How to furnish a one-room apartment?

Furnishing a one-room apartment is considered not easy, because it implies careful thinking and creating a plan of all housing. At the same time, special attention has to be paid to the functionality of each element, because often odnushki do not differ in large square. From the material of this article you will learn how to better furnish a one-room apartment, given the type of furniture and its location in rooms of various purposes.

What furniture will suit?

Cut the one-room apartment can be different in the type and functionality of furniture. The choice of one or another depends on factors such as:

  • the area of ​​each room of the apartment;
  • location of door and window openings;
  • the length of the walls, width of the room;
  • The presence of protrusions and niches;
  • the location of communications;
  • Interior style taken as the basis of design.

Furniture try to choose such that it is aesthetically attractive, functional and comfortable. If the room is small, special attention is paid to the size of each element of arrangement. In this case, compactness and ergonomics are important. It is important to take such products with which you can competently use space.

Wherein Everything can depend on the association of adjacent rooms. Open area with properly selected furniture looks stylish, modern and unique. Furniture for placing with redevelopment is selected taking into account the existing internal partitions, arches, podiums, sliding doors-panels.

At the same time, the interior organization may even be vertical.

Furniture for arrangement of one-room apartment can be traditional and non-standard. At the same time, depending on the elements of the premises of various purposes, it can be foldable, suspended, typical and embedded. In small apartments take such products that can be fitted in Niche, Alcove and T.D.

Furniture of the transformable type is considered the best choice. It is compact in folded form, in most cases equipped with internal storage systems. This allows you to organize space by removing the mass of things used in everyday life. Folding can be sofas, tables, chairs, chairs, suspended wardrobes, shirms on wheels, mounted shelves.

When choosing a certain type of furniture, pay attention to its combination with the background solution of the interior. It is important that she does not look at cumbersome, it was convenient for operation, had reliable opening and closing mechanisms. In addition, you need to choose the right color and material. Sometimes these nuances contribute to the creation of the atmosphere of home comfort, even in a small apartment with an uncomfortable planning.

Arrangement of various premises

Set of furniture and its location Individual for each apartment room. It depends on the shape of a particular room and its metrah. One living easier to arrange furniture by creating optimal conditions for life and recreation. Much more difficult to fit in one living room at the same time living room, bedroom, and often the space for a child, placing a bed in it and placing the recreation area.

A lot depends on the type of planning. If the room is narrow and long, it is necessary to put furniture with a linear way. If you try to arrange it differently, it will be difficult to move around the room. In this case, it is difficult and laying transformable furnishing elements.

Place furniture in one-room apartment is necessary taking into account the principles of zoning. This will bring unobtrusive organization to the space, will make the arrangement of harmonious. With the correct placement of furniture, it is possible to visually increase the room, fill it with light and ease.

It is important to clearly determine where and what will be as much as possible.


Kitchen layout may be linear, M-shaped and P-shaped. If the kitchen is large, possibly island furniture island. With a linear version of the headsets are located along one wall. And in the arrangement, both outdoor, and hinged cabinets, built-in bottles, narrow refrigerators, open and closed shelves,.

Depending on the design you can equip the kitchen bar counter. With it, you can separate the cooking zone from the dining space. Bar rack is an excellent zoning element, it can be used with linear and island layouts. In the spacious kitchen you can buy a headset with an island.

The island can be linear, located in the form of a number of floor cabinets parallel to the installed headset. In addition, the island can be bar (in the form of a rack with bar chairs). In large kitchens the island can be located in the center of the room. At the same time, it can be a set of outdoor cabinets with a single or double sink, a table for cutting meat, countertops for the location of households and their guests.

Furniture can be installed in different ways, but taking into account the rules of the working triangle. According to him between the sink, the refrigerator and stove should be held about the same distance. Dining table with chairs can be placed:

  • along the wall with a linear layout;

  • At the wall opposite the headset in a wide room;

  • cuisine in the large room;

  • in the corner of the square room;

  • close to the desktop, zoning the interior.

If there is enough space in the kitchen, there you can fit a direct type compact sofa. It can be delivered instead of chairs at the wall, adding a dining group with a rectangular or round-shaped table. Instead of a sofa, you can buy a kitchenette, a bench or a bench with a mattress and armrests. You can buy a sofa table in a large kitchen by installing it opposite the headset.


The main purpose of the singular room is to create a rest. First of all this bedroom zone. Depending on the size of a particular room, a bed or a transformable sofa is bought here. The bed model or sofa can have a different form: standard rectangular, oval, square, round.

Depending on the area of ​​the hall put the bed or sofa can be located along the wall, perpendicular to it, in the center of the room. Furniture of transformable type must be put so that in the unfolded form it does not interfere with the movement of households. Considering that the bedroom will have to use both the living room, you can equip it with a transformer sofa. At night, he will perform a full-fledged bed function, day will be a key element of a guest space.

The transformation mechanism can be retractable, folding, roll-out, folding, turning. You need to take the option that will be comfortable, simple and silent in work. In the conditions of small square, you can buy multifunctional furniture of transformable type in the bedroom. For example, it can be a bed-sofa bed option.

In the collected form, the bed located above the sofa seems like a wall panel with a print. It can be located a comfortable table that can be used as a written, worker and even dining. This is a comfortable embedded furniture with internal storage systems.

Suitable for furnishing bedrooms and a sofa table.

If the room is spacious and wide, it can accommodate a bed, a sofa, a dressing table, a workplace and a TV zone. It is necessary to equip the room with zoning, creating separate functional islets. At the same time, they can be wrapping from each other with furniture. For example, you can separate the sleeping zone by the side wall of the sofa, bedside table, rack, locker.


Depending on the size and form, the hallway can be equipped in different ways. Planning options are different: it can be a linear location of the hallway with a high wardrobe, a bench, a narrow sofa or puff. In a small hallway, it is sometimes possible to place only a mirror with a hanger for street clothing. The spacious room is enough space for the cabinet, walls, modular furniture.

If the hallway is small, you have to think about furnishing elements options. This room usually lacks the place to install a typical set with shoe storage boxes and cabinets for winter clothes and caps. Therefore, it is advisable to put a narrow hallway with a shelf for hats, hanger under the clothes, a drawer for shoes. It is better to choose such furniture in which there is a shop for more comfortable arms.

Spacious and wide hallway can be equipped otherwise. If there are protrusions and openings in it, it is where you need to put the cabinets under the phone, a banquette, puffs, shops for arms. Here you can also place racks, if communications are close, you can install both washing machine, drying machine. In the corner you can place a compact bench or sofa.

Consider Square

Choosing one or another option, you have to consider the dimensions of the apartment. For example, in Khrushchevka with the main room of 15-16 kV.m places little. Furniture here are taken with focus on functionality. At the same time it can be embedded. Say, it can be a folding type table, built into the kitchen set.

Small-sized kitchen can be equipped with a wall table. Without need, it can be simply close, then he will unload the area of ​​a small room. The same applies to transformer sofas. You can take a product with functional armrests. Today they can be used as tea or computer tables.

Often the armrests are equipped with roll-out tables, poufami, they are often located shelves with a folding or retractable opening system. A small room is better to buy a sofa with a roomy bedding box. In this case, the number of compartments under the seat may vary.

In a completely tiny room, you can purchase a sofa chair. Such a product can replace baby bed. In folded form it takes a minimum of space. In the unfolded, it can fit not only a child or adolescent, but by necessity and adult. The use of compact furniture in small rooms allows to avoid visual overcurrent space.

In addition, compact furniture allows you to create in the room not one, but two or even three functional zones.

Choose furniture for rooms of different areas needs to be right. For example, For small cuisine, you need suspended boxes, built-in equipment. Here you need angular structures that save the useful area. Very small can be furnished with window sills, sofas window sills. Instead of a furnace, you can buy cooking surfaces.

As for the arrangement of large rooms or studio-type one-room apartments, in this case, it is necessary to approach the choice and placement of furniture. The arrangement of furniture in the corners in this case is undesirable: it is important to fill in the central space. If the room is large, you can fill it with a modular furniture center, equipping with its help a comfortable guest zone.

Buying modular furniture allows you to create your own furniture ensemble. With the help of modules, you can create borders of the guests of the room. At the same time, the furniture can be a linear or angular, radius or even erker. For large rooms, modular sets with advertiser chairs, massage blocks, ottomans with storage systems, low countertops.

The bed in such rooms put in one of the corners, highlighting it by means of a podium or contrast finish of the floor covering. Accent sleeping in such an apartment can be used with a pile carpet. In fact, space is conditionally divided into 3 zones: kitchen, living room and bedroom. Kitchen and guest space can be separated by a sofa turn (its back) or bar counter with chairs.

Errors in work

To the arrangement of one-room apartment it is necessary to approach. You can not overload one zone and leave empty other angles. Everywhere should feel harmony. It is important to choose the right and place the furniture so that it does not look at cumbersome or, on the contrary, too small for a particular home.

If the room is narrow and small, it is impossible to overload it with partitions – this is an incorrect approach to the setting. Thus, the effect of cells in a limited space is created, and the degree of natural illumination of the room is reduced. Should not be made in the room more than three different areas. No need to divide the room with several identical shirms.

You can not furnish a small room of dark and black furniture. This will create an effect of clutter. At the same time, choosing elements of arrangement need so that they do not merge with the color of the walls or floor, they should look expressively on the overall interior background. Color you need to pick up the rules of compatibility, for this you can contact the color circle.

Often you can face the situation when the furniture in the odnushka does not suit the style of the interior. In this case, it seems not to the place, looks ridiculous, creates visual discomfort. Furniture are chosen in a single style, this rule concerns the elements of the arrangement of the entire dwelling. For example, if the apartment is drawn up in the style of minimalism, the furniture should be laconic in each room.

For apartments with open planning suitable for pompous furniture. Here are relevant styles such as classic, neoclassic, classicism, loft, as well as modern. In each direction there are trends and rules. For example, for modernity, the curved lines and spaces are required for the classics – compliance with symmetry and the use of linear forms.

The error is the wrong choice of transformation mechanisms. Other of them provide for the decay of the Block, which the buyer is not always conceived. It is important to arrange furniture with the condition that each individual island has its own center, it is impossible to put furniture chaotic.

It is unwanted to combine the zones, thereby lost their purpose and the functionality is reduced.

Not everyone knows what kind of furniture can be put in the center of the interior composition of the equipped room. You can not put in the middle small objects. Dressers, chairs, puffs are near a sofa or bed. In the center there must be a key accent – sofa. So that the furniture does not interfere with the opening and closing of doors, buy wardrobes.

Some at the setting of the apartment furniture do not take into account the importance of lighting, niches and protrusions. If there are the latter, it is they who become limiters of functional zones. It is impossible to put extra furniture in the rooms – it is incorrect from the point of view of visual harmony. Illumination should be located in the center of significant zones.

Place furniture in a room of 15-18 square meters is not easy, but it is quite possible. No need to make mistakes, buying a large chandelier, plasma, a huge sofa. High furniture is not suitable for low ceilings. For such rooms it is better to choose the shelves of the console type, as well as compact racks.

Beautiful examples in the interior

We offer 10 examples of a successful setting of one-room apartment.

  • An example of a room zoning through rack and sofa reversal.
  • Using a partition as a separator of two functional zones with the creation of a rest space.

  • Branch of the bedroom zone using tissue screen, creating a TV zone in a small room.

  • The arrangement of the room by means of a wardrobe that hides a lot of little things.

  • Installation of multifunctional transformable furniture separating room for recreation areas and sleep.

  • An example of a bedroom arrangement of multifunctional furniture consisting of a sofa, beds and a rack.

  • Large room can be furnished with a sofa and a bed, dividing two zones by means of a high rack.

  • Department of the Sleeping Zone using Podium and Fissure Shirm.

  • Apartment non-standard layout, separation of space with furniture and light.

  • Rational arrangement of the combined type room, creating a recreation area on the former balcony.

About how to reasonably arrange a one-room apartment, look in the video.

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