How to make a panel from felt?

Decorative decorations give any place of a special color and coziness. Felt is an excellent material for creating such crafts. From it you can make various panels, covers and covers, as well as decorations and toys. The advantage of the material is in a variety of colors, its advantage and ease of use. Panel, made by hand from felt, can be used both as an original decor and in the form of a gift to a close person.

What you need?

Panel is an element of the decor of any room. You can use it for wall decoration, ceiling and even the facade of the building. Children can be attached to the creation of such an applique. This will allow to develop a shallow motorcy, fantasy and improve imagination. If work is carried out by an experimental craftswoman, the details are usually stitched by threads. Children instead of threads for fixing parts can use glue. Beads, buttons, ribbons, as well as sisal and natural materials are used as decorative decorations.

Felt is a nonwoven material. This felt for which rabbit or goat is usually used or synthetic materials. The material may have a difference in thickness, vary also by density.

Pictures made from felt can be bright and colorful, but you can choose for panels and pastel gentle shades.

Color selection depends on individual preferences, as well as on the subject of the selected composition. So, the girl is more suitable for the product in pink colors, and for the boy it is better to choose an option in bright colors, with contrast details. To make a panel of felt with their own hands on the wall, you will need certain materials and tools.

  • Cuts from felt. You can choose all sorts of coloring material, depending on the topics selected.
  • Cardboard.
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing needle and set of threads.
  • Additional decorative elements.
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An important part of the work is the choice of pattern. It can be done independently or print on ready-made options with patterns, taking them, for example, on the Internet. Performing a craft for children, it is better to choose the plots clear for them. Various animals, the inhabitants of the sea, food, or beloved toys can become options for the painting.

Sewing small velcro to detail, you can make a kind of game from the panel. Such educational crafts will allow kids to have fun. Such a game will help them explore the names of animals, plant a vegetable garden or gather fruit in a basket. Recently, popular paintings became popular. Panel looks outwardly as a regular picture with a specific story, with the name of the child.

You can specify not only the name of the baby, but also the date of his birth.

Production ideas

Panel made of felt can serve as not only with a decorative element of the room. It is used in the form of a organiser if there are pockets in it or as a place for storing jewelry. Newcomers better do more simple crafts. The painting “Autumn”, made from such a material, will become an excellent option in this case.

For work you will need:

  • Blue felt cut for creating background;
  • pieces of multicolored felt;
  • Frame made of wood;
  • Color paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • Decor.

Work on the creation of autumn paintings is carried out as follows.

  1. Need to take stencil, Using it, cut scissors to appliqués. In the absence of a stencil, you can take leaves collected on the street, outline them by contour.
  2. Carved patterns apply to colored paper and cut out.
  3. Take a tight cardboard and tighten it with a blue felt for creating a basic background. Fix with frame.
  4. Brown fabric cut parts, which will serve a tree trunk.
  5. Krona tree Cut from multicolored felt.
  6. In chaotic order in the picture Place Autumn Falling Leaves.
  7. In the end Applique is decorated with beads or rhinestones.
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The contour of all parts and bodies of the leaves are trimmed. For fixing parts, you can use the needle or glue them with PVA glue. To give details the volume uses syntheps. Similarly, the summer panels are made for which the pieces of multicolored felt are used, giving them the shape of ripened fruits.

Complement the painting decorative elements in the form of flaps of fabric, pearls and buttons.

Winter arrangement on shoulder more experienced masters. If desired, anyone can do it. Cutting the necessary parts from the template and connecting them in the desired order, it will turn out a beautiful winter picture. The handicraft consists of a variety of small parts, so such work will require attention and amplification. Very beautiful, the panel “Seasons”. Such a product is better to hang in the nursery, where it will look good, attract attention.

Perfectly will look and felt painting in the form of a flower bouquet. To make flowers, choose one of the options like the template. You can make a flower using one or more layers of fabric. The color of the felt colors make a monophonic or contrast.

Using a paper template, you should draw the contour of the colors and then cut the blank by contour. Boot details are folded from the largest petal. As the core use a round felt piece and fix it in the center of the flower. Small beads, beads or rhinestones will serve the decoration of this detail.

For leaflets, tapping a green shade fabric and suitable parts are cut out of it. Using glue or needle, petals are fixed to flowers.

Beautiful examples

Creating a cute panel and patterns from felt is a fascinating occupation.

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In the children’s room are appropriate to crafts with an interesting or fabulous plot. Named panels are very popular. Usually they are given to the baby as a birthday gift. Favorite product toy will delight the birthday.

Such a gift will be glad not only children. Flower arrangements made of felt will decorate the house.

This is an excellent option for the dining room, living room or corridor.

Even unpaired and simple felt crafts look very cute.

      Creating crafts from felt will make the original decoration, showing your fantasy and putting the work. Such a product will be a pleasant gift resembling a certain event.

      About how to make a panel from felt with your own hands, look in the following video.

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