How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

Modern computer equipment when pairing provides the user with new opportunities. Common various types of equipment: TVs, acoustic systems, home cinema, smartphones, tablets and other devices. The article will talk about how to connect a mobile phone to the TV brand dexp.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

For what is necessary?

When pairing a smartphone to TV, the phone acts as Projector. The user can use almost the entire set of compact device functions on the big screen. Gadget capabilities depend on the model and firmware.

Despite the variety of modern devices, there is a common set of functions that can be used when synchronizing a TV receiver and smartphone.

First of all, the big screen is used To view video. These can be films in the files stored on the smartphone, or watch movies online, if you connect the phone to the Internet.

In addition, the pairing is performed for other purposes.

  1. Listening to music.
  2. Reproduction of video presentations.
  3. Using program.
  4. Running files from various video hostings, including Youtube service.
  5. Using a smartphone as a remote control. This will require a special application.
  6. View photos and other images.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

How to connect with cable?

The easiest and most reliable way to synchronize the technique – Using a wired connection. To do this will need Special cord. Connect the phone to the dexp TV a few wound methods.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

Synchronization via HDMI interface

A good way to display a mobile phone screen to a TV – perform pairing via HDMI port. They are equipped with all modern television receivers. When using the smartphone you You need a Micro-HDMI – HDMI cable.

To successfully connect the connection, you must check the presence of a Micro HDMI connector on the smartphone. With its absence, you need to use the Micro-USB adapter – Micro-HDMI.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

To start pairing, you need to connect the technique between yourself with Cable and adapter (if necessary). After that, find on the phone control panel Source, Press it and choose Section HDMI. Next, the technique should independently configure and ensure the operation of the equipment. If everything is completed correctly, the mobile phone screen will be displayed on the TV.

This conjugation method is actively used when using gadgets operating on the Android operating system. However, for Apple’s brand phones, this option is also suitable if you purchase Special adapter. Experts recommend using corporate equipment.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

Conjugation via USB

Connect the equipment using a USB cable – the easiest option, however it has Essential flaw. On TV It turns out to broadcast only those files that are stored in the memory of the mobile device. Demonstrate video and other materials from sites with this method of conjugation it is impossible.

The connection process is performed as follows.

  1. To synchronize the technique, you need to insert one end of the cable into the smartphone (Micro-USB), and the second (USB) connect to the TV receiver. The required connector can be found on the side panel of the TV.
  2. If you find the appropriate port independently failed, you need to find it using the instruction manual for the TV receiver.
  3. After connecting the device, you should click on the Sourse key on the smartphone console and select the “USB” post.
  4. Now the devices are conjugate and ready for joint use.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

Connecting a wireless method

We describe two ways to combine the work of the phone and the TV without the use of wires.


This technology was developed on the basis of Wi-Fi Direct. The developers have improved it by adding new opportunities, including the transfer of 3D files. Currently, Miracast is an effective method of pairing through Wi-Fi.

Connection occurs on a specific algorithm.

  1. The TV is turned on and logs in the menu.
  2. Select “Network”.
  3. To start the function, the inscription “Miracast” stands out.
  4. Next launches the same pairing technology on the smartphone. You need to go to the settings, find the section responsible for connecting, and select “Broadcast”.
  5. The gadget will begin searching for equipment suitable for pairing. Once the name of the TV appears in the list, and choose it.
  6. Confirmed by interconnection using the remote control.

Miracast technology in many modern mobile phones, but not all TVs are equipped with it. To fix it, you need to buy an external adapter. It connects to the TV receiver through USB or HDMI connectors.

If the TV does not see a mobile phone or, on the contrary, the smartphone does not find a TV showroom, follows Check the internet signal level. May need Reload Router.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

Wi-Fi Direct

Modern equipment can be connected through a wireless Internet signal.

The connection process is performed according to the following scheme:

  • On the smartphone you need to activate the Wi-Fi module, go to additional settings and enable Wi-Fi Direct;
  • Next, you need to open the TV settings and go to the “Network” tab;
  • The next step is to start the Wi-Fi Direct function;
  • As soon as the list of gadgets will appear, ready to pair, select the name of the smartphone.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

The quality of the transmission depends on Internet signal level. If the Internet is weak, the broadcast will be interrupted or hang. The connection without using cables is more convenient, but the wired option is more practical, high-quality and reliable.

When connecting the smartphone via Wi-Fi wireless signal, your mobile gadget can be used as a remote control. For this you need to download Special application, Install it and configure by opening a Russian-speaking menu. Most programs need to select the brand of the TV, set some parameters and adjust the operation of the TV receiver using Smartphone console.

How to connect the phone to the dexp TV?

Further watch the video on how to connect your smartphone to the TV.

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