How to connect speakers to laptop?

Each laptop owner thinks about the possibility of connecting columns. Sometimes the reason lies in low quality of the built-in speakers, and in some cases I just want to listen to music on more powerful equipment. You can use simple wired speakers or wireless, which are connected using Bluetooth. Use the speaker system is very simple – enough to follow the instructions when connected.

USB connection instructions

Easy and quickly you can connect speakers to laptop through the wire. You can use a conventional portable model or stationary system from the music center. It all depends on personal preferences.

Usually used a set of columns that connects via USB port, or an audio part of 3.5 mm.

Detailed connection instructions consists of a sequence of steps.

  1. Select a suitable laptop column model.
  2. Put external speakers for workspace. Most of the columns are denotes L and R from below or behind. You need to put devices, following these inscriptions. If the system has a separate subwoofer, then it is usually installed for a laptop or at all on the floor. It is important to make sure that all wires are convenient and safe.
  3. Remove the volume on the speakers. Usually for this you need to turn the wheel adjustment wheel on the main device from the set. The regulator is completely turning to the left or down.
  4. Press the mouse to the sound designation at the bottom in the quick access panel, which is located in the right corner of the desktop. Install the volume on the laptop approximately at 75%.
  5. Click on the “mixer”. Use an item that signed “applications”. Adjust the additional slider also at a level of about 75%.
  6. Connect the column cable to the appropriate port of the laptop. The gadget should be included. If you need a 3.5 mm input, then you should look for it on the sidebar. Round hole marked with headphone icon or speaker. Entry near which the microphone is drawn is not used to connect external speakers. If you connect the plug to this connector, then the sound will not. When connecting to a USB port, you can start the driver. Such a process sometimes passes automatically, and in some cases it requires direct user participation. If the system needs to insert a disk, then the one is used in a set with speakers. Next you need to follow the instructions. After installing the drivers, the laptop may require a restart.
  7. Enable columns using the button on the housing. Sometimes it is combined with volume control. It is worth noting that if the columns have a power cable, then you should pre-connect them to the power supply.
  8. Enable playback of any file. It can be music, video or film. The format does not matter.
  9. Slowly turn the volume control on the speakers. So you can configure a comfortable indicator. Twist the wheel stands carefully to not immediately use the speakers at full power.

Such simple manipulations allow you to use speakers that are connected to a laptop with a wired method. You can withdraw the cord in any place, install external speakers on the shelf and enjoy high-quality sound.

It is important that the cables are freely located near the connectors, did not stretch.

It happens that after connecting the speakers, the sound is, but it proceeds from the built-in speakers. In this case, switch the playback method in the Windows system.

  1. Simultaneously press the keyboard key “Win + R”. The first is located on the left of the left “alt”.
  2. Command line window opens. You must enter the word “CONTROL” in the field and confirm the entry by clicking on “OK”.
  3. The “Control Panel” window will appear on the laptop screen. Next, you need to select “large icons” in the display menu. It is right on top. Directly on the “taskbar” should be pressed on the icon with the inscription “Sound”.
  4. Click on the “Playback” tab. Next, you need to select “loudspeakers” and click on the “Default” option. To confirm actions, use the “OK” button.

Such a simple setting will allow the default system to display sound to external speakers. If in the future speakers no longer be used, then you should disable them and also switch the sound playback method. After setting, you should turn on the music file and adjust the volume.

The method of switching playback does not depend on what connector columns are connected.

There are external speakers that are connected exclusively to the USB port. In this case, it is important to use a suitable type connector. Moreover, such a column will not work without a driver. Usually models are not connected to the power supply network. They have enough power they get from a laptop.

Sometimes connect the periphery cable directly to the laptop does not work. It is necessary to use an adapter in such cases.

  1. Some stationary speakers have two plugs that need to be connected to headphone and microphone connectors, respectively. At the same time, most modern laptop models are equipped with a combined connector.
  2. There is no free USB entrance on Laptop. This is also the common problem of modern laptops. In this case, you need a USB hub.
  3. Laptops of old models may need an external sound card.

How to connect via Bluetooth?

Connect speakers using wires is not always convenient and not aesthetically. Moreover, such speakers limit movement. Use the wireless speaker system much more comfortable. To connect the laptop must have an external or internal Bluetooth module.

At the very beginning, the music system should be charged to 100%. It is also important to learn instructions, because the method of connection and use may change slightly depending on the model. Usually wireless columns have LEDs. Typically, the indicator flashes quickly when searching for the device and pairing, and after the connection is simply lit. Many models additionally publish a sound signal on a successful connection.

Old laptops do not have an internal Bluetooth module, so you will have to additionally install an external.

Also, the specifics of the conjugation depends on the operating system, under the control of the laptop. In Windows 10, connect columns in a certain way.

  1. Activate the device search mode on external speakers.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on a laptop. To do this, you need to open “Parameters” and find the item “Devices”.
  3. Next, go to the “Bluetooth and other devices” tab. Translate the Runner to the right position to activate. After that, the list displays the list of devices that can be connected.
  4. Bluetooth can transmit data to a distance of up to 15 meters, however, when the column is first connected, you should set no more than 1 meter: it will provide a stable signal.
  5. Next, just click on the mouse button to be connected to a laptop.

The pairing process itself is quite simple. It happens that the system requests a password for connecting. In this case, you will have to refer to the instructions for the speakers. There will be a PIN code that must be introduced. Usually the password is required only when you first connect.

Laptops running Windows 7 can also be supplemented with a wireless speaker system. In the lower corner in the tray there is an icon that indicates Bluetooth. To activate you click on the right mouse button on the image. A context menu appears in which you want to select “Connect the device”. All subsequent actions do not differ from the previous instructions.

Connect a small autonomous column with a wireless way is usually easier than a whole system. In the latter case, you should make sure that each component has a sufficient level of charge.

It is worth noting that if only one column from the set does not work, then the entire system may not connect.

Also external speakers may not be supported by a laptop system.

It happens that in the Windows operating system 7, the Bluetooth icon is not displayed. There may be several reasons, sometimes the option is simply not added to the quick access panel. It happens that the wireless communication channel is forcibly disabled at the program level. Bluetooth icon can be manually.

  1. Press the arrow up, which gives access to a quick panel.
  2. Select «Add».
  3. If this item is not visible, then you need to go to “Device Manager” and find Bluetooth there. Make sure the wireless channel is activated.
  4. If an exclamation mark of yellow is shining next to the icon, then an error occurs when the module is working. This is most likely due to the driver.
  5. To install the desired software, go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer and download the desired file for a specific model of Laptop.

Some companies have a button to activate Bluetooth directly on the keyboard. To activate you need to press this key simultaneously with “Fn”. Usually, Bluetooth is on the Function Buttons “F” panel. Sometimes there is one key on the keyboard that combines this option and Wi-Fi. In this case, the inclusion of one communication channel automatically activates the second.

It happens that the user does everything right, but the wireless column does not match the laptop. Typically, the problems are minor and solved during minutes.

  1. The laptop may not see the column if the search mode is not turned on or it is not charged to the required level. It is necessary to test both options alternately.
  2. Incorrect operation of the Bluetooth driver or its complete absence can be the reason that the peripherals are not connected.
  3. It happens that on the laptop itself, the user forgot to activate the display option. In other words, the connection blocks the laptop itself. It should be allowed to detect the device and try to pair.
  4. Laptop in the mode “Avia” or “Flight”. In this case, all wireless data channels are disconnected by the system.

What to do if there is no sound?

Speakers are needed to improve sound quality. It happens that the peripherals are connected, but there is no sound at all. When you turn on music and adjust the volume, only silence is distributed. Eliminate the problem in several ways.

  • To begin with, make sure that the connector on the laptop. You can simply connect headphones. If there is sound in them, then you should look for a problem in columns or in their connections.

  • Insufficient Battery Care Laptop. Sometimes with a discharged battery, all the peripherals turn off to save energy. You should connect a laptop to the power grid and give it charged. Later connection must be successful.

  • It is possible that the speakers are simply connected to that connector. You should change the port and again attempted to conjugate.

  • Perhaps the headphones that were connected earlier did not get from the laptop. In this case, the latter can “intercept the relay” at the columns.

  • In some cases, the system simply does not want to reproduce sound through external speakers for inexplicably reasons. You can simply restart the laptop and repeat the connection.

  • Sometimes the problem lies in the control panel. It is necessary to make sure that the system displays the sound to the external device. In some cases, manually select the periphery as a sound source.

How to connect columns to a laptop, you can get acquainted in the next video.

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