How to make a panel “Money Tree”?

Over time, each hostess accumulates a lot of coins that are scattered throughout the apartment – they can be found on the shelves, in the boxes and pockets of the outerwear. If such trifles have accumulated quite a lot, you can try to find it worthy use. One of the most interesting solutions will be the creation of panel. Make it quite simple, especially since coins are perfectly combined with many other materials.

In our review we will focus more on the features of the manufacture of such a stylish decor, like a monetary tree panel.

Materials and tools

In order to make a picture in the style of money, first of all, a photo frame will be required – usually use A4 format.

In addition, go to move:

  • pieces of wallpaper embossed texture;
  • sackcloth;
  • Scissors are sharp;
  • glue – best use PVA;
  • Jute thread or a belling;
  • hot glue pistol;
  • coins of different diameters;
  • small decorative pebbles;
  • brush;
  • Acrylic paint of golden, bronze and black baler;
  • glossy transparent lacquer.

It is advisable to cook everything you need to cook at once so that later in the process of creativity is not distracted in search of the necessary parts.

Experienced craftswomen say that in the process of work on the money tree, it is necessary to think about the very good – so you can charge your talisman for financial enrichment.

How to make it yourself?

Panel with the image of the money tree has become one of the most popular works, which can be made with your own hands. Such a picture can be presented to close people for a holiday or just give to good luck. The money tree is harmoniously combined with the interiors of any style, since it has a concise design and a neutral color without using colorful color hammies.

We will analyze the two most popular master class, something similar, but at the same time they differ exceptional simplicity – Each craftswoman can choose the option that she most like.

MK 1

You will need a photo frame for work, paper napkins, PVA glue, as well as transparent rubber and leather glue. It is also necessary to prepare burlap, thermocons, water kneading capacity, acrylic paints and a glitter.

Creating a spectacular panel includes several consecutive steps.

First you need to take a photo frame and remove a cardboard base from it, you can create another photo frame of the appropriate size as an alternative.

Next, cut a rectangular piece of burlap so that it is on a couple of centimeters more than a blank of cardboard.

On each side there should be allowed.

The burlap is fixed on the front of the cardboard with glue for rubber, carefully bend and very gently glue those edges that were left to the allowance – they are attached from the back side. In order for the edge in the process of the edge, it is possible to further consolidate with their clips. Before proceeding to the following stages of work, you need to wait for the final drying of the glue.

Next, on the front side, a simple pencil must draw a sketch of the future tree. Draw attention to the fact that areas in which the frame will close the panel, it is better to note in advance and leave them free. A tree shape can be completely arbitrary – how to tell the heart and your own artistic abilities.

Then the water-adhesive mass is made of water and glue, mixing both components in equal proportions.

Too much water is not necessary – the consistency should be approximately like kefir.

Paper napkins are folded with flavors and soaked in the resulting solution, after which they are attached to the drawn sketch – thus forming the barrel, branches and the roots of the future money. The places of the largest cluster of flavors are, as a rule, in the zone of the trunk, it is necessary to additionally be mounted with adhesive solution for maximum fixation. Experienced craftswomen recommend making flames in different sizes and diameters – so the tree is obtained more voluminous and textured.

When the napkins get dry, you need to paint the resulting workpiece. The paint is applied in two layers: the first is performed in brown, the second – in the golden. After dried up the second layer, you can additionally emphasize the relief of the image – for this paint different squeezes are applied to a dry brush. If desired, the trunk can be sprinkled with a giltter of yellow or bronze color, it is necessary to do it before the paint dries. If acrylic is already drying, you can additionally observe the decor with glue for rubber and sprinkle to it.

After complete drying of the glue and all the layers of paint, it is necessary to fix coins. For this, they are previously degreased by any solvent or alcohol, for greater decorativeness they can be painted or covered with varnish – they will make the crown of your money tree.

Frame can remain wooden or you can somehow decorate it. It depends solely on your idea, the harmonious thing looks like a wooden frame, covered with golden color, – in this case, it will be effectively combined with the panel itself.

After the color will only remain waiting for the drying of the blanks, insert into the frame, hang on the wall – and wait for you to bring a bag of money.

MK 2

You will need a piece of wallpaper with volumetric texture – the color solution does not matter much, but the relief is fundamental, it is best to use wallpaper with a texture of a tree or burlap.

The cardboard framework of the photo frames is failed with PVA glue and stick to her wallpaper. When the glue will dry up – you can start creating the money.

For this, the twine or harness thread turns into a small mixture, it is allowed from 15 to 60 turns – their number depends on what thickness tree you will form.

The central part of the meka with the help of hot glue-guns is fixed on the basis, after which the scissors neatly cut every turn from above and below. From the upper tips form branches, the lower can be used to create a root. All elements of your money tree are fixed with the help of silicone glue – it is not necessary to regret it, the threads must be fixed as fast as possible.

After that, it is necessary to take coins of different sizes and glue on the branch of the money tree in any order.

For further decoration you will need small pebbles – They are fixed near the roots of glue pistol. Pebbles can be placed on their discretion – so that the space below is filled completely or rarely.

The next stage of work includes painting. For this, panels are placed on a plastic film and cover the entire surface of the acrylic paint of a black spike. When the composition is dry, barrel, sprigs, roots, as well as coins with pebbles are covered with an acrylic with a gold or bronze swelling. Smears can be applied throughout the image or partially.

The final step will be covered with glossy varnishes, it is advisable to place work twice and leave 10-12 hours before the final drying.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Panel with the image of the money tree looks very spectacular in any interior. The trunks with the fastening of small coins will be appropriate in classical interiors, and in Art Nouveau premises.

There are a variety of techniques for the manufacture of such trees: decoupage, pep art, applique or collage.

Usually panels are made in brown, bronze and golden shades. But the presence of bright accents is allowed.

About how to make a panel “denneu tree”, look in the following video.

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