How to fix headphones without a soldering iron?

Almost all headphones owners are sooner or later faced with the fact that the device ceases to work as a result of improper operation or force majeure situations. Fortunately, in most cases, fix the accessory on its own very real, and even without a soldering iron.

Common faults

To determine the method of repairing headphones, it is necessary to understand the cause of the breakdown, and whether it is in general in the accessory itself. To do this, you can connect headphones to another running connector or to connect other workers headphones to the existing connector. If after checking it turns out that the problem is still in the gadget itself, then it is worth assessing it for common breakdowns.

Headphones may not work due to broken cable. This malfunction is determined by the “behavior” of the sound: if the music is disappeared during flexion and extension of the wire, it appears, then the problem is in the cable.

It may be that headphones do not work because of a broken plug. Again, in this case, the sound appears and disappears during pressing or twisting the part in the connector. There is a chance of a cliff of wires – both between the plug and the speakers and the head of the plug.

The problem with headphones can be in terms of the speakers and the volume control, the deformation of the membrane or its rupture. It is also possible that the device simply got something unnecessary or the same details were out of order due to old age. If only one ear does not work as headphones, it may be due to severe pollution.

Repair process

To fix the headphones who have broken the wire, without a soldering iron at home, you can use the AUX cable sold through everywhere and standing very inexpensively. In addition, to repair without soldering, there will be a paper knife, scotch and lighter.

First of all, it is necessary to crop the AUX cable at a distance of 5-7 centimeters from the connector or even away. At the next stage, the knife will need to hold the braid.

Do not constantly press the blade strongly, since by flexing the braid itself will disappear.

Washing wire, cuts should be created until the circle goes, after which the braid is removed. It is very important during the process not to damage the wiring. Target at this stage it is necessary approximately 2 centimeters of wiring. They are usually covered with varnish, and the next thing to do is to consider it a very sharp knife or lighter.

In the second case, act with great accuracy. The end of the wire is made to the fire lighters only at the fraction of a second, which allows him to flare and light up. Waiting for a centimeter-one and a half, fire will need to slightly. Nailing from the surface easily.

As a rule, the headphones wire rifles very close to the connector, so it is thrown out of just 2-5 centimeters near it. By the way, the item itself can be immediately sent to the trash. Next, the insulation is removed from the remaining wiring, almost the same as with AUX cable. Finally, the wires of two cables must be connected by simply screw. To ensure maximum contact, the wiring used are unchecked, then superimposed one on the other and tightly twist.

Every twist will need to isolate with a wide scotch, spinning in 3-5 layers. Instead of velcro, the thermal tube with a diameter of about 1-2 millimeters will also be suitable. They wear on the resulting twists, and then heated by any heater, for example, by the usual hairdryer.

Another thermal tube is suitable for the protection of the joint.

Often to repair the headphones of the phone, you need to change the plug. In this case, first will have to purchase a new connector, absolutely identical to the old. With the help of conventional scissors or bodies, the old plug is cut, and the indent should be preserved equal to 3 millimeters. Then you need to replace the item in the same way as the wire. This means that first the wires of the new plug and old headphones are taken off, then they are cleaned and twisted among themselves. Work is completed by using thermal tubes.

Another option is to search for an alternative to the habitual soldier, as it is still the most reliable and long-term solution. For example, it can be conductive glue or special soldering paste. In the presence of rosin and tin solder, you can split the copper wire or nail with a lighter, after which the wiring will be soldered. Also from lighters and copper wire should try to independently make a gas soldering iron.

However, in these cases, it is still necessary to have certain skills and be sure to comply with safety.

An interesting option is soldering foil. This method is more suitable for connecting two wiring. First of all, of course, the insulating layer is eliminated on the range of about 3 centimeters. Foil is cut by strips, the width of which coincides with the dimensions of a bare gap. Next, all ribbons are folded with small grooves, in which the twisted ends of the contacts are placed one. At the next stage, the grooves are evenly filled with a mixture of rosin and chopped solder in such a way that the entire length of the connection is covered.

Foolding foil is tightly robbed around the wires so that the gaps are not formed, and he warms up to the temperature at which the solder melts. Soldering itself is done when the foil is removed, and the wires are clamping with pliers. Salt surplus are cleaned by sandpaper.


In order to determine the exact location of the wire break, it makes sense to use the multimeter, especially if he is already in the farm. However, it will also be worth it especially expensive. Before starting use, the device should be prepared: switch to mode to check the electrical conductivity, or its analog. DAlya of the black screen is connected to the connector on which the COM is written, and the red probe is joined with the connector indicated by Ma. Having prepare, you can proceed to direct verification.

Next to the plug and near the headphone itself, small cuts are created, exposing wires, which also need carefully and without damage to isolate. Probs are connected to bare wiring, after which it will be necessary to listen to the multimeter. The presence of sound indicates that everything is in order with the wire, and the problem is either in the plug or in the dynamics.

In the case when there is no sound, checking the entire wire, you can detect the exact break point.

How to fix headphones without a soldering iron, look in the video.

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