How to fix the epson printer?

Epson printers are used both for home use and for office, but with large ink print volumes in cartridges quickly end. For each type of cartridges there are rules of refueling, knowing them, you can avoid many problems with the printing of documents and extend the service life of the cartridge.

Features of refueling

Filling the Epson printer is quite easy, since almost all modern models are equipped with a continuous ink feed system. In order for the printer normally, the ink must be pouring 90%. If you have a printer of an old modification, then, most likely, it has an unforgettable original cartridges that need to be changed to the same. But if you have the ability to replace the cartridges from the original on the re-controlled, it is better to use it or replace them with the continuous supply of ink. And in that and in another case, the ink refuel will be beneficial not only from an economic point of view, but also because of the ease of use. After all, the refillable cartridges, and the SSRP to fill on their own quite simple. When buying ink, the choice is based not only on the price niche, but also on the model of the printer, the characteristics of the color reproduction, the ability not to score.

Incorrectly selected inks are able to deal with the print head and lead to the complete unsuitability of the device. Always pay attention to the instructions contained on the ink container label – a good manufacturer issues full information about the composition of the coloring components. If the ink is incompatibilities, the ink of the old and the new compositions when refueling, they can curl and clog the print head dubs.

Cartridge is a small container with paint. Refueling procedure is quite simple. The main feature is that it is impossible to get the cartridges more than a minute.

Therefore, it is better to purchase an additional set, which you can refuel as needed and installing shortly before the full use of paint mainly kit cartridges.

How to fix?

Refilled cartridges are fairly easily refilled. They are equipped with a refueling hole, which is used directly for the fill ink, and the air hole – His destination in smoothing pressure levels when refueling and printing documents and photos. These holes can be in close proximity to each other or at opposite ends of the cartridge. To determine the location of the refueling hole, look at the cartridge on the side. The hole for refueling will be located in an empty container, and the air is located opposite the grid. If there is only one hole, it will be filling.

To fill the coloring pigments, it is necessary to prepare a syringe for 10 cubic meters. CM, coloring pigment and napkins. Paint the corresponding brand is gaining in the syringe and through the filling hole slowly pour into the container. More than 12 ml is not worth it, otherwise the risk of overflow.

Pile paint is very slow so that air bubbles are not formed.

Possible problems

Recycled cartridges need to work with a complete set. Do not combine them with original, otherwise the device will stop recognizing the re-controlled cartridges and give an error about the absence of ink. When installing, carefully trace so that the air hole is not closed, otherwise the device will not print, or the print will be with stripes.

Be sure to read in the instructions, what composition of coloring pigments are filled in original cartridges. If the original is used by pigment ink, it should not be water in the reissued, as you can harm the printhead or score the rolled paint nozzle.

There are several possible problems after refueling re-installed cartridges.

  • If the inkjet printer began to print badly, there are several possible problems. For example, too much ink was reflected in the tank, as a result of which the air channel is clogged. The solution of this problem can be a puncture of a film covering a hole for refueling. Second problem – formed a dense layer of dried ink. The decision also serves a puncture film in several places. Another solution can be the cleaning head and nozzles with a special solution. And also, perhaps, the problem occurs due to a loose clamping cartridge.
  • The problem when the printer does not see the working charged cartridges, due to the malfunction of the Cartridge Cartridge Definitions, Cable Cable faults, or non-working formatter. The decision is the appeal to the workshop for the replacement of parts.
  • Does not print one color. Such a malfunction appears as a result of heading problems or formatter. The output is to clean the print head or formatter replacement.
  • The main problem of re-installed cartridges is their quality. Some models have problems with channels, because of this ink do not go to the print head.

When buying a printer, it is necessary to thoroughly study than it is equipped with cartridges or the ink continuous system, for optimal selection of not only painting pigments in composition, but also an additional kit of cartridges.

And do not buy cheap ink, it can lead not only to breakage of the print head, but also to the failure of the printer himself.

Epson L210 printer ink refilling in video below.

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