How to disassemble and repair the remote control from the television SAMSUNG SMART TV?

Modern TVs work from remote control panels. The person is so used to this invention that when it fails, the use of the TV becomes difficult and accompanied by a number of inconveniences. Today we will help the owners of Samsung Smart TV televisions to deal with faults that most often arise with the remote control.

How to disassemble

Repair of the console from the TV Samsung Smart TV starts with his disassembly.

For this work, some tool will be required:

  • a screwdriver with a crusading nozzle of a suitable diameter for fasteners on the remote control;
  • Flat screwdriver;
  • knife;
  • a plastic card.

The disassembly process includes a number of steps:

  1. Carefully examine the device, studying the location of fasteners. In many cases, part of the cogs focused in the compartment with batteries. Many forget about them, trying to uncover the design, which leads to its damage.
  2. Using a screwdriver of the appropriate size We promote fasteners.
  3. We study the connection location for glue. When the adhesive layer is detected, the case of the case is necessary to join a knife or a flat-edge screwdriver. You need to act carefully not to damage plastic. Several accurate movements – and two halves of the console will disperse.
  4. With the help of a plastic card you need to spend on the joints (You should not use the current bank card, for this you will better fit the card from the store), which will allow you to break the plastic and expand the hole.
  5. Carefully remove battery contacts, which are in the landing groove.
  6. Now you need Examine the principle of fastening the board to the rear lid. Screws or latches can be used. Screws are simply unscrewed with a screwdriver, and the latch should be carefully pickled.
  7. Infrared diode can be fixed in the landing socket – it is necessary Gently reach, To damage anything.
  8. The buttons are removed from the console – Just pressing on them from the front side. And also very carefully unscrewed microcircuits. The sensor does not need to be removed.

On this process of disassembly is completed. Further can be engaged in cleaning and repair work.

How to open a remote with touchpad

Not so long ago, Samsung began to produce remote controls with a touch panel. Despite the wider functionality and differences in the device, such structures are disassembled similarly to conventional models.

The touch sensor does not constitute problems with the analysis of the console.

The main thing about the loop, with which you need to be careful.

The loop connects the touchpad with the board. I pull out all the parts from the plastic case, we carry out cleaning, after which they are engaged in the repair of the product for a single scheme.

Features repair

Problems may occur with the new console, which, as it may seem, does not work. Solving this situation can be in several actions:

  • First you need to make sure that the device is suitable for your TV model. This information may be contained in the operating instructions or on the official website of the manufacturer.
  • After checking on the compatibility of the TV and the remote control, you need to extract the batteries and insert back.
  • You can also turn off the TV from the power, and in a few minutes insert the plug back into the outlet.

Common problem is bad job buttons. The reason for this behavior of the console is strong pollution or spilled liquid.

Consider how to act in such situations:

  1. We disassemble the remote. With the help of a napkin without a pile, moistened in alcohol, wipe the places with pollution.
  2. It will be more difficult Remove contamination from the chip – here you need to take care. Excessive pressure or non-accurate action will result in a fragile part in a non-working condition.
  3. Do not forget pro Contacts in the compartment with batteries. They also need purification. Some use emery paper for these purposes. Specialists do not advise practicing such a way.
  4. After removing contaminants The remote is disassembled to leave for drying. After that, you can collect it and check for performance.

The console during operation may be subject to mechanical damage – impacts and drops. The result of such situations are cracks and violations of contacts. Thin loops are used to connect chips. Need to check each fee and solder those that were damaged.

Mechanical wear is a common problem for all devices. In the consoles most often erased by a conductive layer under the buttons. With this problem, you can cope with yourself by restoring a conductive spraying.

For this work, you can purchase a special kit or use the usual foil.

About the consoles with the touchpad is worth talking separately. The most common problem is to increase the discharge speed of the battery. Over time, the console stops working even with new batteries. This problem is related to the malfunction of the capacitors, which are located on the positive entrance. Solving problem Simple – just extract capacitors.

In this form, the remote will work normally, but the safety of its use is in question.

When the sensory panel is violations, it is necessary to make it calibration. It is performed as follows:

  • Batteries are changed in the console, their type is indicated under the lid;
  • For 5 seconds, the GUIDE button holds;
  • Calibration has been conducted – you can check the operation of the touch panel;
  • If the touch panel does not continue to react, you need to reinstate the remote.

Prevention measures

To the remote control served as long as possible and less frequently demanded repairs, he needs due.

Compliance with uncomplicated rules will extend the life of the TV with the television:

  • The device needs periodic cleaning, the frequency of which depends on the intensity of the operation and the conditions in which it passes. To purify the remote, alcohol-containing liquid, paper napkins, toothpicks for processing hard-to-reach places.

  • To facilitate the reverse assembly of the console, when it is spinning, all the details and fasteners need to be folded in the appropriate sequence. On the working surface should not be unnecessary items – only parts and tools.

  • Remote control should not be stored near the products and drinks. For the device you need to take a separate, permanent place so that it does not have to look for it all the time.

  • Cellofan film or special case will allow to protect the device from dust and eating particles. And the buttons will not be so fast.

More details, analysis and cleaning of the remote control from the Samsung Smart TV TV – then in the video.

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