How to connect the phone to the TV?

How to connect the phone to the TV, and why it is necessary – users often face issues after buying a modern Smart TV or a regular LED TV. Indeed, on the big screen much more interesting to consider photos and video files, but about how to connect and synchronize two devices with different views and ports, not every user. A detailed overview of how you can withdraw the image from the smartphone screen to the TV, will give deployed answers to all questions.

Why it is necessary?

Reasons for establishing a connection between the phone and the TV directly, there are many. Here are just some of them.

  1. To view videos from the network. In TVs without Wi-Fi, you can not watch them directly, and you do not want to be satisfied with a small screen of mobile equipment in the presence of a full-fledged LED panel. The pin with Youtube on TV will help solve the problem without replacing technology to more modern.
  2. For karaoke. Modern smartphones support work with singing applications for “minus” arrangements. After the connection, you can enable music on your mobile device and broadcast it and image through the TV screen.
  3. Instead of console. Using some programs, you can control the TV with a smartphone in the absence of remote control, switch channels. The optimal solution for those who always lose everything.
  4. To reproduce the game. This method makes it possible to take a fresh look at your favorite racing simulators and RPG. Playing the usual apps from the phone on the big screen much more fun and more pleasant – the picture itself becomes juicy, rich, you can consider the smallest details of the graphics.
  5. View video content, photos. Playing files within their transmission from the phone occurs by analogy with other external carriers. You can confline with a wired way even TVs released more than 10 years ago.
  6. Internet surfing. Especially relevant for sites that do not have a mobile version. In addition, in online stores or social networks, a large screen turns out to be very useful.
  7. View presentation materials. On the mobile screen, it is impossible to consider all those details in detail all those parts that the author of the product wants to convey. If you need a high resolution, it is worth using the possibilities of a ligament of a smartphone and TV 100%.

This connection potential between different devices is not exhausted. You only need to choose the right path for connecting, and the rest of the benefits of pairing the phone and the TV will be found for yourself.

Wireless Methods

Connect the phone to the TV using a wireless communication can be immediately in several ways depending on the brand, model, technical capacity.

Smartphone can be synchronized with a TV through a common home network – it is enough to connect both devices to it, and then tie them together.

However, there are other ways with which you can connect the device and duplicate the data.


For connection, you need a TV with a Wi-Fi module and a smartphone on the Android platform. You can bind devices without a router and wired connection. The TV access point for the cell phone is TV. With this connection, you can configure the sending of the media files from the smartphone menu to another device screen. Matching can be quite simple.

  1. On the SMART TV connected to the network, enter the settings menu. In the Wireless Activation section, enable Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. On the smartphone as a network for connecting to choose the “Wireless” item. Find and enable item named Wi-Fi Direct.
  3. Wait Completing device search, Select TV.
  4. Through the “Send” menu Transfer audio, photo or video files from the memory of a smartphone on TV.

This is not the richest multimedia option, but rather easy to implement.

Through DLNA

Using this method, you can combine any Android smartphone and a TV that supports the DLNA connection to the router. The principle of operation is similar, but both devices are connected to the home created by the Wi-Fi network router. It is enough to combine the devices, and then you can use the gallery, making the data projection on the screen with a large resolution. Display you can files in different formats.

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The connection order will be as follows:

  1. connect both devices to a single network;
  2. In the TV settings, select the “DLNA connection” option;
  3. Start the gallery in Android, open a file to broadcast, in its “Menu” go to the item to select media device / player;
  4. Click in the discharge list by the name of the TV model.

Expand the settings and range available for playback, import file files using third-party utilities.

From the market it is enough to install BubbleUpnp – this application will solve the problem.

With Miracast

If the TV supports Miracast technology, you can fill the broadcast data from the compatible smartphone screen. On SMART TV This option is usually pre-installed. If you have an HDMI port, you can also equip other TV, but already through the adapter. Choose better universal – for Chromecast, Miracast, AirPlay.

If there is Miracast, the default will simply be easy to perform a number of steps.

  1. Log in menu. Select and enable Miracast.
  2. On the smartphone in the “Screen” item to select “Wireless Monitor”. Enable this option.
  3. Select TV among available devices.
  4. Wait for the appearance of the picture on the TV screen.

Connecting through AirPlay

If there is a home apple TV and iPhone, you can use their joint operation mode by analogy with Miracast. To do this, you will need to use AirPlay feature. After pairing devices, you can share the games on them, display the presentation, view video and photo inttern.

To use the AirPlay function, you need to connect devices to a shared home network.

Next on the smartphone in the menu select “Control”, then “Repeat Screen”. In the available list, you need to select Apple TV, wait until the image appears on the TV screen.

Connection by Chromecast

This method is good in what is suitable for Android smartphones and iPhone, any TV. For connection, Dongl will need – Special CHROMECAST Media Player from Google. It is connected to the TV on HDMI, turning any technique without smart functions into a full-fledged multimedia device.

After connecting to the smartphone and TV, the technology will allow you to receive wireless access to the gallery and phone memory, run games.

To install the connection, you need to connect the console to the Wi-Fi network, on the smartphone to install Google Home to manage smart devices. All other settings are running through the Google App and Account.

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Screen Mirroring for Samsung

If you combine two devices from Samsung to combine, solve the problem of connecting the TV and smartphone can be quite easy. This manufacturer has a SCREEN Mirroring proprietary application, with which you can activate duplicate data broadcast on the screen. The procedure for connection will be as follows:

  1. In the SAMSUNG phone settings, find the item “Visibility of the Tablet / Smartphone”;
  2. activate this feature;
  3. On the TV, open the “curtain” of notifications, click on the SMART VIEW icon;
  4. From the console, press the MENU button and select Screen Mirroring item;
  5. Confirm the pairing after the relevant information on the smartphone screen.

With this option, you can view files inaccessible to view on TV directly due to the incompatibility of formats.

How to connect through the wire?

Wired connection – a method focused mainly to outdated television models. Content, which in this way can be translated into the screen, will differ depending on the compatibility of systems. Duplication data can be performed via an HDMI adapter, a USB cable or “tulip”. Pick up the appropriate cord to the usual model without Wi-Fi or to the old TV in the latter case is quite difficult.

In addition, data synchronization from the display of a mobile device can be incomplete, even if you carry out a conjugation by all the rules. Sometimes it is possible to send only access to the media content as from the flash drive.


The most modern and popular way of wired connection – through the HDMI wire and the corresponding ports. This option is suitable for phones on the Android or iOS operating system. HDMI connector must be present on the TV. Cable or adapter will have to be purchased separately – it is usually not included in the kit.

Such a connection can be used to modify the signal from the smartphone screen – Translate movies and TV shows, visit Internet sites, play installed applications.

All that happens on the display of the mobile device is played and on TV synchronously, without delay.

Connection is performed in a specific order.

  1. Pick up or acquire a compatible cable. For a smartphone, it may be an option for connectors of different types. It is worth ensuring that the phone supports such an option.
  2. Connect the HDMI Wire Port TV and Mobile Device. When using an adapter to it first attach the smartphone, and then the cable from TV.
  3. Select on the HDMI TV through the Source menu. If the connectors are several, in the menu you need to designate the one that is used to conjugate.
  4. Wait for the appearance of an image. If you cannot get a picture, you need to enter the smartphone settings. Here to find image settings, set another screen resolution.

The easiest way is to connect on smartphones, where there is already a MINI HDMI connector that allows you to perform direct connection. This element can be found in premium brand models. Budget devices have to be connected through an adapter. To search and surfing the network to the smartphone, you can connect a wireless keyboard or mouse. Save charge help disabling the backlight on the phone screen.

With an HDMI connection, the device quickly loses energy, it is recommended to additionally connect it to the power supply.

Via usb

Work in this mode support smartphones on android. In the LED TV there should be a USB port, and the connection will require a wire with a plug of the desired type. To read files from the device, you need to connect the following scheme:

  1. Connect the cable to the phone and television;
  2. through the Source button on the console to select USB as a source of signal supply;
  3. The phone may require confirmation that the conjugation is performed;
  4. wait until the folder and files available for viewing on the device will occur on the screen, and the data load may take some time, you should not rush.

Navigation and viewing are carried out using a television console.

In some cases, the phone may turn on the phone at which the actions with its file system will not be available at this moment.

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In the absence of a USB port on a TV, you can perform a similar connection through an external console. In her slot, you can also connect a compatible phone, and then open files hosted on it.

Through the “tulips”

Pretty complex, but quite working method for installing a connection between a smartphone and a TV. The conjugation process in this case is performed through the wire, at one end of which the Micro USB connector is located on the other RCA. “Tulip” is connected to the same connectors as a DVD player or console.

The color of the nests on the bar corresponds to a similar tone of plugs.

After connecting the cable to TV, you can connect it to the smartphone.

Possible problems

When pairing a smartphone with a TV device can refuse to operate in normal mode. For example, when connected via a “tulip”, the sound may be completely absent. But the compounds on USB and HDMI of such a lack are deprived.

Budget Chinese TV sometimes have defective ports through which, in general, it is impossible to perform an external connection.

Questions about what can be done if the smartphone does not see the phone as a USB device, there are quite often. First you need to make sure that the cable is working properly inserted into the ports. In addition, the reason may be that TV does not support file formats available on the phone. Compatible versions can be clarified in the documentation for the technique. Sometimes you need to turn off the MTP mode and replace it with a PTP or USB device.

Wi-Fi-signal used in a wireless connection requires us to use common to two network devices. If they are connected to different SSIDs, set the pairing will not be able to. Using Miracast is possible only for Full HD format, for UHD TVs it will not work.

See six ways to connect your smartphone to a TV, in the video below.

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