How to connect iphone to tv?

Recently, more and more often, many owners of modern TVs and Apple techniques have a need to connect the iPhone to them. This greatly increases the capabilities of television devices that do not belong to the Smart TV category – you can display the image to the screen to watch movies, play music, show the picture or photo.

We will try to figure out how to connect the phone of the specified brand to the TV through the cable and without wires.

Basic principles

If we talk about connecting the iPhone, the first thing that should be understood is almost always real. It is not necessary to have an Apple TV console in stock so that you can connect it to the TV. Its presence can simplify the process, but no critical will not be. You will need to have suitable cables, or an adapter, or another TV shows, which allows you to turn any TV in a device such as Smart TV.

Such a connection will be an excellent solution for watching photos and video. It will also duplicate the smartphone screen on the TV. It will provide an opportunity to more comfortably surf on the Internet, play games, call relatives by video call.

This method is especially in demand will be in cases where you invited friends and want to include cinema for them and not spend a lot of time to transfer a file with a film on a flash drive.


If we talk about ways to connect, then there are two main types that allow you to create a connection between the iPhone and duplicate the image on TV:

  • wired;
  • Wireless.

The category of wired methods includes methods and technologies where any type of cable or cord will be applied. Here you can attribute HDMI, analog cables, “tulips” or DLNA technology.

Wireless can be called a Wi-Fi network or using the AIRPLAY Special Application.


The first wired method of which you want to say is to connect via USB. In this particular case, the USB connector is replaced by the Lightning connector, which is its own development of Apple Corporation. Therefore, to connect this method, you will need to have a conventional USB-Lightning cable. Duplicate the picture from the iPhone to the TV or control it will not work in this way, but it will be able to detect a smartphone as a flash drive, after which you can play a movie or view the photo.

The connection algorithm will consist of 3 steps:

  • We connect the iPhone to the TV using this wire;
  • The TV devices menu will need to select the USB connector source;
  • After a few seconds, device pairing will be carried out, after which the smartphone will be displayed as a flash drive.

Another wired way – connect via HDMI. Its advantage will be the ability to start media files and duplication of the screen. True, here you will need to apply the Special Digital AV Adapter or Lightning to HDMI Mirascreen depending on the smartphone model.

The cost of the adapter is small, so it can be called accessible.

If you have already purchased it, the connection will be carried out according to the following algorithm.

  • We connect the adapter to the iPhone;
  • Attach the HDMI wire to the opposite part of the adapter. The difference from which side it will be attached to the adapter, no;
  • The second end of the HDMI cable insert into the appropriate connector on the TV. They are equipped with almost all modern devices and even those where Smart TV functions are not.
  • Turn on TV and install the corresponding signal source. To do this, you will need to enter the menu and find the item in which there will be a word HDMI. There is also an alternative option – click on the Source or Input button on the remote control. In some models there are several connectors of the type in question, so the menu may contain several such items. Here you will have to switch between them to find the right. When it is done, the picture will appear on the screen.
  • If everything is done correctly, the TV must synchronize the image with the phone, after which the connection will be completed. If you use the iPhone 4 generation model, then after the synchronization is complete, you can see the icons on TV to play files, and not the device screen.


If we talk about wireless connection methods, then the first way – Airplay. This technology allows you to send the contents of the smartphone to the screen, to duplicate the iPhone display on TVs, which support the SMART TV function. The main thing will be that TV supported AirPlay.

To make repeat pictures from the phone on the TV, such actions should be done:

  • connect devices to one Wi-Fi network;
  • on the iPhone found in the “Repeat Screen” settings;
  • Find in the list that appears the desired Smart TV;
  • A password will appear on the television screen that you want to enter on the smartphone.

When it is done, the image with the iPhone will appear on the TV. As soon as you need to complete the transfer of the image, it will be enough in the “Repeat Screen” menu to select “Stop Repeat”.

The next wireless method – using Wi-Fi. A number of televisions are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module, which appears the ability to connect the iPhone without any difficult. To translate a picture on the screen, follows:

  • Install on TV a special application that is free (usually each manufacturer provides such software in its store);
  • You need to install the iMediaShare application on the smartphone, which can be found in the Apple Store;
  • Now connect devices into one Wi-Fi network;
  • We enter the iMediaShare and put a tick at the show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen;
  • Now choose the content of us, the display of which must be transferred to the TV;
  • Click on the “Bearning” key.

    Third Wireless Method – Connecting through Apple TV. Wi-Fi will also be applied here. Before starting the connection process, make sure that the systems on devices are updated to the most recent versions. The connection process is as follows.

    • Go to the Apple TV menu, find in the “Settings” “Removers and Devices”.
    • We connect the iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network, where the prefix is ​​connected, and bring it to it.
    • The message “Create a pair” appears on the smartphone display.
    • Now you should enter the PIN code, which will be displayed on the TV screen. To do not enter it every time, in the security settings of the console, you must remove the “Request Password for AirPlay”.

    This connection process will be completed.

      Another wireless method – Google Chromecast. It will be relevant for television models where there is no Wi-Fi adapter. This device can be purchased. Externally, it looks like a simple flash drive. The connection process consists of several steps.

      • Insert Google Chromecast in HDMI port on TV.
      • Install on iPhone Software called Google Home.
      • Connect devices to one Wi-Fi network.
      • Open the aforementioned application on the phone. There will be required to go to Google account.
      • The application must find in the auto-mode of the device with which you can make a pairing and provide a list. After that, choose a TV and click on the “Next” key.
      • The Code will appear on the TV display, which will be required to enter in the application on the smartphone, after which the devices will be synchronized.

      Connect to different models

      It should be said that an important point will be what TV we connect iPhone: to the old or new. A manufacturer of TV devices will also be important, because each has certain features. If there is a Samsung brand model with SMART TV, the connection will be best done using the Mirror Cast for Samsung TV software.

      The application is made specifically for this manufacturer, because of which the connection will be significantly more stable, and “glitches” in work less than when using alternative programs. Some features with wired connected here will not be.

      If the iPhone is required to connect to the LG TV, usually such models are equipped with a Wi-Fi-module, if we are talking about SMART TV. Then connect them with a smartphone will be significantly easier. To do this, you can use the software called LG SMART SHARE.

      If you need to connect to the Philips brand device, you can use a pre-installed application called Airscreen. If a wired connection is required, then no subtleties will also be.

      When connecting the smartphone to other brands of TV devices there are no special differences. If the model has support for DLNA, you should simply connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network and apply a third-party software.

      If this standard is not supported by the device, and the smartphone should be connected to the TV, which has been released for a long time, you can use HDMI or VGA wire.

      How to transfer information?

      If we need to transfer information from a smartphone to the TV, then in this case it should be understood that this is not possible due to the fact that TV does not have a built-in drive. Because of this, information simply has nowhere to transmit.

      But if we are talking about the information that is present on the iPhone drive, it was possible to send a USB connection here. This will allow you to display a smartphone as a drive, and access to all files that are on the device disk drive will appear from the TV.

      And if you talk about broadcasting video and photo on the TV screen, you can use a HDMI connection, as the best wired method, and a Wi-Fi connection as the most effective wireless alternative.

      On how to connect the iPhone to the TV, see the following video.

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