 g of this substance.

Installing the fan must not be forgotten. This important item will be able to significantly improve the efficiency of the device.

Making your own hands from the refrigerator

The adsorbing dryer is good in its own way, however, there is another type – condensing. A similar way works and air conditioning in a state of air drain. You can make such a device at home with your own hands. For this will be used old but working refrigerator.

If possible, it is better to use the freezer, as it will eventually take a much less place.

  • So, the bottom line is that the refrigerator chamber is already in itself a kind of dryer. This can be used. The first step is to remove all doors from the refrigerator or freezer. Then you should take a large sheet of plexiglas and cut from it along the contour of the refrigerator the desired part. Plexiglass thickness should not be less than 3 mm.
  • Having made such an easy step, you can begin to the next item, Namely: it is necessary to cut a small round hole in the plexiglas, retreating from its edge about 30 cm. It is important to make a hole of such a diameter, which would coincide with the diameter of the mounted fan or cooler. As soon as this stage is passed, you can insert and attach the fan itself. The main thing is to put this device on “blowing”, that is, that the air is closed from the outside and acting inside the refrigerator.
  • The next step can be completed in two different ways. The first is that there are several small holes in the plexiglas. In this case, it is very important to prevent an error: not cut holes, the diameter of which is greater than the hole with the fan. Second way more difficult. He implies the use of one more cooler, but only already on “blowing”. This fan is mounted in the same way as the one that works on “blowing”. It is worth noting that this method may require a little more effort, and will also be more demanding in electricity.
  • After adjusting the air circulation system, you must equip the condensate. Inside the refrigerator or freezer, it is necessary to put a special container of a small size in which all condensed moisture will be collected. But this moisture needs to withdraw somewhere. To do this, you can use the compressor that will pump water from the capacitance with condensate in the drain. In this case, it is enough just to connect with the help of the hose these two components and from time to time include compressor.
  • The latest stage – mounting the plexiglass to the refrigerator. This can help the usual sealant and scotch. After starting the refrigerator and coolers, the whole system will start working.

Here is some analysis of this unit.


  • low price;
  • uncomplicated assembly;
  • Easily taken components.


  • bulkiness;
  • Low efficiency.

So do such an aggregate or not – individual selection of each.

We make a dryer on Peltier elements

With the ability to handle electronics, you can make a household desiccant on Peltier elements. The main component in such a dryer, obviously, the element of Peltier. It looks like this item is very simple – in fact, it is a small metal plate connected with wires. If you connect such a device to the network, then one side of the plate will begin to heat up, and the other is cool. Due to the fact that the Peltier element can have a temperature close to zero one of its parties, and the dryer below works.

So, for the creation, in addition to the element itself, the following details will be needed:

  • small radiator;
  • Cooler (instead you can use any other small fan);
  • thermalcase;
  • 12V power supply;
  • Self-tapping screws, screws and screwdriver with a drill.

Essence in the following. Since it is very important for us to create the highest possible low temperature on one side of the element, then we need to effectively divert warm air from the other side. Make this work will be cooler, the simplest thing is to take a computer version. Also need a metal radiator, which will be between the element and the cooler. It is worth noting that the element is attached to the aircraft design using thermal paste.

Very convenient is the fact that the Peltier element and the fan operate from voltage in 12V. So, you can do without special converter adapters and attach these two parts directly to the power supply.

After the hottest arrangement, you need to think about cold. A good air removal from the hot side will cool the opposite direction to a very low temperature. Most likely, the element will cover a small layer of ice. Therefore, for the efficiency of the device, you need to use another radiator with a large number of metal rieber. In this case, cooling will be transmitted from the item to these wheels, which can condense water.

In fact, making these simple actions, you can get a working air dryer. However, the last touch remains – the container for moisture. Do it or not do everyone will solve himself, but you need to understand that it is very important to prevent a new evaporation of the already condensed water.

Delier elements dryer is a versatile device. In addition to use in the house, it can be used to dry out air, for example, in the garage. It is very important that in this place the humidity was not very big, otherwise the set of metal parts will rust. Also, such a desiccant is perfect for the cellar, since the increased humidity negatively affects such a room.

Air dryer – a very convenient and useful device, the installation of which in many houses would not interfere. But it is not always possible or the desire to buy such aggregates in the store. Then an email comes to the rescue.

Whatever way of creating a desiccant with your own hands you chose, the result will still be able to please you.

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