How to connect the game prefix dendy to the modern TV?

The game consoles Dendy, Sega and Sony Playstation of the first generation today are ousted more perfect, starting with Xbox and finishing PlayStation 4. Often they buy those whose children early still have an iPhone or laptop. But there are connoisseurs who wanted to remember the adolescence of the long-lasting 90s. Let’s deal with how to connect the game prefix dendy to the modern TV.


First, make sure that the Deendy prefix is ​​operational, you have remained really working cartridges for it. If you buy it for the first time – then the prefix dendy can be ordered in any of the online stores, for example, on E-Bay or Aliexpress. It is enough for her work any TV or even a portable monitor, which has at least analog audio and video input. Modern TVs also have a composite or VGA video input, which expands the scope of their application. Game consoles starting from the most “ancients”, hardly stay without connecting to such a TV. To start do the following.

  1. Connect the joystick to the main package.
  2. Insert one of the cartridges.
  3. Before connecting the power supply (7.5, 9 or 12 volts are required from any modern adapter), make sure that the power switch is not included. Connect the power adapter.

In the console there is an antenna and separate video output. You can use any of both ways.

Connection features

On old TVs with a kinescope, as well as on LCD monitors and PCs equipped with TV tuner, the connection is made through the antenna cable. Instead of an external antenna, a cable from the console. Antenna output uses TV modulator operating on the 7th or 10th analog channel “meter” range. Naturally, if you put the power amplifier, then such a prefix will turn into a real TV transmitter, the signal from which will also take on the external antenna, however, the independent increase in capacity is prohibited by law.

Power up to 10 million, which dendy transmitter is issued, enough, In order for the signal to be clear on the cable, the length of which does not exceed a few meters, and did not overload the TV shift in the TV, PC or monitor. Video and sound are transmitted simultaneously – in the television signal radio spectrum, as in conventional analog channels.

Connection through a low-frequency audio video output Signal and image signal is transmitted separately – by individual lines. It does not have to be a coaxial cable – although it is recommended to use it, the line can be telephone “noodles”, and twisted pair of wires. Such a connection is often used in intercoms, for example, from the Commax brand released in 2000s, where non-LCD displays were used as a telemonist, but an analogue camera on the call panel and an electron beam tube in the “monitor” (intrama) part. Signal from separate audioovoids can also be fed to a special video adapter, digitizing image. This allows you to protect the picture and sound from industrial interference.

Digital video adapter or video card is used both in PCs and in more modern consoles, for example, Xbox 360.

To work in this mode, a composite and S-video input on a modern TV are used. But remember that, Whatever the connection, the resolution on the modern monitor will be far from the perfect – no more than 320 * 240 pixels in general. To reduce visual pixets, let go away from the monitor.

How to connect?

To use the “Teleantny” way, do the following.

  1. Switch TV to “TV reception” mode.
  2. Select the desired channel (for example, 10th) on which Dendy works.
  3. Connect the exit console with antenna input of the TV and turn on any of the games. Image and sound will immediately appear on the screen.

To connect a TV show to a PC or laptop (though, rare laptops are equipped with TV tuner), Connect its antenna output and antenna input PC or laptop. For example, on most PCs, Avermedia tuners with AVERTV program used popularity, it also allowed to record television and radio broadcasts in popular video and audio formats. Select a pre-configured channel (all the same 10th). The menu of games recorded on the cartridge manufacturer will appear on the monitor screen.

To use analog video and sound transmission method Make the following.

  1. Connect the audio and video outputs of the consoles to the corresponding TV inputs using a special cable. Video detection is often labeled with a yellow marker.
  2. Turn on the TV mode AV and run the game.

If the PC monitor is equipped with separate A / V connectors, there is no need to use the system unit. The fact is that PC consumes not one hundred watts, which you can’t tell about the monitor. For the sake of the simplest game console, keep the best performance of a PC meaning.

New TVs and monitors manufactured from 2010., Use the video input HDMI. With it, they are connected to widescreen monitors and laptops.

You will need an adapter that converts analog signal from teleconnenne or AV output to this format. It feeds separately and has the appearance of a small device with appropriate connectors and output cable.

Connection using SCAR-adapter similar. It does not require separate nutrition from the external adapter – the power is supplied through the SCART interface from the TV or monitor by separate contacts, and the built-in AV chip converts an analog signal format into digital, breaking it into separate media and transmitting it directly into the device itself. Power consoles When using SCART or HDMI turns on Lastly – it is necessary not to cause an excess digitizing video system.

Despite several ways to connect Dendy to a TV or monitor, analog analog input disappeared with the cancellation of analog television. Other ways to display games of this console on the screen remained – Analog video call with sound is still used in video cameras and intercoms, this technology is not so outdated.

On how to connect the old game console to the modern TV, look next.

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