How to connect the projector to the computer?

Conducting presentations, lectures in educational institutions and master classes in the modern world are almost impossible without using modern equipment. In order to convey to a large number of students visual information, it often happens a little computer monitor or TV screen. Specialists recommend paying attention to modern projectors, information on which can be displayed directly from a laptop or any other device.

Thanks to the long and painstaking work of the manufacturers, the modern projector can be connected not only by means of wires, but also using a wireless method.

Step-by-step instructions for wired connections

In order to connect the projector to a computer, most users use special wires. Wired connection method implies the use of the following elements:

  • VGA;
  • HDMI.

Before proceeding with the process of connecting all items, you must have the following equipment:

  • projector;
  • Personal Computer;
  • cable;
  • power wire;
  • Information medium with installation drivers.

To connect two devices, you must purchase a cable, which has identical projectors at both ends. In the absence of the desired connector on any of the devices, you will also need to buy a special adapter. At the place of the placement of the equipment, it is necessary to close the sockets for both the computer and for the optical device. All wires must be connected as close as possible. On some connectors, special fixators can be located, which must necessarily be fixed.

If there is no experience of connecting and working with these devices, and the slightest difficulties can stop the process, then Experts recommend using VGA cables.

An important nuance is the ability to connect the device to devices running on different operating systems.

    For high-quality and quick connection of all elements, experts recommend to adhere to the following algorithm of action:

    • Installation of instruments on scheduled places;
    • Connecting devices to the electrical network;
    • Installation of two cables in the optical jack;
    • connecting one of the cables to the monitor;
    • connection of the projector and the system unit using the second cable;
    • inclusion of all devices;
    • install all the necessary drivers;
    • Selection in the settings of the operating system is not a monitor, but a projector;
    • Saving all created changes.

    For better and stable images, experts recommend using HDMI cables, the algorithm of working with which the above method is similar. To prevent the occurrence of failures and problems, the whole technique must be disabled.

    Wireless way

    The presence of a large number of electrical cables not only has an inesttic appearance, but also can provoke difficulties in moving and organizing the working space. For the rational use of the exploited area Specialists recommend applying a wireless computer connection method and optical device. The link in this system is USB receiver, which serves to transmit the signal.

    To prevent technical troubleshooting when connecting a projector, it is necessary to follow the following sequence of actions:

    • Disconnecting equipment from the electrical network;
    • Installing wireless receivers in special connectors on the processor and projector;
    • inclusion of all devices;
    • Installing system drivers for equipment synchronization;
    • Installing a special program for connecting the projector;
    • launch installed software;
    • Adoption of all proposed settings.

    How to setup?

    After all the initial settings were performed, it is necessary to produce a number of system manipulations that will allow you to smoothly display the data on the screen.

    In case of non-compliance with this procedure, the image simply will not appear.

    Beginner users must comply with the following sequence of actions:

    • launching the operating system;
    • Pressing the right mouse button on the desktop;
    • setting the screen resolution;
    • Switch to the “Screen” section and the choice of the projector as the Second Screen;
    • Saving all set parameters.

    Before setting the screen resolution you need Carefully learn all the technical characteristics of the optical device. Pressing the right mouse button will allow you to select the screen resolution, and in the “Display” tab must be installed Model projector. Graphic settings Also need to be corrected in accordance with the plug-in equipment. If all settings were performed exactly, the image will become stable and smooth. Eliminate principle of operation The projector can be using combinations on the keyboard.

    Selecting the appropriate interface settings, you can display the image only on the monitor, duplicate it on the projector, make a single workspace of the monitor and optical device, and also see the image only on the second screen.

    The latest software versions have an automatic configuration function, which without assistance performs all manipulations to synchronize the projector and computer, which greatly simplifies.

    Facilitates the setup process Special remote, which are equipped with some models. When the “Source” button is pressed, the system automatically starts the configuration process and signal search. When the maximum quality and stable signal is detected, the device displays an image to a large screen. The last models have several options for the buttons on the remote control, each of which corresponds to a specific connection interface.

          Should not forget about the projectors that are equipped Own special menu, Working with which is necessary, strictly observing the manufacturer’s instruction.

          To achieve professional vertices in the modern world, it is necessary to follow Technical novelties and use them in their work. Many industries successfully use a combination of a computer and a projector, which opens up new horizons in their professional activities. A large monitor allows you to visually see the image of a large number of people. To successfully use the system, it is necessary to take into account all the recommendations of specialists, as well as strictly observe the actions algorithm, which remains unchanged almost on all operating systems.

          In the next video you will learn how to connect the projector to a computer.

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