How to connect Sony Playstation to TV?

In the past 15 years, computers have significantly fastened the game consoles as the main video game device, but such a redistribution of influence is caused by the versatility of the PC, which is also suitable for work, and for games. As for avid gamers, many of them don’t believe that the full pleasure from the process can only bring a good console. Among other brands and models, various versions of PlayStation from Sony have always been considered among the best on the market, and this statement has not yet lost its relevance. In this items, consider in detail how to connect Sony Playstation to TV.

Connection features

The charm of Sony PlayStation is that you can connect it to TV can weigh different ways. Because of this You do not need a specific TV for the prefix of a specific model – In most cases, the presence of at least some connectors will allow you to connect the console and to the old, and to the new TV. In some cases, truth, the adapters will have to separately, but they still cost the gameman much cheaper than the replacement of the TV to a more modern model.

From a mechanical point of view, the procedure for connecting the game console is the same for all versions of PS, but at the same time a set of interfaces available for connecting without additional adapters will be different.

So, presented in the distant 2006, but so far in some places the current PS3 has a full-fledged set of tulips, while PS4, which has fallen into the market only at the end of 2013, through tulips is already connected only through the adapter, because by the time he began to recruit Popularity Universal HDMI connector. In the same time The real rarity is PS2 – it appeared before the development of the first HDMI standard appeared, so connecting it to the usual one today is not always a TV simply – there all the cables ends with tulips.

Having calculated to attach the console to the TV through the adapter, it is necessary to take into account the fact that not everyone is suitable for a certain model of PlayStation. Formal ability to stick the plug in the nest does not yet talk about compatibility. So, Converter, working on the principle of “from HDMI in VGA”, will not work with PS4, although on the nests, it seems, everything is in order. By purchasing a prefix and adapter in a specialized store, feel free to set a consultant question regarding compatibility – this will help to avoid various unpleasant surprises.


The latest PS models are already theoretically allowed to do without wires, but still the maximum picture quality can be obtained only thanks to the cable, the synchronization setting also occurs through it, and not all modern TVs are already related to the category “Smart”. In short, we will definitely need a cord, and the Japanese manufacturer very kindly allows you to choose one of the many options, thanks to which you can connect to any TV that is still able to give out a picture.

  • HDMI. This standard has been considered for many years to be the most relevant cable way to connect the console to TV. Any modern TV is such a connector must be. The method is good because one cable is transmitted and the picture, and the sound, and the image is displayed in maximum quality and without hanging. In the modern PlayStation, the desired cable comes in the package.

  • HD / AV. This option is a decent alternative to the above-described method with HDMI – at least, the picture should also get high quality and do not brake. Another thing is that the required cable is never included in the console, so it will have to be bought separately in any case. Please note that the corresponding connectors are not in each TV, whether old or new models, so do not waste money until you make sure that this connection method is suitable for you.

  • RCA. If the previous cable was similar to tulips, then they are in their classic form. For modern TV models, this format, perhaps, is already outdated – even if the corresponding connectors are preserved, the picture will frankly chrome. Another thing is that old TV models were actually sharpened to this signal transmission format, and a priori did not possess an impressive contemporary image, so there should be no significant distortion. In the PS3 set, cables with tulips are presented by default, so the owner of the console can try such a connection for free.

  • S-video. Today it is already so outdated way to connect to the TV, which is used only to work with old TV models, and on the same logic this standard does not seem reasonable for use with a relatively new PS4. To achieve more or less good quality pictures from such a connector simply will not work – this standard was widely popular in the 90s of the twentieth century, and has not developed since then, and has lost its place to new new standards, therefore the quality will be relevant. For obvious reasons, such a cord will not be in the standard configuration; neither the console, no new TV, but also to buy it separately, because it has not been in demand for a long time. To be honest, today this option is in a deep reserve when the owner of the console does not want to buy a new TV in the country or in the village, but he is ready to take with him PS in such trips.

  • SCART. This is an equivalent of a relatively good RCA interface, but it is less likely to meet, and provides noticeably lower quality, that is, the similarness of the connectors is only that equipment always has either RCA, or SCART, but not both at once. To date, this is a very rare connection option that will not issue quality above the outdated 480r.

  • VGA. Another emergence from the distant past, which is most often associated with connecting to the old computer monitor, but in fact such a nest at one time was characteristic of some TVs. It is a big rarity in our time, but if other solutions are not suitable, you will have to take the cable itself, and the adapter, since there is simply no appropriate exit on the case of the console.


If you went the most correct way and connect to HDMI, first connect to the network cord console and stick it into the outlet. If the device works and everything is in order with it, the red light will light up – then insert the HDMI cable into the corresponding connectors on the TV and the console. When successfully connected, a characteristic click will be heard. Configure the display further is extremely simple – with the remote control from the TV, select as a source of the HDMI-jack signal, you can install any games and play.

The HD / AV cable is difficult to confuse with something else, because at the end of one cord there will be five plugs at once, some of which ordinary tulips are reminded to pain.

Each of them must be included in the correct nest, but for ease of understanding, each plug is indicated not only letter, but also the color marking is a logical task at the level of kindergarten. If you are interested, L is the left channel of the audio signal, R is right, and the other three are responsible for the transfer of the picture in excellent quality.

RCA – recognizable three round plug of white, yellow and red colors, but without additional wide connectors. As with the case with HD / AV, they are specifically marked with different shades so that when connected it was difficult to confuse the nests. As with the standard above, the red plug is the right audio channel, white – left, and the yellow plug is responsible for the transmission of the video signal.

S-VIDEO – a characteristic plug with a thick rounded “perimeter” and several spikes inside it, able to call a lot of nostalgia in those people who still remember the “old times”. Color marking is present on such “primitive” tulips not always, so it is necessary to carefully focus on alphabetics. Wires are inserted only in the TV turned off, turn on the antedilu blind unit after. It is not worth it and hope that such a technique itself will determine the connection, so you need to arm a remote control and explain to her exactly what the signal source we want to display on the screen.

Among all that we were viewed above, SCART is a way to connect, where else, as they say, will have to “dance with a tambourine” until the technique starts to work normally.

This cable is not simply not supplied complete with the console – it is in principle not equipped with even the output of such a standard, so you have to buy a special adapter that connects to the output of the AV type. Connection subtlety lies in the fact that several plugs, but the developers of the standard did not bother to march them at least somehow, so the pocket will have at random – until some acceptable result is reached.

Connection via VGA is generally a special experience in the life of the gamer, because by itself the standard is designed to transmit only the video signal, and the sound remains somewhere behind the scenes. The problem, of course, is solved, but then you do not need an adapter, but the converter – accepting the composite signal from the console, it displays a picture on the TV display, but for sound to a special jack on the converter will have to connect independent headphones or audio system. HDMI-VGA adapters can assume a separate USB power connector or do without it – for PlayStation, it is usually nonpropious. At the same time, the old TV or monitor sometimes swears, calling the input signal is not part of its operating range – it means that the device simply does not pull 1080p. The exit here is one: completely reset the console settings, and then reconfigure it on the issuance of 720p – the picture will not be the same, but it will be able to play at least somehow.

Possible problems

It happens that you all did it seems to be correct, but the TV does not see the console, there is no sound or image. In fact, this is not yet a reason to get upset or cause masters – there are several reasons why such “tricks” are possible, and they are still eliminated even a newcomer at home. If for some reason you changed the connection cable, you should not be surprised that the console does not connect – the TV simply does not understand that this is the device that has already been fully configured. Specialists advise you to fulfill the full reset of the console – at least in the case of PS3 it works almost always. Click the Start button for ten seconds until the device displays a double squeak – after that you can try to connect again.

Above, we described the consequences of the cable replacement, and the cords are not just changed so – over time they can wear out and deteriorate, and defective specimens do not work initially.

If the prefix does not turn on after dropping, it may be that the problem is in the cable itself, especially if it is not new. To carry out full diagnostics in this case, just more complicated – you need either a special device, or another prefix to try to connect it through the same cord. You can try to solve the problem and at random, having calculated in advance that the cable is spoiled, and acquiring another same.

Often the TV simply does not want to switch to the connected console – this is evidenced by the continuation of the TV channel’s ether demonstration instead of downloading the system interface. This problem is generally solved very simply – you just need to take a remote control and manually switch to a signal to demonstrate from that connector to which PlayStation is connected. We saw above that theoretically console can be stuck almost in any of the inputs, so you simply select the menu that of them that elected to connect you.

    It is also not excluded a very sad option when you just do not work PS itself. If a special indicator does not burn on the housing, you can not even doubt. Experienced people are usually advised not to try to repair the console independently – it is better to contact the store where you bought it, or an authorized service center.

    How to connect Sony Playstation to TV, look next.

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