How to issue an interior in the style of the 70s?

The Bunlet 70s found its reflection in the bright supper interior design, which are still popular in the design of apartments. Thanks to the features of the style, you can get the original living decor of the room, which will be favorably influenced by the mood of their owner.


The flowering of hippie culture, disco and punks presented the world of the 70s, many ideas that designers were inspired and successfully integrated into the interior decor and decor. While the minimalism flourished in the USSR, which combined functional and practical benefits, in the USA and Europe actively developed style filled with aesthetic contradictions, manifested in bright decor and smooth lines.

Style 70s in the interior of apartments has its own characteristics.

  • Bright accents. In the decor, the room should harmoniously coexist and complement each other restrained and bright saturated colors, creating a colorful mood, but not overloading the interior.

As a rule, the main bright accents becomes furniture having an unusual shape or a glare surface.

  • Geometric prints. Large right geometric drawings, smoothly complementing the interior and non-damage of its elegance, are an integral part of the 70s style.

A large cell, peas, cubic and triangular designers skillfully emphasized the originality and individuality of the room.

  • Smooth curves lines. Semicircular furniture, irregular carpets or large unusual lamps gave the interior of the room a special feeling of constant movement and liveliness.

  • Unusual performance of familiar things. Outdoor in the interior of the 70s goes to the background. Furniture plays an important role in the room design and is the starting point of the style of the style. Most often, the products were performed in the style of “future” and had a peculiar form, reaching sometimes to the feeling of exaggerated absurd, but at the same time perfectly inscribed in the overall interior.
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Style 70s contains charm and kitsch. Despite the unusual design of the room, it should not cause feelings of overload or vulgarity and interfere with relax.

The interior must remain elegant and at the same time personalized, brave and bright.

Finishing materials and colors

The design of the retro room does not have a special framework for the designer imagination. On the contrary, it is designed to expand the borders and look at ordinary things on the other hand. That is why, when decorating rooms, a wide variety of materials can be used. These include:

  • Natural tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • glass;
  • textile;
  • skin;
  • vinyl;
  • ceramics;
  • wallpaper;
  • paint;
  • Faneru.

    At the same time, especially When making a living room and office, A combination of natural wood with ceramic tiles was popular. The walls were drawn up, and the floor with a bright large geometric print was laid by Paul, after which the soft carpet was covered.

    Metal and glass are most often used as additional sources of furniture decoration, and especially popular in the decoration of the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

    Restrictions in color decoration are also practically no. It can be a combination of familiar natural shades and acid colors.

    Particularly the use of fluorescent paints, which glowing at night with the light off and were practically not visible in daytime.

    Designers most often appealed to atypical combinations of shades in the interior. These include:

    • Raspberry and gray;
    • red and green;
    • mustard and blue;
    • yellow and brown;
    • white and scarlet;
    • Blue and emerald;
    • orange and golden;
    • mint and lilac;
    • pink and wood and other.

    The more natural shades prevailed, the more cozy interior looked. Brighter saturated colors were usually used in the design of office non-residential premises.

    Choose furniture

    Furniture in the interior of the 70s was mainly either classical and minimalistic using wood and textile, or an irregular mold from metal or bright plastic. Depending on the purpose of the room, the designer could choose different furniture.

    • Hallway. Most often it was supplied with a troll (a large mirror with several sash and a dressing table), an unusual shape with a clothes hanger and a chair with a correct level backrest and a comfortable seater in the style of the USSR. On the toilet table there was a reference book, a vase with flowers and a retro-phone of the original form.
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    • Living room. Large wardrobe in combination with a semicircular long sofa – are considered classic attributes of this room. And the coffee table between them was necessary for storing pleasant little things and the opportunity to put a mug during a comfortable tea party.

    • Bedroom. A huge double bed with an unusual shape of the head restraint, a cozy chair and a solid wardrobe wall without explicit handles or sash – a wonderful way to make a bedroom in the style of the 70s.

    • Kitchen. As a rule, the room is made up with a servant and a kitchen headset of an unusual shape with cut-down smooth angles. Round or square table complements curved chairs with skin backs.

    Technique can serve as an additional decor tool – large combine, massive microwave or toaster with a bright case.

    • Bathroom. Required a table with a sink integrated into it, mirrors in a wide frame and a small chair.

    The Soviet Plan is especially popular for the furniture in the style of the USSR, but diluted with bright textile design and geometric prints.

    Decor and lighting

    Decor of premises It is recommended to diversify interesting designer ideas, For example, a round mini refrigerator, a reel retro-tape recorder, a cabinet in the form of a spacecraft, a large chair with a plastic case in the form of a drop and many others.

    Very popular interior decoration in the 70s using abstract paintings.

    As sources of lighting it is worth stopping your choice On a large bright chandelier using metal, wood or plastic, which effectively complement decor. It is also worth paying attention to on floor lamps with an interesting major textile flappon with a bright ornament on it.

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    Beautiful examples

    Oval mint carpet in combination with a bright yellow sofa Smooth unusual shape give the room the effect of liveliness. Chairs with bright upholstery perfectly combined in the color scheme with the surrounding decor, and the legs of the flooring and the dressing table are although they are massive, and do not overload the room.

    Great variety of gamma in combination with large geometric ornaments Create a special atmosphere of comfort in the room. Additional sources of decor with smooth lines give harmony interior.

    How to issue an interior in the style of the 70s, see the following video.

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