How to connect the printer to the iPhone and print documents?

Recently, the printer is almost in every home. Still, because it is very convenient to have a convenient device at hand, on which you can always print documents, reports and other important files. However, sometimes problems with connecting devices arise problems. In this article we will analyze how to connect the printer to the iPhone and print the documents.

Methods of connection

One of the popular ways is to connect via AirPrint. This is a direct printing technology, with which documents are printed without transferring them to PC. A photograph or text file gets on paper immediately from the media, that is, with the iPhone. However, this method is possible only for those in whose printer is built in the AIRPRINT function (information about this can be viewed in the manual for a printed device or on the official manufacturer’s website). In this case, only a few seconds will go to the solution of this issue.

Important! You can use the program switch and view the print queue or make the abolition of previously specified commands. For all this there is a “print center”, which you will find in the program settings.

If you did everything, as mentioned above, it still failed to print, try to act as follows:

  1. Make a restart of the router and printer;
  2. Place the printer and the router as close as possible;
  3. Install on the printer and on the phone as new firmware.

And this popular way is suitable for those who need to print anything from the iPhone, but there is no AirPrint in its printing device.

In this case, we will use Wi-Fi wireless network access. To do this, do the following:

  1. Press the printer button that connects it to Wi-Fi;
  2. go to the iOS settings and go to Wi-Fi;
  3. Select a network that displays the name of your device.
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The third most popular, but no less effective way: through Google Cloud Print. This method will work with any printer that is compatible with Apple devices. Printing is carried out thanks to the electronic connection of the device to Google cloud, which significantly reduces the time that goes to the print settings. After connecting, you just need to go to Google account and make the “Print” command.

Another IPhone Connection Option to Printer – HandyPrint Technology. In terms of its functions, it resembles AirPrint and is fine replaced. The disadvantage of the application is that it is free to use only 2 weeks (14 days). After that, the paid period comes, you will have to pay 5 dollars.

But this application is compatible with all new versions of iOS devices.

The following application with similar functionality is called Printer Pro. It will suit those who have neither airprint, nor computer with iOS system. When installing this application, you will have to pay 169 rubles. However, this program has a big plus – a free version you can download separately and see whether you can use this application, as well as your printer compatible with this program. The full paid version is distinguished by the fact that you will have to open files in this program, entering the “Open …” option. And here it is possible to deploy files, choose paper and print individual pages, as during printing from any PC.

Important! If you need to print the file from the Safari browser, you need to change the address and click “GO”.

How to set up a print?

To configure printing via AirPrint, you need to make sure that this technology is available in your printer. Then you need to go to the following steps:

  1. To start, go to the program for printing files;
  2. Lay out the “Print” option among other proposed features (usually it is designated there in the form of three points, it is easy to find it); The reference function of the document to the printer can be part of the “Share” option.
  3. Then check the confirmation on the printer that supports AirPrint;
  4. set the number of copies you need and other many important parameters that you need for printing;
  5. Click “Print”.
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If you decide to use the HandyPrint application, all the devices that are available for connecting will be displayed in it. You will need to just choose the appropriate.

How to print documents?

Most popular manufacturers have their own applications designed to print documents and photos from iOS devices. For example, If you are interested in how to print from iPhone on the HP printer, try to download the HP EPRINT Enterprise program. With this program you can print on HP printers via Wi-Fi and even through cloud services Dropbox, Facebook Photos and Box.

Another useful application: Epson Print – Suitable for Epson Printers. This application itself finds the desired device near and connects to it on a wireless network if they have a common network. This program is able to print directly from the gallery, as well as files that are in storages: Box, Onedrive, Dropbox, Evernote. In addition, you can print documents added to the program through the special option “Open in …”. And the application has its own browser, providing the opportunity to register in the online service and send files for printing by email to other print devices of Epson.

Possible problems

One of the possible problems when trying to connect the printer and iPhone is that the device simply does not see the phone. To the iPhone be detected, you need to make sure that the printed device, and the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and so that there are no problems with connecting when trying to display. The following problems may arise:

  • If you notice that the printer is connected not to that network, you need to cancel the selection and check the box opposite the network to which the connection must be carried out;
  • If you see that everything is connected correctly, check if there are no problems with the network; Perhaps you have for some reason the Internet does not work; To solve this problem, try disconnecting the power cord from the router, and then connect it again;
  • It may be that the Wi-Fi signal is very weak, because of this, the printer does not see the phone; You just need to get closer to the router and try to reduce the amount of metal items in the room, as it sometimes interferes with the exchange of mobile devices;
  • The inaccessibility of the mobile network is one of the common problems; To fix it, you can try to use Wi-Fi Direct.
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About how how to connect the printer to the iPhone, look next.

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