How to connect two TVs to one digital console?

Analog television has long moved to the background. His displaced digital and Internet broadcasting. Russia does not lag behind other countries in this direction, offering the necessary conditions for connecting high definition television channels. To enjoy a variety of content without leaving home, you need a special console. You can connect one or more TVs to this device.


To establish the connection will require special equipment. It is worth noting that analog television is different from digital broadcasting. This option is less and less used by modern consumers. We are also interested in digital format.

His television channels are connected to separate multiplexes. In the process takes place packets on TV tuner. After that, decryption occurs, during which the multiplex is divided into separate channels. Experts note that there are three main standards.

  • Satellite. Popular format, for the designation of which the following abbreviations are used: DVB-S2 or DVB-S.
  • Cable. Another option that retains relevant due to the price available. Denotes with the Marking DVB-C.
  • Etheric. To date, this is the most common and used type. You can find it with the designation of DVB-T2.

To provide high-quality and uninterrupted broadcasting, manufacturers use special receivers.

Digital consoles are needed to broadcast high image quality. Clear and rich picture is preserved, regardless of broadcast format. To date, all models used supports HD format – this permission is the most popular.

To connect to one console several television receivers, except the receiver, you will need a splitter. And also do not do without an antenna, which will be attached to the tune by a coaxial cable.

The modern electronics market offers a rich assortment of TV technology needed to synchronize equipment.

All sold receivers are divided into certain groups depending on the broadcast format.

  • Satellite. Without receiver of this type, do not do when using a special satellite plate. Before you start purchasing equipment, you need to decide on the company that will provide the service (provider).
  • Cable equipment. These are special devices for receiving television channel packages. Services provide regional firms.
  • Essential consoles. They are used to receive a signal from repeaters located on the ground. It is worth noting that it is possible to catch this format of broadcasting, even through the usual antenna.
  • To use interactive television, you will need special “smart” devices – SMART consoles. And also not to do without the Internet connection. If your TV is equipped with the “Smart TV” function, you will not need additional equipment.

Methods of connection

There are several ways to use to connect two TVs to one digital console. The use of this conjugation format will help save funds that could be spent on the purchase of special equipment.

Its useful to note, that if you connect 2 or several TV receivers to one receiver, you can simultaneously watch only one channel. Switching will be executed synchronously on all TVs. Broadcast only one channel is associated with a feature of the operation of digital technology. This feature does not depend on the model of the console or TV.

When using the broadcast ethereal format, it will not be possible to watch different channels from one antenna. In this case, such a problem can be avoided if using a receiver associated with a satellite plate.

Here, one antenna will still need to connect several digital consoles to enjoy different channels on several TVs at the same time.

To conjugate 2 television receivers, you can choose one of several options offered by experts. So that no problems have arisen during the synchronization, the receiver used must have the following ports:

  • USB.
  • HDMI.
  • RCA.
  • Skart.

The first 2 options are considered the most modern and practical. To connect the TV to tyuer, you can choose any of the available ports.

The most widely used option – HDMI connector. Its main advantage is to simultaneously transmit image and sound. In this case, the LF signal running through the HDMI cable is able to quickly fluff. In this case, you need to adhere to the optimal distance (no more than 10 meters). Otherwise, the broadcast may be broken.

HDMI connector

In this case, if the existing receiver has only a HDMI interface, to connect several television receivers you need to use a special splitter. When choosing the console, remember that the more ports on it, the better. The first method of conjugation, which we will look at, best suited to the owners of modern TV models.

To connect, you need to connect the equipment using the cable and turn it on. If only one port is on the console, use the adapter.

Coupling in RF

If the equipment is at a high distance from each other (more than 10 meters), experts recommend using a tuner with RF-interface. This method of synchronization of several TVs will be remarkably due to simplicity and high efficiency.

Viewing product catalog, it can be noted that manufacturers offer customers a rich selection of digital consoles that are equipped with RF ports.

Before performing the connection settings, you must definitely branch the digital signal. All components of the system must be combined with a radio frequency cable. If necessary, the amplifier can be mounted between TV tuners and splitter to avoid signal loss.

Through a rf modulator

Some models of digital equipment do not have the RF interface. In this case, to synchronize multiple television receivers you should use a modulator. The equipment is connected to RCA or SKART connectors.

The high-frequency modulator is connected to one of the ports specified above. Remember that the equipment is obliged to be at the output of the last splitter. To connect the remaining system elements, you will need a 75-ohm cable. On the modulator chooses a television channel.

After the connection is completed, you need to start configuring television. If you notice that broadcasting is weak, be sure to use the amplifier.


It is worth noting that the search for television channels for multiple TVs will change depending on the receiver model used. Despite the large range of technology, all modern consoles have a simple and understandable interface. Manufacturers have thought over the menu so that even new users have no problems.

First of all, you need to select a new signal source, it is done in the TV settings. Open menu and select the connector as a source to which the digital console is connected.

    Next, you need to start the process of searching for available TV channels. You can do this in automatic mode. It is enough to choose the task and wait for the completion of the process. Currently, users have the ability to set up 2 multiplex for free. Perhaps soon their number will grow to 3.

    After the TV finds and compile a list of channels, they must be saved. If desired, you can perform sorting. And you can also find channels manually. This setting will take a lot more time.

    Specialists recommend using automatic search as the fastest and most practical option.

    How to connect two TVs to one digital console, look in video.

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